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Des Nouvelles d'Adrien By Chris Anton Zeeman
Paperback: $6.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
Le lendemain, notre prestation fut de meilleure qualité et les spectateurs plus nombreux. Au début. ... L'espoir de voir arriver quelqu'un est mille fois préférable... More > à la certitude de le voir partir : l'assistance se clairsema, cruellement, inexorablement... méthodiquement ! L'indifférence aurait été une punition suffisante, mais ce désaveu confinait à la torture. On sait peu de choses sur C. A. Zeeman qui rechigne encore à se dévoiler via la note biographique, s'indignant du fait qu'aujourd'hui, les auteurs sont plus connus que ce qu'ils écrivent. Il ne nous laisse donc pas d'autre solution que d'ouvrir son recueil de poèmes en prose, comme il le qualifie lui-même, si nous voulons en savoir un peu plus...< Less
BEHOLD HE COMES: verse-by-verse notes on 1-2 Thessalonians By Matthew Martin
Hardcover: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The wonderful books of 1-2 Thessalonians are broken down, verse by verse, in order to provide a better understanding of the event that will be the greatest spectacle in the history of the universe.
Circus Souvenirs - A Scrapbook of Vintage Memorabilia By 0dette Abbesse
eBook (PDF): $3.25
A bizarre menagerie of old souvenir postcards, memorabilia, nostalgia, old photos, adverts and poster prints from famous international touring circuses, manageries, fun fairs and cabaret revues of... More > yesteryea. Includes Buffalo Bill's Wild West Circus, Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show On Earth. Artistes, music hall variety, fairground & street entertainers, performing troupes, intelligent and talented animals, Lilliputian midgets, side show freaks, acrobats, trick cyclist chimps, snake charmers, fakirs, lion trainers, mediums and mindreaders, Siamese twins, Colonel Cody's cowboys and Red Indians, clown acts, etc. A fascinating scrapbook of memorabilia, nostalgia and ephemera, for everyone who always wanted to run away to the circus... and didn't quite make it out of the armchair! Downloadable in PDF ebook format, with tasters from other titles, plus optional rolling slideshow functionality!< Less
Amazing Victorian Illusions & Entertainments - PDF Scrapbook / Slideshow By Ben Acton
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A digital scrapbook of 19th century stage magic tricks, optical illusions, theatrical devices, trick photography, hypnotism, levitation, performing animals, exotic entertainers and more... vintage... More > popular science illustrations and old photos, plus tasters from some of our other recent Vintage Curiosity titles. Downloadable in PDF ebook format with optional slideshow page transitions for amusing browsing!< Less
Paperback: $15.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
A STUDY, CHARRETTE, LAB, DESIGN, AND CAD WORKSHOP, GAMESTORMING IN VIRTUAL REALITY, HCI, BRICK MORTAR, AND STUDY ABROAD LEARNING SPACES WITH FULL DIGITAL DELIVERY. THESE ARE THE OBSERVATIONS. This... More > is a book that looks at gadgets and their attending immersive environments. It is about YOLO, FOMO, only live once, fear of missing out, and joy of missing out. It is a book of project proposals, research, musing, and project completions. The writing for this series took place over the summer of 2018 at FUA in Florence. we began to explore the social and psychological dimension of the new 'room scale' Virtual Reality and the emotions and 'history' of an ancient city. Within every new technology, as famously stated by the architect and social critic Paul Virilio, there is also the attending 'new disaster'. Will this be wholesale solipsism and alienation?< Less
INSTANT SPECIFIC UTOPIA: projects for events, temporary dwelling, and deployment By PHILLIP BALDWIN
Paperback: $15.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
A STUDY IN THE AESTHETIC AND PRACTICAL CONFIGURATION OF CONTAINER CAR HOUSING AND ENERGY SYSTEMS: The system...the ‘algorithms’ last as long as the housing prices at the fringe of the... More > city keep going up. Yet, as we learn in second grade science, what goes up must come down. How and why did this happen on such a scale? We found that pink-collar worker were living within nuclear family and not maintaining home ownership because they were living beyond their means.< Less
The Skull in the Box CTB By Harry S. Keeler
Paperback: $29.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Coffee Table Book Edition of the amazing collection of all four SKULL IN THE BOX novels. Man with the Magic Eardrums, Crimson Box, Wooden Spectacles and Lavender Gripsack. One volume of the most... More > exasperating courtroom case ever.< Less
The Three Impostors By Arthur Machen
eBook (ePub): $5.03
The Three Impostors is a convoluted tale about three individuals who we meet in the opening paragraphs who are searching for a "young man with spectacles" who has inadvertently stolen... More > something of great importance to a secret society of which they are members.< Less
A Conflict of Evidence By Rodrigues Ottolengui
eBook (ePub): $6.32
Recommended to all readers to care to be puzzled and are not yet tired of the age-old spectacle of rival detectives and opposing theories, of innocence suspected, and skulking crime unmasked with the... More > last chapter.< Less
The Case of the Lavender Gripsack TPB By Harry Stephen Keeler
Paperback: $16.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Trade paperback. This 1940 novel is the fourth and final chapter of the SKULL IN THE BOX saga, consisting of Magic Eardrums, Crimson Box, Wooden Spectacles and Lavender Gripsack. Incredible courtroom... More > drama.< Less

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Kanion Legacy Kanion Legacy By Estee Victoria
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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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