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Highland Equinox By Stephen McAllister
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In the western highlands of Scotland, Mrs. MacLaren struggles to move past her lonliness after the death of her husband by operating a bed and breakfast from her home. Yet in this sparsely populated... More > region, the opportunities are limited. Then, in the spring, an American widower reserves a room and Mrs. MacLaren emotions are unleashed. Highland Equinox is a quiet story of a woman's emergence from grief set in the beautiful hills of western Scotland.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2012 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring opens our minds to the promise of a fresh beginning. A mossy path lures us into a quiet forest. The mists of sunrise shroud a serene landscape. A jeweled wasp reminds us that beauty comes in... More > all sizes and shapes. Poetry brings out the beauty in a fog-shrouded bay; it encourages us to breathe in deeply from the lilac dawn. Fiction draws us to treasure each day and appreciate what we have. A poor coal miner's wife struggles to make do with the few coins she has. Non-Fiction brings us into the complex world our fellow artists share. A woman strives for natural childbirth despite her fears. A daughter regains treasures from a war-torn past. A breast cancer survivor shows us the power of inner strength. Come share in the amazing stories and creations our artists have shared. Give thanks that our community is composed of such stunning talents, opening their hearts and minds with us to celebrate this new spring together.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2011 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring is a season of contrasts. The bleak edges of winter are gentling into a softer welcome. The crisp monochromatic spirals of a staircase become mirrored by the peach petals of a flower. A... More > resting duck is reflected in the still waters of its pond. Life begins anew. Poems echo the swift, darting nature of a hummingbird and catch vainly at fading memories scattering like crickets. Red geraniums and purple fragrance encourage us to drink deeply. Fiction walks with a jilted bride constructing a new start and a widow releasing the relics of the past. A young woman contemplates being responsible for another woman's children. Non-Fiction illuminates. A nicotine addict reveals her painful struggles. A visitor to Ghana discovers just how much there is to share with others. A young girl realizes the insidious power of a lie. Dyan deNapoli shares the heartache and redemption of saving 40,000 penguins from a devastating oil spill. Learn what you can do to make a difference.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring welcomes us with the freshness of a golden new day. Curl your toes in the warm sand of the New Jersey shore. Dip your fingers in the cool waters of an Italian waterfall fountain. Nuzzle the... More > soft fur of a shaggy Scottish Highland cow. Poetry adds in language to the visionary mix. Decorate your cheeks greenly with fingerpaints. Inhale fragrant lilacs. Savor the tangy-sweet juiciness of orange slices. Fiction stories expand the emotion. Enjoy a playful romp with a tumble of puppies, savoring the sunshine. Tag along at a western wedding in Albuquerque. Non-Fiction sprinkles in the spice of reality. A couple drifts peacefully down the Presumpscot, accompanied by dragonflies and red-winged blackbirds. A remembered childhood is redolent with scents of cinnamon and brown sugar. Featured poet Jody Zolli encourages us all. "Don’t give up, keep at it." The spotlight is yours. "I want the reader to follow the words wherever it takes them. Once a reader is involved, it’s no longer my poem, it’s their poem."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2014 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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It's been a long, cold, lonely winter, with heavy news stories and brutal cold in many places. But nature reminds us each spring that the world runs in cycles, that after every darkest night comes a... More > fresh, new dawn. There is hope in the world. Cures are found. Progress is made. Relationships that seemed distant can, with attention, draw closer again. Our Spring issue of Mused lifts our spirits and shares with us stories of hope. A tiny bee, so critical for life, is rescued and flourishes. A child delights in simple play. A daughter remembers her father, while a mother tends to her son. A wife reconnects with her husband. These are the actions which go on around us every day - actions which might not make the front page news, but which, to one family, to one person, mean the world. These are the connections which form the foundation of our world. It's the small connections, one by one, which form the web which supports us all.< Less
Friends of the Editor Literary Review / Spring Equinox 2007 By Kaci Elder, Ryan Forsythe
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The Friends of the Editor Literary Review (F.O.E.), No. 2 is our first theme issue, focusing on Things You Did When You Were a Kid.
Mabon- Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox By Andrew McKnight
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Mabon- The Autumnal Equinox- The Pagan Thanksgiving- Michaelmas.... For centuries the time of thanks and prosperity of the fruits of our Mother Earth has always been symbolic of the time where She... More > quiets herself for the winter. A remembrance of when She lay herself down to rest; when the cold winter months began until the time of spring where She can be reborn for the Earth and return with the Spring. In this book you find the tales and traditions- the customs, foods and festivities associated with this ancient custom of giving thanks. Blessed Be!< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2009 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring is the eternal allure of fresh possibilities. Open your eyes with glowing photos - the beacon of a lighthouse on Nantucket's shore, the gentle orange sunrise over Cadillac Mountain. Rise up in... More > a patchwork hot-air balloon and drift by a fishing spot in Tennessee.Poems add another layer. Step into a sphagnum bog, spring-clean an attic of memory-rich toys, feel your heart awaken to a friend's care. Expand further with rich stories of fairy pageants and tropical goddesses. Ground your feet in non-fiction musings on a flower thriving in a grimy parking lot. Treasure the power of silence in a world of buzzing noise. Gain insight into living with Multiple Sclerosis. Feel the changing perceptions of the world as a woman goes from pert cheerleader to heavy older woman. Glimpse another culture with a 1959 letter about New Year's Eve in Ipanema, Brazil.An interview with author and musician Glynnis Campbell provides practical advice on achieving success - "Absolutely follow your heart."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring brings new life to a thawing world. Gaze on a lamb resting in Wales, a church doorway in Germany, a pair of Ibis in the Everglades. A deep crevice of layered rock becomes a birth canal.... More > Reflect on a placid pond and a conte swirl.Poetry draws you in further. A young sand goddess builds a beach castle. An older woman feels comfortable in her skin. Stories highlight misconceptions about saving money, the tug-of-war between mother and daughter, the slow awakening to romance.Non-fiction stories celebrate the small victories of getting older, the challenges of living in the tundra, the transition from tomboy to curvaceous woman. An Asian woman rides the metro bus through Los Angeles, an American woman breathes in cardamom in Iraq.We all deserve a shelter, a place of peace we can retreat to. "A Soul's Oasis" ends with this:Most vital is this quiet space, a refuge fromthe hectic day; I so do love this beautiful place where allmy cares just drift away.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2013 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Seven is a lucky number in many cultures. There are seven wonders of the world. We bask in seven shimmering colors of the rainbow. In the Bible, Jericho is circled seven times. We have seven chakras... More > which bring us energy. Today, Mused turns seven! Our seventh season brings insight and illumination. A transcendently beautiful cyclamen bud swirls in seven shades of peach. Seven poignant syllables illustrate the end of a moth's brief, incandescent life. Seven stanzas explore the nature of redemption. Seven can define our world. A convict's claustrophobic cell is seven feet wide. For one girl, the Seventh of July becomes a day she can never forget. Church bells chime out the seventh hour over a sleepy town. Enjoy the richness of spring; bring the joy and magical quality of seven into your own life. Cherish your insights. As author Sharon Salzberg reminds us, "pay attention to them with as much balance and compassion as possible." They are there to help you grow and find your serenity.< Less

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