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A Case Study on Small Business in Government Contracting By Daryl Green
eBook (PDF): $799.95
The qualitative study addresses how small businesses can improve their survival and success rate in the public sector with a strategic approach to their operations. The paper concludes that... More > successful small businesses can improve their chances of developing, growing, and maintaining their presence in government contracting through a strategic approach to business thinking. The application of these conclusions could increase the survival rate of small businesses operating in an unstable public environment. Get an insider’s view of this government initiative. Daryl D. Green, who is an international business strategist, has over 17 years of management experience, dealing with a variety of million-dollar projects. He is considered one of the savviest emerging entrepreneurs in the US.< Less
Bio-inspired Innovation and National Security By Robert E. Armstrong et al.
Paperback: $27.94
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Despite the vital importance of the emerging area of biotechnology and its role in defense planning and policymaking, no definitive book has been written on the topic for the defense policymaker, the... More > military student, and the private-sector bioscientist interested in the "emerging opportunities market" of national security. This edited volume is intended to help close this gap and provide the necessary backdrop for thinking strategically about biology in defense planning and policymaking.This volume is about applications of the biological sciences, here called "biologically inspired innovations," to the military. Rather than treating biology as a series of threats to be dealt with, such innovations generally approach the biological sciences as a set of opportunities for the military to gain strategic advantage over adversaries.< Less
Hard Power and Soft Power: The Utility of Military Force as an Instrument of Policy in the 21st Century By Colin S. Gray
Paperback: $9.95
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Commentators distinguish between two kinds of power, “hard” and “soft.” The promise in this logic is obvious. Unfortunately, to date, the idea of soft power has not been... More > subjected to a critical forensic examination. The ill consequences of America’s difficulty in thinking and behaving strategically are augmented perilously when unwarranted faith is placed upon soft power that inherently resists to strategic direction. Although it is appropriate to be skeptical of the utility of soft power, this must not be interpreted as advice to threaten or resort to military force with scant reference to moral standards. Not only is it right in an absolute sense, it is also expedient to seek, seize, and hold the moral high ground. The more challenging contexts for national security will still require the mailed fist, even if it is cushioned, but not concealed, by a glove of political and ethical restraint. (Originally published by the Strategic Studies Institute)< Less
Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As By Pearl Zhu
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The purpose of the book “Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As “is to share 100 insightful questions for rejuvenating the boardroom to get digital ready. It is important for boards to make... More > invaluable inquiries and take proactive approaches for leading digital transformation seamlessly. - Question and brainstorm on much-needed oversight and additional rigor to the boardroom composition and succession planning process. -Practice critical thinking and independent thinking for identifying blind spots, criticizing the strategy constructively and advising management insightfully. -Practice “out-of-the-box” thinking to ask open-ended questions about IT and how to build an IT friendly and technology-savvy digital board. -Practice strategic thinking and systems thinking, ask insightful questions, to become the mastermind of digital transformation. -Make profound inquiries about the future of leadership, constantly question the status quo and set the digital leadership tone to get digital ready.< Less
The MOGUL Consciousness: A K-12 Strategy-Based Learning Adventure By Teisha Warren
Paperback: $20.00
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Defined as an important or powerful person, The Mogul functions as a lifelong learner who skillfully and strategically applies the processes of the mind to establish and maintain patterns in daily... More > life. Moguls use memory patterns to store information; Thinking patterns to reason about something; Imagination patterns to form ideas, images, and concepts; Perception patterns to see and hear; Judgement patterns to make decisions; Conceptual patterns to form thoughts and beliefs; Reasoning patterns to think, understand, and form judgements; and Habitual patterns to automatically process information using the processes of the mind. To assist learners in realizing their full potential, The MOGUL Consciousness, is a strategy-based learning system that emphasizes the academic and entrepreneur development of the individual learner through a patterned approach to learning, teaching, and applying 21st century strategic skills with financial concepts.< Less
Newbie's Guide to Marketing: How to Build a Marketing Plan By Thomas Ramsey III & Sean Kibler
eBook (ePub): $3.99
When forming a business for the first time, while on a tight budget, it’s important to make sure that everything is in order. Making sure that you are organized both financially and mentally... More > will prepare you for the survival of the fittest. When you look at the term “survival of the fittest” you think of a group of people or animals whose resources are low and the only one that will survive is the very best. The ultimate being could be the strongest because of his or her ability to strategize. One could also be the strongest because of their ability to think rationally at a moment’s notice. Some people are naturally talented and can become the best in any given situation regardless of those around them.< Less
6 Weeks to 6 Pack Program Guide By Angela Kenmegne, MMSc, CHC
Paperback: List Price: $57.00 $48.45 | You Save: 15%
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Think you can't get 6 pack abs in 6 weeks? Think again! Six pack abs require strategy & these 4 major components: -Specially crafted Meal Plans -Varied intensity Exercise Regimens -Motivation... More > from people who've already achieved it -A strong, supportive community This dynamic program has it all: -Strategically tapered 3 Phase Meal Plan -Convenient Body Weight Workout Routines -Private Online Group Support -Daily Journal for tracking and motivation -Weekly Assignments that are relevant to your results -Transition recipes that help you keep your results.< Less
The 09 Divine Worlds of Primordial Mathematics By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $97.31
The third book of the primordial art of mathematics focus on vectors, vectors calculations: the pathways of the 9 divine worlds, to later extensively demonstrate the generation of the 9 divine... More > worlds. As well complementary publications will be suggested in which the primordial vectorial mathematics will be applied for example for the study of history, strategic management, preventive health, performing arts, matrix perception, matrix thinking, training of the matrix-Q (Matrix intelligence).< Less
Project Portfolio Management Tools & Techniques By Parviz F. Rad & Ginger Levin
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Project Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques is written to demonstrate how to elevate your organization’s project management thinking to the level beyond managing individual projects in a... More > standalone fashion. This book is for those executives and other project professionals who strive to have a formalized system of authorizing the right projects and abandoning the wrong projects, who desire to spend resources in the most efficient manner, and who want to have an actionable strategic plan for improving organizational project management sophistication.< Less
Accessing the Grace of God By Evans Glover
Paperback: $12.99
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There are many people in the Bible who seems to be in unfavorable situations but yet were able to access the grace of God upon their lives that put them in strategic positions that benefited not only... More > them but their people and their nation. One of the things that is hindering the grace of God from operating in a lot of believers’ lives is their inability to be flexible in the new direction that God is moving. When grace is in operation, it does not work the way that we sometimes think that it ought to.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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