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Pregnancy Pain Relief By Keith & Orit Cox
eBook (PDF): $9.97
Pregnancy Pain Relief & The Pregnancy Pain Guide, Pregnancy Pain Relief: Written in simple to understand language and easy to follow pictures and diagrams, this book provides the reader with... More > safe effective ways to address the pains and discomforts that come with pregnancy. By following these step by step techniques you can alleviate chest pain, groin pain, back pain and more, with gentle touch. Imagine feeling the pain melt away almost without effort. This is what this book offers you. Pregnancy Pain Guide: The information in this book is a list of the most common types of pains and discomforts facing women who are pregnant. Understanding what is normal often puts ones mind at ease when going through the amazing changes that come with pregnancy. Having this information close at hand will help you to relax into your day to day experiences, giving you peace of mind. We hope these books will help provide you with comfort and peace throughout your pregnancy.< Less
The Gainer System By Adam Mills
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
Feeling the pressure of the Economy? well no more! with this e-Book, you'll find out my secret of making well over $100.00 a day! In fact just yesterday i made close to $300.00. It's easy, it's fun... More > and it is all in this book! i know that you won't be disappointed with this investment. it'll pay for itself almost instantaneously too! In this guide you'll get a step-by-step walk-through of the entire system. I tell you when to continue and when to stop and when you're doing just great! I can promise you that you won't be disappointed if you purchase this magnificent e-Book!< Less
The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Developent - A Course Companion By Helen Leathers & Diane Campkin
Paperback: $30.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a step-by-step guide to the more advanced subjects within spiritual & psychic development. Whether you’re running your own group, circle or workshops, or just using it for yourself... More > this ‘Advanced Course Companion’ is an essential workbook based on our experience of running groups, courses and workshops. Advanced subjects include: deep meditation, energy work, 3rd eye chakra development, angels, psychokinesis, automatic writing, psychic art, manifestation, past lives, out of body experiences and trance mediumship. You don’t have to think about it, we’ve done all the planning for you. A 12 part course of lessons including: • Preparation • How to open and close meetings • Essential basics • Easy to understand theory • Practical exercises • Handouts / worksheets • Extra ideas and activities to complement each lesson and develop your skills further • Plus spiritual philosophy & discussion subjects< Less
How To Be A Brilliant Spiritual Teacher By Margaret Merrison
Paperback: List Price: $9.33 $8.86 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is a step-by-step guide to lead others in spiritual meetings and courses. By following the guidance in this comprehensive book, you will be totally prepared... More > and have the confidence to help others with their spiritual paths in a grounded and safe way. How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher tells you how to make sure that you, your environment and your spiritual teaching skills will help people relax, enjoy and get the best from the time they are with you. It gives guidance and a number of examples of how to safely open and close meetings, lead visualisations, meditations and activities. You will also be shown how people learn and memorise, as well as put a good programme together. How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher also tells you how to organise a spiritual course or meeting, as well as the associated administration. If you want to lead your own spiritual groups, How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is the book for you.< Less
The Art of the Sales Call, Simplified By CallHippo CH
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Making sales calls isn’t easy. And despite the multiple advances in sales tech over the years, the sales call is still just as important to businesses. No matter what the industry, a good sales... More > call can get things going in the right direction. In this guide, you will learn the step-by-step approach to make a compelling sales call. Your recipient could be: a small business owner a salaried professional a disgruntled government employee someone who has no interest in what you’re offering Whatever be the case, follow this guide and master the art of making the perfect sales call in no time! With this easy-to-follow ebook, you’ll be closing sales in record time while charming the socks off your customers ��< Less
Issa Asad Instant profits with Instagram By Issa Asad
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In his eBook, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram, Issa Asad exposes the industry secrets on profiting from Instagram, and the multitude of ways businesses can promote their products and... More > services on the social media marketing platform. Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram provides you with the ultimate guide to build your brand and explode your business on Instagram! Issa Asad takes you on a step-by-step ride through the marketing and social media industries’ most closely guarded secrets to instant profits. From the creation and set up of your Instagram account, to the engaging and gathering followers, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram will show you how easy it is to take advantage of the social media platform and its creative advertising tactics. Issa Asad will even explain several easy-to-follow marketing campaigns you can use to increase your followers and explode your profits with little to no effort.< Less
CSS User Manual - Daily Operations By Robert Kefauver
Paperback: $78.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
This is the user manual for the Windows version of Compatible Software Systems (CSS) programs for convenience store accounting and inventory management. Well illustrated step by step instructions. ... More > Included are instructions for the Dailybook - starting at downloading the daily report from the POS system and continuing to print and close. UPC/PLU maintenance is documented in detail including linkages for such things as cigarettes and ring top six packs. Seven different ways are described to change retail prices including the Passport Mix & Match and Combo Promos. Invoice data entry is thoroughly covered - entering invoices manually, by EDI and with the Portable Data Terminals. Chapters are included for month end processing and using the interfaces to QuickBooks, Peachtree and MAS90 accounting. Ideal for those just starting to use CSS. It is also an excellent tool for those who want to train a substitute or replacement.< Less
Learn How to Impress Anyone and Become Instantly Irresistible By Dale Carnegie
eBook (ePub): $23.99
Did you know that most people learn a lot faster when they see something being done on video than by just reading about it? That’s because most people out there are visual learners. How do... More > you normally learn the best? Although the guide you just purchased gives you a step-by-step approach to Impressing Anyone and Becoming Instantly More Attractive... ...but many of the Personal Image hacks require you to pay very close attention to the details to get the best results possible. If you miss any of the most important details or do things the wrong way, you may miss out on the fullest benefits offered inside the guide.< Less
Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual By Deirdre Fay
eBook (PDF): $59.95
For most clients with a trauma history, especially those grappling with dissociation, living inside their own skin is challenging. Most clients struggle between sessions, needing the connection to... More > the therapist in order to feel contained. Our trauma clients tread water between therapy sessions, often feeling incapacitated and lost in figuring out a way to help themselves. The results of therapy once or twice a week can fade quickly when faced with the rest of the hours of a week besieged with overwhelming anxiety or despair. The skills in this manual are the foundation of the Becoming Safely Embodied experiential skill set developed to help clients learn step by step ways of being with themselves, especially when they are on their own, between therapy sessions. Nine easy to learn skills are presented and can easily be taught in a group format or to individual clients. Described for groups, the skills can be used individually. In addition there is curriculum for how to open and close the group.< Less
Wing Chun Kung Fu - The Brutality of Biu Jee - Home Study Edition By Mark Beardsell
eBook (ePub): $9.86
Biu Gee is the third and final hand form of the Wing Chun system and is generally only taught to trusted Wing Chun practitioners. Biu Gee contains advanced techniques and emergency escapes. Bui Gee... More > teaches how to perfect the use of 'inch energy', enabling the practitioner to develop power through very short distances. It also builds on the two way energy developed in Chum Kiu. Biu Gee footwork is known as circle stepping or Huen Ma and is essential to the Wing Chun system. Again this builds on the Chum kiu style thrusting stepping or Biu ma. Huen Ma enables the rapid but safe change of direction enabling the practitioner to avoid an attack and swiftly counter attack. Biu Gee also introduces the practitioner to elbow strikes, the elbow in Cantonese is 'jaan' and Kup Jarn, is a downward elbow. Kup jaan can be used to attack at very close distance where punching or palming with the hand is not an option.< Less

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