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Essays On Spirituality By N Murugesan
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This eBook contains a set of essays on spirituality which are based precious insights on various spiritual concepts. These essays are based on my own spiritual knowledge, life experiences, intuition... More > and wisdom acquired over a period of time. These insights are truths that are related to the basic concepts of spiritual life that are not usually to be found in existing scriptures or spiritual books.< Less
Essays on Spirituality By Jan F. Brouwer
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The range of the essays presented in this book covers the whole field of spirituality and religion. The essays try to address such fundamental questions as: what is life? what is happiness? who am I?... More > what do we mean when we use the word God? Both the beginning aspirant as well as the learned scholar and the accomplished meditator and mystic will find something of value here. There is something in it for everyone. Whether you are a devout Christian, a modern day Buddhist or just someone vaguely interested in the subject of spirituality, these essays, written in a modern and clear style of writing, will surely set you thinking.< Less
Essays in Spirituality By Mark Seymour
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This book is intended for anyone who is in recovery from anything at all, and believe it or not, that would include just about everyone walking the earth.
A Phrasebook For Spiritual Emergencies: Essays By Alice Eckles
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When is the last time a phrase went through your head for the umpteenth time before you caught it by the tail ? The phrases that go through our minds drive our lives. These phrases come in moods just... More > like the weather, and often it doesn't occur to us that we make this weather and can change it. There seems to be a consensus that we need to change our consciousness, make a quatum leap, and get ready for the shift. Many people have already stocked up on duct tape and started meditating; there is no shortage of books telling us what to do. Until now however there was no book that gave an actual demonstration of self-help phrases that can be used in a spiritual emergency. Please enjoy this collection of personal essays---"Alice's new work is terrific. She brings gravity and personality to every page, and remains one of the slyest wits out there. The work is concentrated and forceful -- she's on a roll." -Jonathan Lethem.< Less
Spiritual Poems and Essays By Hans Chaudhry, PhD
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This book is in continuation of the earlier book titled 'Spiritual Poems, Aspire and Inspire' published by VRI Press - Vedic Research Inc. New York, NY, USA, 2013. The poems and essays contained in... More > this book were written soon after getting the inspiration from above in response to the search for the Absolute Truth after the year 2103.< Less
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This book provides information on existentialism, psychology and spiritual matters.
Essays on Africans, Americans and Spirituality By Ozodi Osuji
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This book offers information on how to improve the African and African American condition; it does so from politics, psychology and spirituality.
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This books offers information on the confluence of psychology and spirituality.
The Tree: A Spiritual Proposition, and Selected Essays By Avrel Seale
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In this short book, Avrel Seale suggests that all of nature is a metaphor for the spiritual world. In such a scheme, God is represented by the sun, and the human being is represented by the tree,... More > which has its roots in the material world but becomes more glorious as it grows toward the life-giving sun. Other essays rounding out this book examine the transitions between barbaric societies and ideal civilizations, the fractal patterns of creation, the seven steps to heaven on Earth, and a brief rumination on the ultimate meaning of life. See also< Less
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This book offers a confluence of religion and psychology.

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