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Specimens By Maria Laura Beretta
eBook (PDF): $3.78
Campione, saggio, esemplare, modello, indizio o prova: stesso termine e stesso significato dal latino, all’italiano, all’inglese. Specimen è una composizione breve, ma anche una... More > firma autografa, individuale. È lo sguardo originale con cui Maria Laura Beretta descrive una pianta, un viaggio, una persona, un luogo, perché specimen deriva da specio, osservare. Apparsi a cadenza trimestrale sulle pagine dei periodici Rosae e Rosanova, i 19 brevi componimenti sono stati integrati da “Orti” e “Le nerine”, scritti apposta per raggiungere la fatidica quota 21 voluta dalla collana. Un lavoro centellinato negli anni che il libro sorprende in tutta la sua tenuta, nell’assenza di stereotipi, nel lessico di una signora che per istruzione ha conosciuto tempi e linguaggi più formali ma che non è invecchiata su di essi. Il libro è introdotto da un racconto inedito dello scrittore Paolo Rumiz, il quale anticipa a modo suo l’imprevedibile convergere di vita e vegetazione.< Less
SPECIMEN By Jason Perry
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Quand un institut de recherche scientifique lui offre une place de généticien, Riley Perkins s'y investit complètement. La mission que White Chemistery lui confie le passionne :... More > créer des génomes croisant n'importe quelles espèces animales à l'homme en sélectionnant les gènes concernés. Son salaire et ses perspectives d'avenir fulgurantes le grisent, jusqu'à ce qu'il apprenne que les tests des génomes se feraient sur des jeunes femmes. Il remet alors tout en question : quel objectif poursuit ce projet expérimental? D'où proviennent les cobayes? Comment parviendra-t-il à s'extirper de ce cauchemar?< Less
SPECIMEN By Jason Perry
Paperback: $19.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Quand un institut de recherche scientifique réputé lui offre un poste de généticien, Riley déborde d'enthousiasme. Il s'investit complètement dans la... More > passionnante mission qui lui est confiée : croiser le génome humain avec des espèces animales en sélectionnant les gènes concernés. Le salaire, le matériel, les collègues ... tout lui convient. Jusqu'à ce que la phase des tests commence. Il s'agit d'administrer les génomes à des cobayes humains. Riley remet alors tout en question : quel objectif poursuit réellement ce projet expérimental? D'où viennent les cobayes? Comment mettre fin à ce cauchemar?< Less
SPECIMEN 1983 By mick mercer
Paperback: $27.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
The whole of this book can be seen in the preview, so please look through that. The 360 pages contain 504 photos of Specimen in their original glory days, with some of the best images imaginable,... More > but also a few of the worst, included due to their rarity. You can see the band, their friends, colleagues and followers - a perfect snapshot of the times. There are posed photos alongside exciting gig shots from Camden Palace, Hammersmith Church, Heaven, the Lyceum, Rayleigh Crocs ands the Titanic Club, plus Batcave Tour dates from Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham Rock City, Derby Blue Note, Hastings and Leeds Warehouse. A nostalgic treat from a time of vivacity and flamboyance.< Less
Specimen Lives By Edward Cullen
Paperback: $10.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
Nine stories about nine different people, each one of whom is lonely, lost or detached. Something is missing in their lives, some emotional connection, some meaning, perhaps that very elusive... More > quality: completeness.< Less
Specimen Book By Amir Brito
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Group of images from the history of writing: the mythic inventor of chinese characters, the symbol of a renaissance typographer, fantastic animals associated with the writing and the patron demon of... More > scribes are shown here, like in an old bestiary.< Less
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SPECIMEN 1985 photo book By mick mercer
Paperback: $28.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
444 pages, 769 photos. The final book in the SPECIMEN trilogy, and the end game. 769 photos taking in two group posed sessions, one small Jonny session and 1985 gigs from the 100 Club, Colchester... More > Woods, Milton Keynes (look out for the dinosaur!) and Stevenage, plus an All Star session from Helter Skelter where various members of other bands join Specimen for a covers night.< Less
Paperback: $20.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
Haarlem AM Typeface Specimen. Haarlem AM typeface is a serif family based on the specimen : Origines Typographicae, Joan Michaël Fleischman, 1765, from the Enschedé font foundry.... More > The firm of Joh. Enschede en Zonen was established in Haarlem (Netherlands) in 1703.< Less
SPECIMEN 1984 photo book By mick mercer
Paperback: $27.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
316 pages, 511 photos. Specimen still going strong, and in this volume (of 3) you’ll find the chaps loafing around at Abbey Rd for some Spanish TV report, as well as a conventional posed... More > session. There are gigs from Bournemouth Erics, Portsmouth Grannys (who thinks up these names?), St. Albans, Hammersmith Palais and the Clarendon, where there’s a scary man putting metal through himself, with Ollie doing his best to pull it out. All in a day’s work for a club-running Goth Glam guru.< Less

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