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Intelligence Behind the Universe Iii: The Unification of Physics & Spirituality By Ron Pearson
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This book shows how intelligence arose in the Universe and goes on to explain all forms of psychic phenomena including how our minds survive after bodily death and where this must occur.
Café de Flore: A guide to spiritual and emotional intelligence By Karina Khubchand
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Addressing the escalating global issue of mental health and suicide, Café de Flore is a serious book that provides inspiration and relief to those caught in the net of despair. Identifying... More > the critical error made by mankind over the centuries, Café de Flore points towards an escape from the madness of the human condition. An easily digestible form of philosophy, written with graceful authority, the reader is taken on a journey that captures sublime messages contained in the wreck of literature, poetry and prose. Dostoevsky once said: “It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently.” What more does it take? Encouraging the world to stop thinking, to entertain a degree of madness, to live with passion and to laugh more, this book provides a fresh perspective on the perceived struggles and difficulties we often find ourselves trapped in, in this sad, mad and lonely world.< Less
Spiritual Intelligence – Practice and Application – How to Connect With, Have Access to Your Spiritual Intelligence and Live It By Swami Delven Ananda
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This work is not to engage in the debate or to resolve the debate over the feasibility of spiritual intelligence, for scientific quantification. The purpose of this work is to introduce you to an... More > intelligence which can help you every moment, in your day to day life of the world, in your worldly affairs, too. Mature dealings of the worldly matters transform to spirituality. Vyavaharik (worldly affairs) when comes to fruition transforms into Adhyatmik (spiritual affairs). The rift between the worldly competence and spiritual competence will be bridged through this work. The purpose of this work is not only to prepare spiritually but also to effectively make a person perfectly fit for the world and worldly affairs. The discrepancy that spiritual kind of people are misfits or unfit for worldly affairs can be removed, by awakening your spiritual intelligence. Spiritually intelligent are as equal as, if not better, than the worldly intelligent.< Less
Starve the Ego: Feed the Soul! Souldrama: Ignite Your Spiritual Intelligence! By Connie Miller
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This is a story about relationships. A story about a man named Iye who has been searching for his soulmate. In order to find his partner he must leave the land of Ego and pass through seven doors of... More > spiritual transformation of souldrama. Each door offers and challenge and a gift upon its completion. Will he complete the journey? Today, we seem to search for meaning and purpose in our lives and begin a spiritual journey as we ask ourselves,"Is this all there is?" What keeps people stuck in relationships, careers, addictions? Souldrama helps us to move past the resistance in our lives preventing us from accessing our higher purpose. Souldrama integrates all three levels of intelligences, our rational, emotional, and spiritual, through a group process that puts spirituality into action. The end result helps us to create spiritually intelligent leadership. Souldrama moves group therapy and psychodrama to another level, that of the transpersonal.< Less
Intelligence behind the Universe III By Ron Pearson
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This popularisation is written for those who do not totally reject the possibility of the mind being immortal. It shows how several major problems in physics and cosmology can be solved by expertise... More > from an allied discipline. Amazingly the solutions extend the compass of physics to cover the so-called ‘paranormal’ by providing explanations as potentially real effects! What emerges is an all-pervading background medium called ‘i-ther’. The maths, provided in our technical books, shows that the i-ther spontaneously develops a tangled filamentous structure very like the neural networks of our brains. This is incredibly fine grained yet extends to the very edge of the ever-growing universe. It is explained how i-ther has the potential for evolution, by the self-organising power of chaos, until it acquires a conscious intelligence. Then it organises several parallel universes made from its own energies. All occupy the same space, to interpenetrate each other without mutual interference.< Less
Milkk - A Story of Stripper Intelligence By Warren Bowens
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Milkk is a story about the life, struggle and intelligence of a female exotic dancer. Although the world often condemns what she does, it would be pleasantly surprised to learn of the vast embodiment... More > of insight and spirituality involved in her unique service...< Less
Cause & Effect and Subconscious Intelligence Mind By Lanakila Washington
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This paper / article talks about the relationship between two energetic laws that govern and control all life and living and how we can apply these laws to our lives and create a winning remarkable... More > day.< Less
Be Not Like Sheep: Intelligent Questioning for the Faithful By Dana Franklin Pritchard
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This book contains questions for use as a self-study guide through any religion or denomination. It is designed to help build, strengthen, and deepen one's faith or help in the investigation of a... More > belief system other than the one an individual practices on a daily basis.< Less
Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design By Kathy Oddenino
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As our mind thinks, so we do. This helps us to see precisely how we create our personal reality as our daily lifestyle. Kathy Oddenino's 8th book tells us why we are all "healers" by design... More > and how to understand and activate our healing potential.< Less
Spiritual Development the Hard Way By Michael Maher
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Spiritual Development the Hard Way carves a pragmatic map for those who seek answers to the oldest questions of humanity. Beginning with the basic foundations of our condition, which cause any... More > intelligent person a sense of entrapment, it explains the mechanisms, the process, and the landscape of escape from this entrapment. Using both new and ancient methods and concepts, it presents countless insights into all aspects of this journey to freedom. The primary focus of this book is on a comprehensive, practical array of techniques to employ in every aspect of life, offering creative and visionary guidance with glimpses of the final purpose of spiritual attainment.< Less