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God's Eternal Goal By A Seeker
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Collection of spiritual articles by reputed authors concerning God's ultimate and eternal purpose for man
The Seeker/The Seeker Extended By keith LLoyd
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In the first part of this book, you may think ‘... God would not do that... ‘. Do not be troubled by the Spiritual happenings against your own beliefs. The God Entities described in... More > here have not yet proven to me that they are God Himself ... even Moses, in his time, required proof. But I was overwhelmed with memories as I wrote, I forgave my sister, November 2013< Less
A Seekers Journey By Greg Turek
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A Seeker's Journey (by Greg Turek) is an exploration of the interface between the physical world and the supernatural and spiritual. The author moves from classical scientific phenomena, evolution,... More > the bizarre discoveries in quantum physics and Einsteins relativity theory to religion, yoga, mysticism, kundalini and self realisation. The book also explores meditation and how we can access a state of true meditation or mental silence through the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation as taught by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.< Less
a seekers manual By Fr Mark Hodges
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A SEEKERS MANUAL: OUTLINES FOR DISCUSSION AND STUDY OF THE ORTHODOX FAITH -- A clearly written, thorough study guide on the Orthodox Faith, answering questions on knowing God, prayer, Jesus,... More > the Holy Trinity, salvation, faith, worship, conversion, the Christian Creed, Church history, theology, heresy, infant baptism, icons, fasting, confession, the Divine Liturgy, saints, Mary, Communion, the Church's yearly cycle of feasts, Holy Tradition, the Bible, the Church calendar, American Orthodoxy, Chrismation, almsgiving, sin, angels, gender, homosexuality, pornography, modesty, tithing, monasticism, the Sign of the Cross, incense, vestments, exorcism, silence, Orthodox spirituality, and more. Designed for the Christian inquirer, formatted so any Orthodox leader could use for group discussion. A complete survey in twenty topical presentations, 8 1/2" X 11", 415 pages, illustrations. “An excellent introduction to the Church, her theology, and her worship... I highly recommend.” +JOB< Less
The Seeker: Layman’s Path to Spiritual Awakening (Enlightenment) By Gregory E. Middleton
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The premise for this book is based upon a biblical quote that says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the doors will be opened to you.” If you seek... More > spiritual wisdom it will be drawn to you. That is simply how the spiritual universe works. God wants to give us all we need in order to accomplish our earthly missions, but in order to acquire what He has we must become “the Seeker.” This book lays out a path toward spiritual enlightenment. It proposes an action plan and suggests methods and principles the reader can relate to and follow if that is what they desire. It is for people of all religious preferences if they are seeking spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding. All you need to do is to become the Seeker, and you become the magnet that draws divine enlightenment to you.< Less
Himalayas. The Story of the Seekers By Dr. Tumpa Banerjee
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A spiritual resort in the middle of the Himalayas welcomes Mark, Rachel, Robin and Claire.All four have dark secrets that have put their lives in turmoil.Amidst the beauty of the Himalayan mountains... More > and valleys,they undertake a journey together, to reach the source of the holy River Ganga.This is the story of how, during the journey,the four Seekers discover their real selves and come to term with their troubled past.< Less
The Psychic Wisdom Seeker Handbook By Wise Wolf
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The Guide To Discover True Spiritual Wisdom, Living A Natural Spirituality, The True Nature Of Spiritual Abilities(ESP), How To Sense And Over Come Spirit Intrusions, Explore Beyond The Physical... More > Realm Through Meditation And Out-Of-Body Exploration, And Much Much More....< Less
Fractalic Awakening - A Seeker's Guide By LariAnn Garner
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This ebook (PDF) version of "Fractalic Awakening", includes all of the material from the printed version, but with all illustrations presented in full color as originally intended. Explore... More > the Infinite Void faster with no waiting for printing or delivery! For preview, download the one for the printed version, or visit for examples of the full color illustrations.< Less
Biblical Stories for the Job Seeker By Matthew Ratz
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Originally delivered as a lecture to an audience of professionals, this book provides Biblical stories and spiritual advice for the modern job seeker. Contained within this book's pages are... More > millennium-old stories with modern, career-focused interpretations; also within are resume and cover letter templates and samples. This book is great for the job seeker, Biblical scholar, and the spiritually-guided thinker. It offers suggestions and insights rooted in both history and in practical experience, and is written in an approachable, conversational style all can enjoy.< Less
Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH By Mark Zaretti
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This meditation guidebook brings together over 30 years of meditation experience and spiritual information. Containing channelled information from Spiritual Guides, this book is helpful for anyone... More > who wants to know more about Light and Sound meditation techniques taking you beyond your mind, emotions, and body. Whether you are just learning to meditate or have been meditating for years, this book acts like a map, helping you to understand where you are in your spiritual journey and where you can go next on your journey to Enlightenment. Written for everyone, this book helps you to get the most from your meditation and to finally understand your real purpose in life, what is Enlightenment? and what happens when you die?< Less