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Space Viking By H. Beam Piper
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Space Viking is a science fiction novel written by H. Beam Piper and is set in his Terro-Human future history. It tells the story of one man's search for his wife's murderer and its unexpected... More > consequences. The story was originally serialized in Analog magazine (November 1962 – February 1963), then published by Ace Books in 1963.Ten thousand refugees from the losing side of The Big War (The System States War of The Cosmic Computer) fled far beyond the boundaries of the Terran Federation and colonized the planet Excalibur. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Commonwealth Space By clash bowley & Patrick Brady
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The third game in the Cold Space alt history, joining Cold Space and FTL Now, Commonwealth Space shows the Commonwealth Colonisation Authority's bit of the Oikumene - Colonization on a shoestring,... More > while hoisting itself by its own bootstraps. The CCA is a vast enterprise, with their own resources and their own problems. The US and Soviets don't hold all of space! Commonwealth Space will include new educational paths conforming to the UK schooling systems, new career choices, new vehicles and ships, and extensive backgrounds on CCA colony worlds and the CCA countries themselves. Check out Woomera Spaceport, the Singapore run, bootstrapping a fully CCA space technology, the CCA's role in the Cold War,and why there are more Kiwis in the Oikumene than on Earth. Commonwealth Space uses the StarCluster Meta-system with StarPerc (d%) StarPool (D20 pool) and Star20 (4d6-4) Task Resolution Sub-Systems included.< Less
Space Time & Technology By Brandon Volpe
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Based on known facts and my own theories on black holes and on how the universe works. Was Einstein wrong about the speed of light? Are we going to colonize Mars? What do we need to travel to other... More > stars in different solar systems?< Less
Astrology in Open Space By Klaudio Zic
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As the universal Cartesian house system takes astrology beyond the polar regions and into outer space, the board astrologer is operating within local zodiacs. "In the case of Cruithne, Venus... More > crosses the polar region while entering the exotic constellations of Hydrus, Tucana, Indus and Pavo. The colons will have to deal with Venus in Vulpecula or Cygnus in order to determine a horoscope. Beyond our board mainframe, the cosmic horoscope art requires extremely gifted astrologers."< Less
::Catharsis::Haven:: By Carmen León-Colón
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Thesis Proposal: A process of purification will take place through Architecture. Architecture is capable to provide spaces able to heal and change social problems. Some topics like inequality have... More > been neglected and trivialized topics in the field of Architecture and also as social issue. Even though the roles of women and men had changed in today’s society gender abuse is still a concerning topic. The percentage of homicides and incidents in Saint Louis due to inequality had increased over the years. The vortex of abuse can lead to severe health and mental illness. Now Architecture can create conscience about gender abuse, from its causes to its repercussions, and create spaces where individuals can heal their open wounds.< Less
Tom Swift and the Space Battering Ram By Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque
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What happens when a pair of accomplished authors get together to create an all new TOM SWIFT adventure? A great story from two imaginations. Tom Swift discovers that something is causing collisions... More > far out in the asteroid belt. To make matters worse, a comet believed to have last visited our solar system fifty years earlier is spotted coming inbound… but it is early. The mathematics say that last time it passed harmlessly when the Earth was on the other side of the Sun. This time, however… it is thought to be a near miss situation until the unthinkable happens. A change to its course means it's on a collision course and only Tom can find a way to avoid catastrophe. That is, IF he has the time! Complicating things are a pair of megalomaniacs bent on colonizing the Moon with kidnapped Asian islanders while destroying life on the Earth.< Less
Ocularis By Roland Sobrepena
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In the 23rd century mankind lived in a decadent technological utopia. Upon receiving a mysterious alien transmission, they sent a ship to a planet 20 light years away to investigate and establish a... More > colony. What the colonist and their machine caretakers encounter and the trials they endure will teach mankind to know, what it is to be intelligent, to be desperate and what's worth dying for.< Less
D'Triev Siege By Ashton Haigle
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A fleet of twenty thousand technologically enhanced men and women make the journey through space to colonize a new world. Previous research missions have located an ecologically similar planet that... More > can support human life, untouched by the industrial pollutants that have doomed Old Home Earth. However, nearly all intelligent life on D’Triev is wiped off the planet at their arrival. The survivors view the awesome power of these marauders to be the coming of alien gods. Most survivors flee their homes and hide from the invaders, but a few are brazen enough to face the incredible strength that threatens to bring D’Triev to its knees.< Less
Distant Star By Jan Young
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Exiled from Earth, forty thousand people make a seven-generation trek to a new star, a new planet and a new home. Along the way they encounter technical difficulties, mysterious aliens, new diseases... More > and dissention within their own ranks.< Less