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The Cycle Touring Diaries - Diary 3: The L.A. Loop By Bradley Howard
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In 2013, Bradley Howard set off on a three month journey, which ran roughly 3000 miles across the United States of America. He visited 4 States and 'no-trace' camped 75 times. What is more, Brad... More > dodged many venemous spiders and snakes on his way too. Whilst on the tour, he visited many amazing places, including The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, 'Sin City'; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Death Valley, California. He encountered legendary roads such as the Coastal Highway 1 and Route 66, mega bridges such as The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and much more besides. Through his trip, Bradley kept a journal, which he has now turned into this book, to share his knowledge and adventures with others. He writes of his reflections on profound insights that came from his adventure, how he managed to live on a budget whilst being on the road, and how he kept himself fuelled whilst he still maintained his Vegan diet. Along the way, Bradley worked hard to tread in harmony with the environment.< Less
The Higher Power Training System By Jonathan Schultheis
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Spiderman is bitten by a radioactive spider...Thor retrieves"Mjollnir" (his awesome hammer)...Green Lantern receives the Ring of Power...Captain America is administered... More > the "Super-Soldier Serum"...... THIS COULD BE YOUR MOMENT! Are you READY for a physical REVOLUTION?! This is what you've been looking for... Simply the most powerfully progressive program available. Become the "Superhero" you've always wanted to be! This information comes straight out of NFL, NCAA, PGA, & Elite Military Forces training facilities. It is now available to you!< Less
Where Is My Mind...? By Stephen Lavelle
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How not to surf Costa Rica...One man's struggle with spiders, snakes, dodgy toilets and cab drivers in Central America. And don't even get him started on his sheer lack of surfing ability...
The Golden City By Ralph Milne Farley
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It was Adams Mayhew against the Spider, mad genius of Mu - with the existence of that lost Pacific continent at stake. This is a novel of the lost continent of Lemuria by the author of the Radio Man... More > series of Venus stories and many other science fiction adventure tales.< Less
The Day It Rained Forever By Lynette Greenfield
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“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” The Day it Rained Forever is a fiction, drama novel that, while written beautifully, may also make you... More > feel uncomfortable, as it tackles the violence and unpleasantness of gang rape. Alia Cannes, a psychologist and writer, who lives a normal, simple, working class life, finds herself in a terrifying situation one evening, when she agrees to accompany a man at a bar to his hotel room. There, she is confronted with more than she anticipated and her night turns into a living nightmare, but that’s where the violence ends. The Day it Rained Forever is the compassionate, loving guidance of Erik, who reaches into the darkness to the sufferer Alia, offering hope and helping her in her silent search for a life free from the memory of her past and the violence she endured. The aim of the book is to help survivors find the courage to speak out. The author remained sensitive to the subject so no use of vulgar language has been used.< Less
Anansi and Rococo By Phyllis Broom Walker
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Long before the comic book character Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained his super powers to become Spider Man, there was Anansi the "spider-god." Stories about... More > Anansi, the spider who can take the form of a man, were first told in Ghana by the Ashanti people. The stories about the sometimes mischievous "trickster" Anansi were handed down from generation to generation. Using his wit and cunning, Anansi overcomes great odds, often against creatures bigger than him; but in each Anansi story there is a moral, a lesson to be learned. In Anansi and Rococo, Phyllis Walker continues the African and Caribbean tradition of telling Anansi stories. But rather than portraying Anansi as a "trickster", Walker, a retired teacher who continues to live her passion by working with children, presents Anansi as much more.< Less
Deadly Dames: Wicked Wenches By Mini Komix
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Deadly Dames unwinds another tangled web of wonder with these Wicked Wenches! The Spider Widow begins her venomous rampage against the Axis powers while teaming up with The Raven, The Man Who Stole... More > Eternity runs across a dark sorceress, Fleur flaunts witchcraft in the middle ages, a naughty nymph lures a monster into The Curse, Mr. Risk meets the deformed villainess Nadya Burnett, a woman gains the power to grant wishes from the Devil Cat, a comatose former witch takes The Journey, a deceased woman seeks Love From The Grave, the original Spider Woman scares off some crooks, and reporter Chic Carter gets on the trail of Veda the Cobra Woman. Witchcraft, freaks, and sinister sirens in this combo of horror and action comics!< Less
Klassik Komix: Kaiju Kombat By Mini Komix
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Klassik Komix readies the arena for Kaiju Kombat! Titans tramp the competition as massive monsters maraud the masses! A scavenger is bombarded by a huge Bird of Prey, the Loch Ness Monster is the... More > subject of The Hoax, the Space Guard clashes with the colossal Cosmic Terror, the gigantic Golgoth travels from Dimension IV, Space Ace is stalked by the tremendous Clawsyer, Scarlet Avenger tangles with pterodactyls, Gale Allen struggles with space squids, a massive minotaur awaits in Death's Pool, Red Comet wrangles a rampaging reptile, Man-Eating Lizards chow down on the army, explorers are zapped into an alien dinosaur world in Captivity, Jungle Jo seeks out a sizable serpent, and a small village is ransacked by the very big Vampire Spider! Place your bets for the most ferocious fight of the century! 100 Big Pages, and in color!< Less
The Legacy of Felix Holt, the Radical By P L Quinn
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In this follow-up to Felix Holt, the True story, we consider the influence of Felix Holt, the Radical upon cinema and television narratives. Accordingly, this survey identifies some nineteen... More > “unofficial” adaptations of Felix Holt, the Radical, but also any number of “transitional species” that have emerged in response to these productions. Of the “unofficial” adaptations, the following key works have been identified: Metropolis, A Yank in the RAF, A Matter of Life and Death, The Man in the White Suit, Psycho, Star Trek: “The Squire of Gothos”, Quatermass and the Pit, The Prisoner (1967), The Valley of Gwangi, Doctor Who: “The Daemons”, Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol, The Wicker Man, Space: 1999 (Season One), Blake’s 7, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Blackadder the Third: “Dish and Dishonesty”, Gladiator, Spider-Man, The Prisoner (2009 remake).< Less
Body in the Old Well! By Lyndia Glover
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On July 19, 2004, just on the outskirts of London in the small farming community of Faversham a farmer makes a grisly discovery. He dropped the worn wooden bucket down into the old water well. The... More > bucket kept hitting something. When the farmer finally looked down into the water to his horror he sees a man's corpse! Scotland Yard becomes involved in the murder case. Detective Cheerie (large male cream colored cat)is working on a missing person case. Seymour Ketelbey has suddenly disappeared from London. Will Detective Cheerie be able to locate him? Or is Seymour Ketelbey a victim of murder? Inspector Jiles of Scotland Yard knows that Detective Cheerie will find the murder weapon. I(Bentley Brighton)am Detective Cheerie's human. The game is afoot and I know that my highly intelligent partner will find the murderer! His uncanny knack for finding clues and evidence is invaluable to Scotland Yard. **Sixty-ninth book in the series.** Watch for new books!< Less

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