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Stranger than Truth By Stories by Jack Strange
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People do the strangest things, and in fifteen skillfully crafted stories New Orleans native Jack Strange explores the strangeness with compassion and understanding, irony and humor, and symbolism... More > and suspense. In “California or Bust,” a woman gives birth in an airplane restroom and then leaves the baby in a trash can. In “An Old Road,” a Bible salesman preys upon an old woman’s fears and weaknesses to make the sale. In “Hands,” a woman believes she's visited nightly by the hands of a ghostly lover. In “1:00 A.M.,” a doctor sneaks out of his wife’s bed to ride his bicycle in search of his mistress at an early hour. In “How I Lost My Baby Girl,” a man loses his baby daughter forever to his ex-wife and her lawyerly lover. In “Trick Wedding,” a man marries a woman he knows for a fact cheated on him. In “Desmond Rex,” sin and suicide turn a man into a monster. These and other stories are sure to entertain, enlighten, and delight any reader.< Less
Strange By Chris Povall
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An anthology of short stories that share strangeness in common; a strange occurrence at a funeral; a strange mirror world; a strange new dystopian Britain infested with Infected.
Strange By Deborah K Dockery
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A famous author writing a new novel falls prey to a stalker who commits murders as the author writes about them. Her agent and and an FBI agent comes to her rescue from this deranged man who puts... More > suspicion on her for the killings. A mental journey of mystery and intrigue while becoming involved inside a story in an author's story with a twist. Interesting read of murder, suspense, and novel writing.< Less
Strange By Deborah K Dockery
eBook (ePub): $5.95
A well known Author discovers that a killer and stalker is using her book plots to seek revenge. A FBI agent and famous publisher comes to the female author's rescue which leads to more crime,... More > suspense, and romance. A story of ambition, intrigue, with a twist at the end of who is seeking revenge on who when the truth is discovered after many leads are followed. This is one of series of several mysteries that follow a famous female authors life in a Deja'Vu and serendipity complex series of events. First in a Series by Deborah K Dockery. Deborah is an accomplished suspense thriller author of several books and has begun this new series in 2011.< Less
Strange Stories By Grant Allen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Strange Stories was published in 1884 by Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen. He was a science writer, author and novelist, and a successful upholder of the theory of evolution.
Strange Stories By Rich Feitelberg
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A collection of eight short stories of weird and strange things.
The Strange Story Book By Mrs. Lang
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Andrew Lang Petrie (25 June 1854 – 1 April 1928) was a... More > monumental mason and politician in Queensland, Australia. He was a Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly.Andrew Lang Petrie was born in Brisbane on 25 June 1854, the eldest son of John Petrie and Jane Keith McNaught.He married Margaret Aird, the daughter of John Aird and Margaret Ballantine, in Brisbane on 4 January 1877. They had the following children:His wife Margaret died in Brisbane on 9 November 1883 aged 30 years, probably from complications of childbirth, and is buried in Toowong Cemetery with other members of her Aird family.On 14 April 1886 in Brisbane, he remarried, this time to Eliza Anne Agnes Luya (born 3 December 1862). Excerpt from:< Less
Five Strange Short Stories By C. Elizabeth
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Five short stories about strange occurrences in the lives of unusual children.
The Strange Story Book (Illustrated) By Mrs. Andrew Lang
eBook (ePub): $1.99
And now the time has come to say good-bye; and good-byes are always so sad that it is much better when we do not know that we have got to say them. It is so long since Beauty and the Beast and... More > Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood came out to greet you in the 'Blue Fairy Book,' that some of you who wore pigtails or sailor suits in those days have little boys and girls of your own to read the stories to now, and a few may even have little baby grandchildren. Since the first giants and enchanted princes and ill-treated step-daughters made friends with you, a whole new world of wheels and wings and sharp-voiced bells has been thrown open, and children have toy motors and aeroplanes which take up all their thoughts and time. You may see them in the street bending over pictures of the last machine which has won a prize of a thousand pounds, and picturing to themselves the day when they shall invent something finer still, that will fly higher and sail faster than any of those which have gone before it.< Less
Strange Short Stories By LAWRENCE YEARSLEY
eBook (PDF): $1.97
Strange Short Stories