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Stock Repurchase By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Stock repurchase is a special type of dividend. If there were no separate tax treatments between ordinary income and capital gains, and if a proportionate number of the shares were acquired from all... More > stockholders, the economic effects would be almost identical for stock repurchase as for a cash dividend. If the stock is not acquired proportionately from all investors, stock repurchase is a special type of dividend, since it goes only to the stockholders who prefer cash compared to increased ownership.< Less
Stock Photo By Stephanie, Ari, Rebecca, Mary, Isa, & Aly Mattern, Nair, Vorick, Zhang, Ortega, & Fessigner
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Compilation of Stock Photos with hashtags bfgvhbvjf ef gesticulates vf
Laughing Stock By Shekhar Bhattacharya
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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'Laughing Stock' is a book containing sixty gag cartoons by Shekhar. A few of the cartoons can be found as samples at, the author's website.
Scarlet Stockings By enda danata
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Scarlet Stockings Chapter 1 I. HOW THEY WALKED INTO LENNOX'S LIFE. "COME out for a drive, Harry?" "Too cold." "Have a game of billiards?" "Too tired."... More > "Go and call on the Fairchilds?" "Having an unfortunate prejudice against country girls, I respectfully decline." "What will you do then?" "Nothing, thank you." And settling himself more luxuriously upon the couch, Lennox closed his eyes, and appeared to slumber tranquilly. Kate shook her head, and stood regarding her brother, despondently, till a sudden idea made her turn toward the window, exclaiming abruptly, "Scarlet stockings, Harry!"< Less
White Stockings By Lina Ramona Vitkauskas
Paperback: $10.00
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The White Stockings were said to be female Baltic snipers, so named by the Russians during the Chechen wars of the 1990s. The story goes that beautiful, blonde women-warriors reminiscent of pagan... More > myths were trained as biathletes—ready to cross miles of rugged terrain and wait patiently for hours upon the cold, barren floor of border-Russian forests/wilderness to assassinate their given targets. The story got a boost when newspapers reported the capture of several female snipers from the Baltics, however, other papers reported that the stories were absolute myth, attributing the creation of these mysterious "mercenaries" to paranoia and convoluted historical facts. Whether or not the White Stockings existed/exist, these poems enter their world. A fictional sniper is the subject of each poem, examining her conscience, perspective, doubts, fears, or determination.< Less
A Glimpse of Stocking By Laura Grant
Paperback: $16.84
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Short stories with a sexual theme, all the stories in this book were originaly published on Erotic Stories .com and were voted on by there readers as some of the top scoring stories. This is the... More > fifth boox in the series.< Less
A Glimpse of Stocking By Laura Grant
eBook (ePub): $6.25
A series of erotic short stories from the pen of Laura Grant one of the internets leading erotic authors. This is the fifth in the series of her books. It covers many different aspects of erotic... More > fantasies a must for the lovers of erotic fistion.< Less
Making Stock By NYSRP Fall 2016
Paperback: $13.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Recipe book created by the Fall 2016 New York Studio Residents in DUMBO to coincide with their opening on December 1, 2016.
Taking Stock By Sal Brereton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A memoir by Sal Brereton of living in an artist and poet's colony at Coalcliff south of Sydney from 1979 - 1982.
Preferred Stock vs. Common Stock By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The primary advantage to an investor of holding preferred stock compared with common stock is that the preferred stock return is somewhat more predictable (more certain). The issuing company will... More > generally make a real effort to try to avoid defaulting on the preferred stock dividend. Since the return to preferred stock is reasonably well defined and since the preferred stockholders precede the common stockholders (the preferred dividends are paid before the common dividends), preferred stock is a popular type of security for executing mergers and acquisitions.< Less

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