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Strange Fire By Guy Gorman
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You might ask the question, is there a certain way that God desires to be worshipped? Is there, in the bible, a method that God has prescribed as to how we, as his people, are to worship Him? There... More > is a proper way to approach God particularly as it applies to Native Americans. This book will show the way for the First Nations people to approach God as He desires to be approached< Less
The Strange Search By IFA
eBook (PDF): $1.88
A man goes searching for something, but he does not know what. After searching through all the aspects of his daily life - car, work, art, etc. - he finds a female friend who joins his search. After... More > traveling together, they find that what he is looking for is for others to look with. A book about the love of friendship across genders. Designed to stimulate questions from child to adult to facilitate discussing the issues of meaning, purpose and why. An aid to help children develop through moral stages.< Less
A Strange Awakening By Dane Wiski
eBook (ePub): $0.99
There are many tough questions that we as human beings have about our existence. We want to know what lies beyond this life but very rarely do we talk about what comes before this life. This short... More > story was created while I was writing a Non-fiction story. I realized that I had to put out a short story version of the book, for various reasons. Partly because I am a new author and I wanted to get my name out there, but mainly because the concepts discussed within the full length book are very deep in regards to the complex subject matter that is talked about. A Strange Awakening touches up on some of the more important parts of the book and was written in a very specific way. It is meant to create a small space within the mind in which to expand our awareness and allow us to reflect upon our true selves.< Less
Strangely Wonderful By James Barrett Rodehaver
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This first collection of 112 passionate, raw, thought-provoking poems is just a small selection from the library that the brilliant, brutally honest and prolific poet James Barrett Rodehaver has... More > written in his lifetime. His words illustrate absolute fearlessness in self-discovery, his journey to find faith, and his relentless championing of hope for a better country and world. His poems span a wide chronology of growth and self-evolution, of despair and victory, of his hatred for injustice and his love of artists and poets. As a member of the LGBT community, he makes sure his readers know where he stands on equality and love. As a disabled man with a rare progressive bone disease, he uniquely understands the pain we all go through on our journey, and that poetry is how all of us can turn pain into triumph. He chronicles his sufferings, his hopeful outlook, and his questions to God about why he is the way he is, with poetry that renders the soul bare.< Less
An Anthology of Strange Tales By Megan Creasey
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Why is Curiocity, Iowa so strange? What happens when a girl falls in love with a tree? And what on earth are a space punk and a disgraced priest doing locked in a vault together? This anthology of... More > short stories answers these questions and more as author Megan Creasey takes you into worlds magical, funny, and strange.< Less
What a Strange Little Man By Michael Straessle
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Michael Aurelius is a prison guard for the Roman Empire in 90 A.D. His beautiful wife, Mary desperately longs for a child, but Michael’s profession leads him to questioning his faith and... More > reality, which affects his home, his life, and his sanity. After conversations with the strange little man that Michael guards within the dungeon-like prison, he is faced with questions about the existence of God, the reality of Jesus, and his own life. Just as he comes to accept that God is real, he is whisked off to the 31st Century. Michael and Mary team up with an archeologist, a friend, and an historical figure to search for the answers. With a riveting plotline and rich characters, Straessle weaves a story that reflects desperation before salvation. Fearless, rich, and riddled with similes relating to ancient Biblical doctrine and futuristic foreshadowing, What A Strange Little Man will have readers guessing until the final pages.< Less
Strange Days in High Wycombe By Oli Jacobs
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Guy just woke up to a world of questions. First of all, he has the mother of all hangovers, the kind that breaks a man for at least a day or two. Second, he has no idea who the blonde in bed with... More > him is, and why they are both naked. Third, he doesn't know who the hairy beast in the living room is, or exactly where he is. Welcome to Wycombe. Over the course of one weekend, Guy must find out the answers to all these questions, and more. Along with the hairy beast - who turns out to be his "guide" Kriste - they will travel from grassy knolls, to flash shopping centres, all in search of answers. Who is the blonde named Hartley? And why is she so important to Guy? Why is he in Wycombe? And why can't he leave? And where, oh where, is the next pint coming from?< Less
Truer Than Strange By Ray Reigstad
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These are 45 true short stories, including the 1977 Monte Carlo and a lengthy chapter about Legendary Bob Stinson, one about the Los Angeles riots as well as road tripping (and acid tripping) around... More > the USA and Canada, hotels/motels gas station parking lots, a list of my favorite sunglasses, the Stepchild (my 2nd band) chronicles and waking up in a hut in Fiji on Christmas in 1997. Contains speeding vehicles, parked cars, sex and drug use and alcohol consumption and some questionable language. But also many clear afternoons and deep connections with reality. Sort of a follow up to OTM (The Mpls. Taxi book) by me...a weird and uplifting roller ride overall.< Less
Quirky Gardening Questions Revealed By Nikki Phipps
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Life can be funny and so can gardening questions. Sometimes the answers to a question may appear quite obvious. Sometimes the questions themselves seem downright silly. At other times they are valid,... More > though the wording or spelling may be off, making an entirely different question altogether...and as such becoming quite amusing. After coming across many of these gardening questions over the years and chuckling at their humor, I thought it would be fun to put some of them together in book form to share with others. The point here is not to make fun of those asking such questions, but to rejoice in their uncanny ability to bring joy into our lives.< Less
Strange Compromises: Innocence & Loss of Innocence By D Rockwell Crantz
eBook (ePub): $4.99
How do you define a person and the mistakes that they make? Or even more difficult, how do you define an entire generation? To get to one, you must start with the other. From the interrogation room... More > of Charles Starkweather in 1958 to an interrogation room of a would be school shooter in 1999, the same man moves across forty years, asking questions many don't want to consider and providing answers few want to hear. The individual like a generation moves from Innocence to Loss of Innocence to Reconciliation to Myth. Other characters too share this journey, one spiritual and the other who fights eveyday to acheive her potential. From a girl chased through the woods of Georgia to blood on the plains of Nebraska to the biker bars of the southwest, these characters share an American journey as unique as the myth of the Old West. Book One of Two.< Less