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Dream Date Diary By Meekehleh Connors
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A magical journal for using the law of attraction to find your soul mate. By now, most of us know of and understand how the law of attraction works. Many of us now use the power of positive thinking... More > to draw abundance into our lives! Much has been written about how to turn your world around and create a positive and happy life filled with all of the things you want and need. But what if you could do that for love? Imagine if what you write could create your life 'made to order?' What if it could bring your soul mate right to you? (...or you to them!) This your chance for those searching to find their soul mate when previously love may have eluded them! The premise of this book is to help unmask your potential 'Happily Ever After'... Imagine 2017 being the year YOU FIND LOVE!!! And all thanks to the amazing help of the 'Dream Date Diary!' - Love Life Wishlist! Use the Dream Date Diary to find, and connect with, your soulmate - your heart's true destiny! Meekehleh ManhattanMuse< Less
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Escape The Past Charlie & Linda Private Detectives By Charles & Linda Neuf
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Charlie & Linda meet when The Investigator is working a case for a large Corporation in the Midwest. Charlie an ex-State Trooper, now a Private Investigator in his mid-forties and Linda in her... More > low thirty's is busy climbing the corporate ladder, investigations and living together within a year. What starts out as a Business/Love relationship over a period of time turns into a Soulmate & Love story? The story includes ex-wives, husbands, and lovers with a twist and turns as Charlie & Linda investigate intriguing cases of major thefts, murder, drugs, and other people's problems. During The Detectives travels through time & space, they realize they have had life and love priorities all wrong in their entire adult life; they change their lifestyle and lives to become one with the Universe. When "The Investigator" walks into a room he looks like he just walked out of a James Bond movie, everything is too perfect, he acts like he owns the place,< Less
Balqees By Meriem dali youcef & Lighthouse Books for Translation and Publishing
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Balqees.. A little girl with a great dream. She wanted to be something fasinating in her life after the break up of her family due to a sevre accedent that caused her mental shock. She had no family... More > and so, she was living with the another family in which, she gained a love for books and poetry. one day, she had met a man whom she fall in love with him to discover later that she is going to meet him again in another city with a very Strange coincidence. What is going to happen? What she is going to tell him? Who is that man? It is very difficult to understand the mentality and viewpoint of Balqees at the time when she is with her close friend and soul-mate, Ikram. Balqees was lost in books and she was highly educated girl who was keep attending confrences and meetings. She was living in the middle of nowhere. She was living in the world of limbo. At the sight of that man, her mind, heart and soul was refreshed. Her heart started beating again and her feelings were taking her far away.< Less
Let the Right One In By Damiano Nava
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Damiano Nava (1982) likes to use the camera as a diary. After moving to Berlin, in November 2009, he found it hard to spontaneously meet people of his generation who might be interested in being... More > photographed. He didn't speak German, and it was hard for him to establish the kind of intimate relationship required for the project. “I was like someone having problems finding a soulmate, so it seemed like a natural step to turn to the internet”, he writes in his introduction. He wrote an ad and posted it on Craigslist and Exberliner. For about two years, the ad generated new contacts. Nava received about a thousand e-mails, met around a hundred people and took pictures of the few who were comfortable with him. This book gathers these photos, together with a selection of the emails he received, and an “Afterword” by Italian art critic and curator Guido Bartorelli. A faithful portrait of a generation, with its narcissism and its peculiar relationship with traveling, communication, body language and image making.< Less
But...I Love You By Cherry G
Paperback: $25.00
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In the summer of 2001 Cherry, an artist in her late twenties met Jim, her future soulmate, and they spent the next seven years together. After two years, Cherry was to discover this period had just... More > been the ‘honeymoon’ stage; furthermore, that her partner was harbouring other secrets in addition to a hidden Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. During the ensuing years she attempted to leave twice with her babies, but went back for the sake of their young family and the emotional blackmail of; 'but … I love you’. With her health eroding and at a loss to find any medical answers, Cherry eventually became bedridden and used this unforeseen opportunity to seperate from her partner for good; only to discover that Jim was about to punish her in the most painful way imaginable. After seeking legal advice she was informed as to what he truely was; a narcissist. All the years of verbal and emotional abuse and behavior fell into place. Unfortunately, leaving was only the beginning. A true New Zealand story.< Less
Get Him to Propose in 80 Days - Unlock the Secrets to Make Your Man Fall in Love and Commit to You Forever By Titania Hudson
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Why are men hardwired to leave with immediacy at the slightest mention of "Commitment," "Fidelity," and "Marriage?" Is it possible for women to motivate them to change... More > their male perspective of marriage in a matter of 80 days, or less than that? Within this dating book, you will learn the ultimate secrets about "ATTRACTION" and "COMMUNICATING WITH MEN" which you never knew of: * How to meet and date a guy of your fancy..... * How to make yourself look presentable and get a guy to like you for the unique gal you truly are.... * How to communicate with your guy and decide whether he's the right match for you as a dating partner and a lifetime soul-mate... * How to make him realize what he's missing by not offering a marriage proposal to you...and much, much more.. Readers' Feedback: The writer has a unique, eloquent way with words.. Love that it really has a focus about being true to yourself and not just bending over backwards and losing yourself...a totally fascinating read.< Less
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Dealing with the death of your spouse/best friend is the most heart-wrenching, overwhelming experience of any person's life..EVER! After 30 years together, the author lost his wife, his best friend... More > and soul-mate. The process of dealing with this loss, pain, stress, agony, sorrow and bewilderment is chronicled, While wondering how to begin to start over, or whether to even try. It is brutally honest, and does not mince words or thoughts, even conversations with God, who is not the author's favorite deity based on past performance. Anyone who has gone through this tragedy will understand; those who have not, this may prepare you to deal with the process of picking up the pieces of your life again in your life after death. This is not easy nor simple but it can be done and this book may help. For one day you will have to deal with the death of someone you love as we all must. Nobody gets out of this alive.< Less

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