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Starting Over By Chandra Blevins
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Starting Over "Overcoming depression caused by substance abuse" was written for the purpose of bringing those who have been in the darkness and in bondage into the light by providing the... More > truth about drugs and alcohol. It was written with truth in scriptures from The Higher Power to inform those who have substance abuse problems and gives them the help, support and knowledge that they need to overcome their problem and start over in life. It turns on the light bulb in the dark areas and fills missing voids along with answering a lot of questions that the abuser may have. It empowers and enlightens the reader and places them onto the right path in their journey in life.< Less
New Beginnings: Starting Over By Johanna Nield
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Tasha and Jamie have overcome the challenges they faced after moving in together, and now they can start planning their future. New jobs and a new home take them away from reminders of the past, and... More > while memories linger and new problems arise, life goes on. They're starting over - laying the foundations of a new life together. (Part 3 of 3)< Less
Choices: The Starting Over Handbook By James Mask
Paperback: $6.62
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All of us are faced with starting over in various aspects of our lives, sometimes by choice and other times by circumstances. Choices: The Starting Over Handbook provides real life examples... More > highlighting what we all need to know to navigate our way through starting over. Regardless of whether you are starting over in a relationship, a career or any other part of your life, the lessons in Choices: The Starting Over Handbook can help you.< Less
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Starting Over Participants Guide By Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson
Paperback: $7.00
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We all have regrets. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. The problem is many of us get stuck in in an endless cycle of longing and regret, unable to move forward. In this... More > guide, Dave and Jon Ferguson want to help people recognize specific regrets, release them to God, and learn to see regrets as an opportunity to start over. There are three types of regret: • Regrets of Action • Regrets of Inaction • Regrets of Reaction Our hope is that we would all come to see that God is big enough to redeem even our worst regrets. He can use everything for a greater good. Nothing needs to keep us from the joy and purpose God has for our lives! We can start over and live a life beyond regret. Group leaders will find a session-by-session guide at the back of this guide. We can start over and live a life beyond regret. This Participant's Guide is designed to be used with the Starting Over book. You can find the accompanying videos at< Less
A Start in Life By Honore de Balzac
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A Start in Life is an Australian, charitable organisation that supports young people in necessitous circumstances to access an education as an equal with their peers. The Charity was established in... More > 1923 by William Thompson (New South Wales politician).The Charity was founded in 1923 by William Thompson (New South Wales politician), initially to support the needy children of deceased or incapacitated Freemasons, however the Charity's constitution was expanded in 1972 to provide support to any youth deemed to be in necessitous circumstances, regardless of race, colour, creed or masonic affiliation.Since its establishment, the Charity has provided over AU$13.3 million in support to more than 6,000 students, from pre-school through to university. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Just Like Starting Over: Based On A True Story By David Simpson
Paperback: $12.83
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'At 3.24 am, my life fell apart.' So starts the downward tale of despair of Michael. Dumped by the woman he loved for eight years, he finds himself now having to pick up the pieces of his life...... More > what there is of it and start all over again. Michael soon falls for the new girl in work, Vicky, who is utterly unobtainable and he then makes it his quest to make sure that they will be together, by any means necessary. During all this time, he experiences driving tests, job interviews, the problems with living in the place he had once shared with someone else and the even further problems of moving, cats and the occasional cameo by his ex to make his life miserable with stories of her perfect new life. Or maybe that should be even more miserable. He explores the problems of men meeting single women, dating rituals and the sheer futility of life interspersed with top ten lists, bile-infused reviews and comments on things that have affected his life in the big wide world.< Less
Christopher Turnage and the Start of Life By Flynt Picard
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A fun short story written over 3 days that tells the tale of a british high schooler who finds his life with friends, travel and love.
Start Up Your Life By McVal Osborne
Paperback: $9.99
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Most of what you know about goal setting and lifestyle design is wrong. Today, almost everyone is struggling to discover their muse or find a career that is truly satisfying. This book is an attempt... More > to consolidate the teaching of various lifestyle designers and self help gurus into one concise lesson. Whether you're looking to restart your career, set out on the adventure of a lifetime, or just looking to discover what truly makes you passionate, this book is for you. In this five-part blueprint to living the life you want and accomplishing the goals that really matter to you will learn: - How to cut out distractions from your daily routine to create hours of surplus time for productive work - How to target and identify short-term and long-term goals that are truly important to you - How to use your surplus time to take action and make progress based on those goals - How to review and improve your goals as they change over time - How to translate these strategies into every aspect of your life< Less
My Life Over Time - Journal By Mickaël NICOTERA
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Answer a trivial or serious question a week for one year and a few years later, start over. Notice how your answers change over time ! An excellent retrospective of your life forever engraved in this... More > notebook !< Less