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Retired Canadian broadcaster experiences a year teaching English at a university in southern China. Second edition in full colour.
Southern Lisu Dictionary By David Bradley
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The Lisu are a group of just under a million people, with nearly 600,000 in southwestern China, over 300,000 in northeastern Burma, over 40,000 in northern Thailand, and about 1,200 in five villages... More > in northeastern India. Lisu is also spoken as a mother tongue by at least 20,000 non-Lisu in Nujiang Prefecture in China, and as a second language by many more there and in the Putao area of northern Burma. The language is one of the major components of the Central Ngwi subgroup of the Ngwi (Loloish, Yi Branch) group within the Burmic (Burmese-Lolo, Lolo-Burmese) branch of Tibeto-Burman. The Southern dialect group is found in Thailand, in Burma around Mogok and in various parts of the Shan State such as in the southwest near Taunggyi and in the southeast around Kengtung; also formerly in far southwestern Yunnan.< Less
Kung Fu in South China. By Eric Ling
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Combination of major Southern Cantonese and Hakka styles.
Buddhism and Buddhists in China By Lewis Hodus
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As will be seen in what follows, religion in China is at first sight a mixed affair. From the standpoint of cruder household superstitions an average Chinese family may be regarded as Taoists; the... More > principles by which its members seek to guide their lives individually and socially may be called Confucian; their attitude of worship and their hopes for the future make them Buddhists. The student would not be far afield when he credits the religious aspirations of the Chinese today to Buddhism, regarding Confucianism as furnishing the ethical system to which they submit and Taoism as responsible for many superstitious practices. But the Buddhism found in China differs radically from that of Southern Asia, as will be made clear by the following sketch of its introduction into the Flowery Kingdom and its subsequent history.< Less
China's Ancient Tea Horse Road By Andrew Forbes & David Henley
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The antique Silk Road that connected the Chinese and Mediterranean Worlds for more than a millennium, facilitating the exchange of both goods and cultures, is widely known and celebrated. Less... More > familiar is its more southerly equivalent, the ‘Ancient Tea-Horse Road’ that once linked the lush tea gardens of southwest China with the frigid wastelands of Tibet and – beyond – the torrid plains of northern India. The latter is also sometimes called the ‘Southern Silk Road’, though this is a misnomer, as silk seems never to have played a very important part in the traffic that traveled along it. Follow the jingling mule trains carrying tea across the centuries from China to Tibet. 35 historic images, 10 contemporary images, 1 map< Less
The Lu Family Saga: A Generational Family History Through Revolutionary China By Kim S. Luke
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The Lu Family Saga is an autobiography of a young girl whose great-grandfather, Lu Haodong, plotted alongside Dr. Sun Yat-sen to overturn the feeble Qing Dynasty, the last of the Chinese Dynasties.... More > During the Chinese Revolution, Lu Haodong made the supreme sacrifice for the love of his country – at the age of 27, Haodong died a hero, and his comrade Sun Yat-sen became the Father of Modern China. Generations later, the girl was born into a world still in turmoil – living through WWII, the Japanese invasion, and the civil war in China. Under the Communist leader Mao Zedong, she and her family struggled, suffered, and survived the Social Revolution, the Land Reform Act, and the Great Leap Forward movements. In the Summer of 1959, she broke free from her hopeless life in Southern China in a desperate escape. Over a decade, every member of her family risked life to escape from China – the very motherland for which her great-grandfather had fought so dearly.< Less
split in Burma =Mayanmar to make new nation = Rohingyas nation, Like Sudan to Southern Sudan !! done by pressure of USA, France, UK , China, did successful able to do in same way ,put high pressure on , Military ruler Junta ! By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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did US president Barack Obama know that, Two months ,Before these Burma , Assam ,Riots , mass killing , of Minorities (Muslims ) started, Indian army 15,20 =twenty, Top brass ... More > were called by Burma Military ruler Junta , for discussion in march 2012 , as Burma Intelligences were getting clue of Riots to be start by Burma Budhh =Hindu killers against Minority, like this many things with Indian army , Top brass , they suggest to Burma Military ruler to take one sided action =allow mass killing actions like Indian army taking in Kashmir on, Kashmiri Muslims =Hindu army killed till now 5.9 Lacks=5,90000< Less
SALS SLIGHTLY SCARY,VERY FUNNY, MYSTERIOUS DREAM CHASE ADVENTURE By Jody Lynn Smith and the Energy Express Kids at the Southern Appalachian Labor School
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IF EVERYTHING YOU IMAGINED YOU COULD DO SO THAT YOUR DREAM REALLY WOULD COME TRUE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? The Secret Society of Dreamers, Doers, and Doggone-It, Shoulda-Done-Its challenged five essay... More > contest winners and unexpected vacationers from the Southern Appalachian Labor School to do what they said they want to do, help someone while they were gone and return in time for the holidays! There is big money for the school at stake and a little something for the winners in this hilarious and inspirational great race for good with a special surprise for the reader inside.Join in the adventure and find your own way to your dream when you write an ending for each of the dream chase racers. Your mission? Help the kids avoid the temptation to be a gloomy giver-upper or racing on an all about me journey. 90% of profits to be donated to The Southern Appalachian Labor School.< Less
solution is Military invasion by , destroy North Block, Yangun, and capital of Shrilanka like East Timor, Southern Sudan , Libya ,Tripoli, Syria, , Irene cost , Now Mali !!?? (( till how many years there cries , Human By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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solution is Military invasion by , destroy North Block, Yangun, and capital of Shrilanka like East Timor, Southern Sudan , Libya ,Tripoli, Syria, , Irene cost , Now Mali ... More > !!?? (( till how many years there cries , Human birth , benefits will denied by International community , till what these cruelest , Cheap Quality , con three nation majority cruel people will be saved !!?? it can only be solve like Libya ,,Syria, Irenee cost !!?? By Military attack from international community ,OIC, USA. France , UK , ++ ME=Gulf =Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, China , )) .< Less
Sinkiang to the Yellow River By Farhat Jah
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This collection of striking images are the perfect accompaniment to the book Zanzibar to Sinkiang by the same author. Covering his journeys around the deserts and mountains of western and southern... More > China, this is a definative and unique look at the edges of the middle kingdom.< Less

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