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A collection of poems, without titles, but reading like a long poem, with strains of music in different shades.
Managing Every Day Activities With A Repetitive Stress Or Cervical Spine Injury By Karen Diemer
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Manual for managing everyday living activities with a repetitive strain injury or cervical spine issues
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Tales From The Village Vol. Three By Adam and Caleb Baldwin
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Jack wants a full set. He gets it but not without repercussions that strain his best mates relationship. More antics by the brats and more chasing and catching by the Tops.
The Room of Nancy part 1 By Beth Noregaard
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A failing phychology student must serve at a mental hospital and retreat while coping with the death of his older brother and the strain of his broken home.
The Project By Vincent Pybis
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Its school project time again and this year Ellies dad is pulling out all the stops to win. This puts a strain on the whole family .......again!!
Get Your Brain In Sync By Kelly Warman
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Simple steps for busy urbanites to find headspace and start meditating leading to healthier mind body and spirit. Stronger immunity to the stresses and strains of modern day living.
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Bioremediation of oil spills requires the identification of microbes which have the ability to degrade hydrocarbons present in the soil or water, so that in case of a large spill these can be... More > stimulated further in order to clean-up the area. Identification of such strains can ensure better efficiency of remediation as these strains will be well adapted to grow in the respective environment. A number of microorganisms have been found to have the capability to degrade the hydrocarbons from the oil spills. These include strains of bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae etc. (Kazuya, 2001).< Less
Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Men By Paul Wanlass, D.C.
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This is the electronic PDF version of this book. This book is designed specifically for men who want to improve their nutritional habits and increase strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness,... More > maintain a healthy weight, and decrease the recovery time between workouts or sporting events. Common injuries for male athletes depend on the sport, but may include: neck, upper back, or low back pain, groin pull (adductor muscle strain), hamstring strain, shin splints, knee injuries of the meniscus and collateral ligaments, epicondylitis (tendonitis at the elbow), strains of the muscles in the arms and legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and ankle sprains from poor neuromuscular coordination. This book is designed to help condition your body to prevent these injuries.< Less
Fatigue Design Techniques: Vol. II - Low-Cycle and Multiaxial Fatigue By Marco Antonio Meggiolaro & Jaime Tupiassu Pinho de Castro
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This second volume of the series describes strain-life approaches through the eN method, used when local plasticity at notch tips, where fatigue cracks typically originate, requires that the analysis... More > follow the stress-strain behavior on a cycle-by-cycle basis. Such a low-cycle approach takes into account the elastoplastic material response, obtained from uniaxial stress-strain relations or multiaxial incremental plasticity calculations, including notch effects. Crack initiation under multiaxial non-proportional loads is also thoroughly discussed, with fatigue life predictions based either on high-cycle or low-cycle damage models.< Less

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