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Ongoing Conversation with God, A daily diary of our conversation, lessons remembered a clearing of mental garbage. Remembering our agreement to be here and to serve. Embracing all the gifts of my day... More > from the universe. Prayers that help clear up and bring understanding to my life. My gift to the planet and to you. Thanks< Less
Of the Bottom of an Emptied Pit By Spirit of Truth
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Study the Preview, for this book finishes and Ends the Oracle of John. Without it, you will remain in the Dark of Night for the remainder of you entire life, live amid and forever hung suspended in... More > strife as mortal human, use this book luminese the Dark of Night into the Light of Day, and then you learn when you pray could cause you to burn in a place you don't want to go, thereof begin to grow of wisdom with both eyes open, and two ears that soon begin to listen, to a voice deep inside of you, calling you out of that church pew, free to roam and find a new home where the only thing that matters, is food on your platters and a house filled of joy and laughter, of a house filled of girls and boys playing with all of toys they deserve, instead of doing without and look out Planet Earth here comes preponderant waterspout of great clout, done tendered as was rendered, there torn all asunder delivered of NINE Thunder Bolts!< Less
Meeting the Star Beings Awakening Humanity to Love By Spiritual Master Free Spirit
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Meeting the Star Beings is the first of 7 books by author Spiritual Master Free Spirit. This book was written in the early days of his spiritual awakening and shows how he saw reality in those... More > days. In 2009 he began to have many healing experiences with Star Beings and became a ’contactee’ for loving ET’s from other dimensions. He shares his early life path, how he became attuned to the Beings and the kinds of journeys he had in the astral planes. In his first set of writings,Free Spirit shares his thoughts about humanity and how it could receive much healing by understanding the truth about loving ET’s from other realities. Meeting the Star Beings is a window into another reality. Free Spirit evolved from being the ‘Rainbow Jumper’ Man in 2010 and in 2014 become a Spiritual Master and wrote 6 more rare literary works.< Less
Obedience By Grant Nieddu & Holy Spirit
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I Am Love: Book 1 By Paul West & Holy Spirit
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I Am Love is a healing journey and affirmative reminder of your True Identity as Love. You are literally an extension of God's love. I Am Love seeks to undo illusions of ego guilt (which are based on... More > unconscious beliefs in separation from God, sin and death) using an applied forgiveness process aligned with the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The book encourages a healing of false perceptions, a correction of mistaken thoughts and an expansion of the awareness of love's (God's) presence. The book does not explain theory nor try to dwell on the story of one's life. Rather it focusses immediately on APPLYING the forgiveness process as taught in A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace, and in The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. It offers insight into false beliefs and affirms an awareness of what is True. Look within and remember, you are love. Holy Spirit offers his love and support as you awaken to the awareness of Love's presence.< Less
Brogue Magazine- The Love Issue By Spirit de la Mare
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Brogue Magazine The Love Issue Editor-In-Chief Spirit de la Mare Featuring big names in music art and film.
United Kingdom By Simone Canal & SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE
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From the amazing two years experience in UK the photographic book of a wonderful country... United Kingdom by Simone Canal.
Words 2 Voice Volume 1 Head By Deyjah xoxox Spirit
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Poetry for the young and old! Bridging the Gap we speak one language love.
General Baptist Confessions By Pen and Spirit Publishling
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A Collection of General Baptist confessions. These confessions are summaries of the General Baptist faith.
The Journey By Mokita Spirit Glade
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The Journey is the story of a young woman who is called to follow the Druid Way by the Goddess and Gods, set in a small Anglo Saxon village beside the woods. It follows the young woman's studies... More > through the grades.< Less

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