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The Fairies's Garden is a childrens story written by Irene Steward in 1945 for her two children, Michael and Jennifer. It is about a family who moves to an old house in the north of England only to... More > find that fairies are living in a secret place in the garden. The fairies do not want to share their garden with the new family. The story tells of how they learn to live together in harmony.< Less
#SecretMessages From The Dark Place By Mandy Steward
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A collection of black and white photographs and short captions that emerged from the dark place in one year of Mandy Steward's life. Includes self-portraits, shadows, nature, light leaks, arrows,... More > quotes and lots more secrets. A unique approach to loving on self and moving at a pace that can appreciate the darker days. May you find a way to tap into the adventure of your own dark place rather than being swallowed up by it. And may your own #secretmessages abound.< Less
Amazing Gracie By David Steward
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Hello, my name is Gracie. I have had a good "Dad" says an Amazing one. He says I should tell it. So, with a little help from him here and there...
The House By Reese Steward
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This novel is an enticing roller coaster of action, drama, romance, and family.
HOME By Daniel Steward
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Reflecting as it does the thoughts of an individual as they arise, Home is as unsystematic in form as most people’s private thoughts are. A very ordinary man’s very humdrum life is... More > disturbed by the illness of his mother. His journey home becomes a journey into the past: a reminiscence of childhood, growing up, first love, betrayal and change, and an exploration of the themes of time, nostalgia, permanence and impermanence. These themes articulate themselves through the central character’s own thoughts as he reflects that ‘home’ isn’t a particular place or time. Everyone has as many homes as there are alterations in time and place and perception and circumstance. Every change, every redefinition, relocates you. Things flow together into a totality the significances of which change according to the lights by which it is seen. A journey home is always a journey across a river that is at once different and the same.< Less
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For a while, almost the whole of the patient’s awareness is occupied by the sensation of sheets around him and the softness of a pillow against his face ... He has no definite understanding of... More > how he came to be here. His recollection of events is confused and imprecise. He is awake, more or less, but hovering on the boundary between waking and sleeping, in that region of sentience where the elements of dream and reality are not clearly distinguished ... The awareness that nothing but passivity is required of him brings with it a feeling of release amounting to a kind of quiet euphoria: a sense of the final appropriateness or consummation of things that he does not wish to end by opening his eyes. Perhaps this is the tranquillity of death.< Less
Forgiveness By Sabrina Steward
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No amount of distraction was going to help me forget. That's when I knew that it was time for me to leave. The only way I was going to be able to move on with my life was to physically remove myself... More > from all of the pain. This also meant that I had to leave everything I had ever known. I had to remove myself from Justin, a boy I was once madly in love with. I had to remove myself from my sister, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my friends, and from the only city I had ever called home. I needed peace. The lies, the infidelity, the abuse, the depression, was going to kill me if I didn't separate myself from it. I was tired of being angry. I was tired of crying. I knew that I could create a better life. I had to Forgive everyone, including myself. Then I had to some how summon the courage to leave.< Less
Sonata in B Minor By Daniel Steward
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The third part of a trilogy, the earlier parts of which are 'Home' and 'Saint Cuthbert's Well.'
Grenier By Daniel Steward
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A new vicar comes to a small Cornish parish. Already full of uncertainty and self doubt, he finds himself involved in small events that test his faith and lead to tragedy.
The Magic Pizza By Irene Steward
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Short story about the magic powers of a very special pizza as told by a Grandmother to her grand kids

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