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PREVENTING DROPOUT AND OVERCOMING SCHOOL FAILURE 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Achieve Academic Success By Israelin Shockness
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obstacles to learning. Recognizing what it entails to be a good student, regardless of learning disabilities and poor self-esteem, overcoming the urge to quit or dropout when faced with challenges,... More > facing the discouragement that could come about because of not knowing, and learning the ways to stand up to challenges are some of the lessons that have turned school dropouts into outstanding scholars and successful adults. The various chapters in this book address these issues and more and show how to take advantage of positive thinking and inspiration, despite one’s particular circumstances. Regardless of one’s present educational level, one is able to use reliable systems that are already in place to help your achieve your academic dreams.< Less
Hacker's Elusive Thoughts By Gerasimos Kassaras
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What Is This Book About I wrote this book to share my knowledge with anyone that wants to learn about Web Application security, understand how to formalize a Web Appli- cation penetration test and... More > build a Web Application penetration test team. The main goal of the book is to: 1. Brainstorm you with some interesting ideas and help you build a com- prehensive penetration testing framework, which you can easily use for your specific needs. 2. Help you understand why you need to write your own tools 3. Gain a better understanding of some not so well documented attack techniques. The main goal of the book is not to: 1. Provide you with a tool kit to perform Web Application penetration tests. 2. Provide you with complex attacks that you will not be able to under- stand. 3. Provide you with up to date information on latest attacks.< Less
Dead Heart Laura By Michel Red
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Who says love has to be easy? This book is an extraordinary love story. With plenty of fantasy like someone likes to read a genre that he likes. The book is going on today. Two young people know and... More > do not expect falls in love. However, the girl falls in love with the main character is not an ordinary woman. It hides a secret from him, which may jeopardize the love. In the way of their happiness becomes Daria "friend" Laura who is jealous of her lover. So am plotting a dangerous plot that aims to separate lovers. Laura will not have to stand up to fight for life equal to her beloved. Can she save him? This book will interest you. If you love to read about love, I think that this story of interest to you.< Less
Bp Holdings Madrid Economy News Update: Thousands rally against austerity on May Day By Pim Fortuyn
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bp holdings madrid economy news update (Reuters) - Workers hit by lower living standards and record high unemployment staged May Day protests across Europe on Wednesday, hoping to persuade their... More > governments of the case for easing austerity measures and boosting growth. In the debt-laden euro zone countries of Spain, Greece, Italy and France tens of thousands of people took to the streets to demand jobs and an end to years of belt-tightening. In Spain, where the economy has shrunk for seven consecutive quarters and unemployment stands at a record 27 percent, thousands of people snaked up Madrid's Gran Via central shopping street carrying placards reading "austerity ruins and kills". READ FULL ARTICLE:< Less
Trouble In Rico By Graham H Rogers
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It appears that there is far, far more to a traditional Taino Indian health mineral than being just another ordinary pick-me-up. In fact, an advanced laboratory analysis has shown the naturally... More > occurring mineral to exhibit some of the more mysterious and highly lucrative properties associated with something top international scientists refer to as exotic matter. It follows, therefore, that anyone who insists on standing in the way of those who are intent on getting their hands on the Taino Indian’s secret supply of the mineral is, sooner or later, going to find themselves being confronted by some very ruthless people… And that is why the persistent and possibly misplaced speculations regarding who was responsible for the death of a work colleague are, unwittingly leading the attractive Navy Lieutenant – Dorina Bollman - deeper and deeper into a deadly trap.< Less
Dhaar kay us paar (Hindi) By Navin Pangti
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One of the reasons people have migrated over the centuries is pure economics. But somewhere over the passage of time the search for food, security and livelihood slowly transformed into a race for... More > wealth and prosperity. In the process it created a world of rootless people, who ironically today make up a big part of the 'global village'. This book is a personal journey, a travelogue - back to one's roots... a silent rendezvous with forgotten villages and valleys. Seemingly standing still, the past has numerous questions for the traveller - what do you want now? why have you come? 'Dhaar kay us paar ' is a collection of Hindi poems and photographs that attempts to articulate the poet's feelings of helplessness, joy, nostalgia and frustration, even as he crosses the fine line that divides our present from our past.< Less
هذا كل شئ By محمد عبد الواحد الجمل
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I part you the journey from the least status of spirituality, to the most exciting status of seeing clearness. That is even it was for moment human feel clearness with their self even if it... More > originated of sadness, see with clear sight and realizer heart, more beautiful than thousands of moments go in material enjoyments. They are full abstraction texts as you are showing a pure woman in a sufic mantle to all humans to learn from her purity reaching the Sufism and the humanity from the vile materialism. I touch here four main overlapped items: the relation between the human and their self, and the relation between them and the god, and other humans, and trying to express the human benevolent substance, and their emotional essence. Now, I believe that nothing will change our situations except the spirituality which we look with to the universe, and the lenience between people and preceding others than our selves, like to love them as us. We need a help of our spirits hands to stand us up.< Less

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