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Floating Through France (revised and updated) By Brenda Davison
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This is the story of a trip from England to the south of France via the French canals. It deals with day to day living as the couple, Brenda & John Davison, make their journey, often in company... More > with other boats that they meet along the way. The book has a simple charm as it deals with their adventures in locks, encounters with the locals, what they did well and what they did badly. The whole trip was a positive experience, as they overcame preconceptions regarding the French, and built confidence in themselves and their craft. The book is a re-publication of Brenda's earlier version with an additional chapter describing their return journey 4 years later and changes they found. It also includes new photographs. Floating Through France is definately worth buying if you are contemplating a similar journey. It is not a pilot book but may save you a few blunders along the way, and provide you with a delightful read.< Less
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy By Laurence Sterne
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A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy is a novel by Laurence Sterne, written as Sterne was facing death. In 1765 Laurence Sterne travelled through France and Italy as far south as Naples,... More > and after returning determined to describe his travels from a sentimental point of view. The novel can be seen as an epilogue to the possibly unfinished work The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, and also as an answer to Tobias Smollett's decidedly unsentimental Travels through France and Italy. The novel was extremely popular and influential and helped establish travel writing as the dominant genre of the second half of the 18th century. Unlike prior travel accounts which stressed classical learning and objective non-personal points of view, A Sentimental Journey emphasized the subjective discussions of personal taste and sentiments, of manners and morals over classical learning.< Less
Wednesday the Tenth, A Tale of the South Pacific By Grant Allen
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (February 24, 1848 –... More > October 25, 1899) was a Canadian science writer and novelist, and a proponent of the theory of evolution.Allen was born near Kingston, Canada West (known as Ontario after Confederation) - the second son of Catharine Ann Grant and the Rev. Joseph Antisell Allen, a Protestant minister from Dublin, Ireland. His mother was a daughter of the fifth Baron of Longueuil. He was educated at home until, at age 13, he and his parents moved to the United States, then to France and finally to the United Kingdom. He was educated at King Edward's School in Birmingham and at Merton College in Oxford, both in the United Kingdom. Excerpt from:< Less
Protestant Resistance, the Huguenot tradition in Southern France By Richard MALTBY
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As soon as the Reformation started, the South of France gave it an enthusiastic welcome in many of the town and villages and it soon swept most of the Southern half of France. In many of these... More > villages, the descendants of the Cathars and the Vaudois had been living quietly and were among the first to join the new churches. But challenging the spiritual, and in some cases the secular, power of Rome wasn’t without danger; soon the “heretics” were being persecuted, harassed and burned with their seditious books. As the French Kings sided with the Pope, a culture of resistance developed and has remained to these days. Richard Maltby, Professor of History at King’s School in Canterbury shows the clear link and shared ideas between the Huguenots who fought Louis XIVth and their descendants who hid Jewish children and fought nazi occupation forces. His well illustrated book guides us through the villages, towns and hideouts of the Huguenots.< Less
South Major - Oil Paintings by French Artist - Odessa By Jean-Michel René SOUCHE
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South Major. Oil Painting Series by French Artist Jean-Michel René SOUCHE (b.1970), living in Odessa (Ukraine). For more informations, visit : *** South Major.... More > Série de tableaux par Jean-Michel René SOUCHE, artiste français, vivant à Odessa (Ukraine). *** South Major. Холст/масло Французского художника Жан-Мишель Рене СУШЕ (д.р.1970), Одесса. Посетите веб-сайт :< Less
Elizabethan Militia of South Devon (1569AD) By Jason Sullock
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Villages: ASHPRINGTON. PORTLEMOUTH, THURLESTONE UGBOROUOH, MODBURY, AVETON GIFFORD HARFORD, KINGSTON, HOLBETON, ERMINGTON, RINGMORE AND BIGBURY Over 800 names mentioned, most with their weaponry... More > The Militia of 1569 AD Introduction In the England of 1569, the traditional enemy was France; but if France was hated, thanks to "Bloody Mary", Spain was detested. When a new Spanish ambassador arrived in London, he was refused residence in the Palace of Whitehall, and ignored. As a result of the anti-Spanish feeling in the country the ambassador suggested to Philip of Spain that England could only be dealt with "sword in hand". Elizabeth's government was also reaching the same conclusion about Spain.< Less
STOPPING the Nuclear threat in Europe and South Asia By David Heilbron Price
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After World War Two, European States expected further wars. Many States including Switzerland, France, Germany, wanted to create their own A-bombs. War did not happen. Instead Europe entered the... More > longest period of peace in more than 2000 years. Thanks to the diplomacy of Robert Schuman, creator of the European Community, European States created an Atomic Energy Community which controlled the use of fissile material for bombs. Today among worldwide crises and threats of nuclear war, Europe needs to complete the obligations in the Euratom Treaty of 1957. How should democrats deal with the Indian bomb, the Pakistani bomb and the Iranian bomb? This short book shows how to apply the blueprint of the successful European experiment elsewhere. 'It is possible for the world to cure itself from the threat of nuclear war,' says author, David H Price, Schuman historian, journalist and former Euratom official. 'Not only that, it is possible for the world to enter a time of great prosperity.'< Less
For the Love of Frances: Colonel Anthony Durnford of Isandlwana-a Romantic Perspective By Peter Cleary
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The battle of iSandlwana in 1879 was the worst defeat suffered by a British army in the colonies. The names of some of the combatants resound even today in the chronicles of the Victorian era. One of... More > them was Colonel Anthony Durnford, Irish-born Royal Engineer, an enigmatic man both loved and maligned, and seen in some quarters to have contributed to the appalling defeat. Yet others see in him a man ahead of his time, a man of liberal views and steadfast integrity. But who was this man? Where did he serve, who did he love? Above all, was he responsible for the defeat at iSandlwana? Judge for yourself in this sweeping tale which begins with Durnford’s first posting in Ceylon as an eager and inexperienced 21-year- old Lieutenant. For the Love of Frances salutes the three women in his life: his wife Frances whom he met and married in Ceylon; his daughter Frances, born on the isle of Malta; and the woman he loved in his later life, Frances Colenso, the daughter of John Colenso, the Bishop of Natal.< Less
Me and My Mom By Frances Gilbert
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Autobiography of Frances Gilbert detailing her life through the depression and raising a family in the South Pacific
I Married a Truck By Frances Wilder
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A woman raised in the Midwest describes life in the South with her trucking husband and their four boys in the 1930s and 40s.

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