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Soups ON By Joseph Dooley
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Some treasured SOUP recipes from days gone by, as well as some that are served today in some of the finer restaurants. All of these are tried and true and when prepared, you will be PROUD to serve... More > them in your home.< Less
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Examples of what soup recipes to be looking forward to: Asparagus soup -1 Asparagus soup -2 Asparagus cream Apple soup -1 Apple soup -2 Artichoke soup Beef soup Bean soup Baked bean soup Bean and... More > corn soup Bean and hominy soup Bean and potato soup Bean and tomato soup Bisque soup Black bean soup -1 Black bean soup -2 Brown soup -1 Brown soup -2 Brown macaroni soup Barley soup Bread soup -1 Bread soup -2 Butter bean soup Cabbage soup -1 Cabbage soup -2 Cabbage and bacon soup Caper soup Carrot soup -1 Carrot soup -2 Carrot soup -3 Calf's head soup Meat balls for soup Noodle soup Noodles for soup Onion soup -1 Onion soup -2 Onion soup -3 Oatmeal soup -1 Oatmeal soup -2 Okra soup Ox-tail soup Oyster soup -1 Oyster soup -2 Parsnip soup -1 Parsnip soup -2 Pea and tomato soup. Peas soup Pears soup Plum soup Potato soup -1 Potato soup -2 Potato soup -3 Potato chowder Potato and rice soup Potato and vermicelli soup Plain rice soup< Less
Super Soup Recipes By Amy Tylor
eBook (PDF): $5.59
We all love soups! Easy to prepare and very healthy as well. Let me introduce you to "Super Soup Recipes" cookbook, all-in-one soup knowledge resource! Inside You Will Find: - Information... More > on value soup in the meal, - Everything on stock for soup and it's uses, - The stock pot- nature, use and care of stock pot explained, - What herbs and vegetables are the best for soup making? Also find more than 200 soup and stock recipes! Asparagus soup, Beef soup, Baked bean soup , Cabbage soup, Carrot soup, Cream of tomato soup, Cream of onion soup, Chicken soup, Cheese soup , Potato soup, Split pea soup, Lettuce soup, Pea and tomato soup, Green corn soup, Philadelphia pepper pot , Wholemeal soup, Turkey soup and many more! Delicious! Save Yourself all the trouble, because all your favorite soup recipes are already here!< Less
Delicious Soup Recipes By Amy Tylor
eBook (PDF): $1.98
The eBook Delicious Soup Recipes is more than a recipe book. It contains a wealth of knowledge about soups and their preparation. Just think about how many kinds of soups there are...broth, cream,... More > bisque, chowder, puree. You can serve soup as an appetizer or as the main course. Soup is usually served hot but not always sometimes it served cold! Table of Contents: 1. All about soups 2. Value of soup in the meal 3. General classes of soup 4. Classes of soup denoting consistency. 5. Classes of soups denoting quality 6. Stock for soup and its uses 7. Varieties of stock 8. Additional uses of stock 9. Soup extracts 10. The stockpot - use and care of stockpot 11. Flavoring stock 12. Making of soup 13. Principal ingredients 14. Meat used for soup making 15. Herbs and vegetables used for soup. 16. Processes involved in making stock. 17. Cooking meat for soup. 18. Removing grease from soup. 19. Clearing soup 20. Thickening soup 21. Serving soup And So Much MORE!< Less
25 Delicious Soup Recipes By Sallie Stone
Paperback: $5.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This cookbook contains 25 delicious soup recipes like White Bean Soup, Sundried Tortellini Soup, Ramen Soup and Chunky Baked Potato Soup.
World famous Soup Recipes By John Fitzgerald
Paperback: $7.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Every soup in this book has won both international and national cooking contest and come in first place and now you can make them at home to enjoy with your family
World famous Soup Recipes By John Fitzgerald
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Every soup in this book has won both international and national cooking contest and come in first place and now you can make them at home to enjoy with your family
Easy To Follow Soup Recipes By Stephanie Michael
eBook (PDF): $8.60
SOUP is a liquid food that is prepared by boiling meat or vegetables, or both, in water and then seasoning and sometimes thickening the liquid that is produced. It is usually served as the first... More > course of a dinner, but it is often included in a light meal, such as luncheon. Soup is an easily made, economical, and when properly prepared from healthful and nutritious material, very wholesome article of diet, deserving of much more general use than is commonly accorded it.< Less
Delicious Soups Recipes By Peter J. Sherlock
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Easy to follow soup recipes!
Rhonda’s Recipe for P Soup By Rhonda Dickens
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Rhonda’s recipe for “P” Soup is divinely inspired by God to provide spiritual food for the soul. Rhonda’s Recipe for “P” Soup also highlights the importance of... More > taking personal inventory of our lives, our purpose, and repositioning ourselves to invest in positive spiritual growth. There are so many instances in our lives when we carry emotional, physical, and mental baggage; however, this spirit filled recipe empowers us to let go and let God as He prepares and positions us for greatness, while speaking life into our situations, circumstances, and endeavors.< Less

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Anochi Anochi By Paul Hamburger
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