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Kingdom Warrior Slay! By Dr. Melissa Fontenette
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There is a warrior on the inside of each one of us. It is our birthright to slay anything that hinders progressive movement. Author and life coach, Dr. Melissa Fontenette helps readers to develop... More > strategies in order to obtain victory in every area of life.< Less
Paperback: $10.60
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In 'Alpha to Omega Key Word Principles & Promises,’ LaWander Harris takes the initiative to encourage the Body of Christ to pray through the word using simple strategies connecting to His... More > promises “one-verse-at-a-time.” This powerful little book is useful as a “quick” resource for finding out what God has said in His word about your daily situations as you look up the exact circumstance that's affecting your life at the very moment. When using the alphabetical keyword definition section, you’ll be able to tie scripture promises to your prayers. An ideal book, for meditating and memorizing the word while declaring your victory. It is certain that we’re in an invisible warfare where the battle appears real and visible in the natural. With Alpha to Omega you’ll have one more piece of armor to add to your arsenal as you stay alert of the practical battles and spiritual warfare.< Less
Airborne Warfare: New Edition By James Gavin
Paperback: $24.95
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Can America's Military Overcome Enemy Anti-Access, Area Denial (A2/AD)? Learn how the U.S. Army Airborne has defeated A2/D2 for over 70 years--beginning with a 1, 600 mile Combat Parachute Jump from... More > England to North Africa in 1942--3D Maneuver long before V22 tilt-rotor fanboys even existed to conjure up lies 'n boasts. Boasting is not going to save vulnerable sealift and amphibious ships from myriad A2/D2 threats--the Future of Warfare is Airborne--not Seaborne. LTG James Gavin, Combat Paratroop Commander saw this in 1947--his visionary book is brought up to the present day by a group of equally legendary Airborne Futurists who propose a New Way to Victory built upon sound lessons from the past. Strap-on your parachute and prepare to jump into WW2's hottest battles and combats of the future! Airborne! means All the Way!< Less
Art of War By Sun Tzu
eBook (PDF): $2.74
Art of War is one of the most popular books of today. Sun Tzu teaches us how to conquer our enemies and achieve victory in all forms. Although used in military strategies this book can be applied to... More > all walks of life and can be effectively used for all purposes that we desire.< Less
TEASER, the Greatest, biggest & most spectacular book in the world By Jasmin Hajro
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This book is the complete Victorious series. The whole Collection. So you get 11 books in 1 bundle. They are : book Build your Fortune book Moneymaker book Recipe for Happiness book the Lifebuoy... More > for banks '' loyal banking '' book the Ultimate Winning Strategy for entrepreneurs book Poems, jokes and book book Victory book Victory II book Always employment & always money in your pocket, every day book Things that you Don't want to know book Establishment Hajro, the conglomerate Perhaps I'll trow in a mystery book, as a bonus. In this TEASER you get a free Prelude from Victory III Book Victory III will be released on July 6th 2019 You also get to read the first half of book Buid your Fortune & also the first half of 4 other books. Plus you discover the free gifts for joining the Victorious club as a free membership benefit. Get the Teaser and check out if this author has something to your liking, it's free But you still get some good value from it.< Less
Challenges and Opportunities for the Obama Administration in Central Asia [Enlarged Edition] By Stephen J. Blank
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President Obama has outlined a comprehensive strategy for the war in Afghanistan which is now the central front of our campaign against Islamic terrorism. The strategy strongly connects our... More > prosecution of that war to our policy in Pakistan and internal developments there as a necessary condition of victory. But the strategy has also provided for a new logistics road through Central Asia. The author argues that a winning strategy in Afghanistan depends as well upon the systematic leveraging of the opportunity provided by that road and a new coordinated nonmilitary approach to Central Asia. That approach would rely heavily on improved coordination at home and the more effective leveraging of our superior economic power in Central Asia to help stabilize the region so that it provides a secure rear to Afghanistan. In this fashion we would help Central Asia meet the challenges of extremism, of economic decline due to the global economic crisis, and thus help provide political stability in states that are likely...< Less
Traitor By Nana Aboagye
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An extremely evil man named Vermis threatens the stability of the peaceful and wealthy Kingdom of Almus. He covets her crown, her riches and power. He seeks to possess the Kingdom as his personal... More > property. Only Fidelis stands in his way. He knows that his hold on power can never be secured until Fidelis is exterminated. The battle of strength and strategy is unleashed. There are no rules of engagement. Any means to ensure total victory is employed.< Less
Restoring Relationships By Pastor Andrew Asante
Paperback: $12.82
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In this powerful book, Teacher and motivational speaker Pastor Andrew Asante guides you through an enlightened, dynamic set of supportive chapters. Sharing Bible verses, expounding on principles and... More > teaching strategies which will have the impact of changing your problem relationships for the better. You will gain insight into how the Holy Spirit has ordained you to live in constant victory within your relationships – and by using this book you can be in agreement with that wish.< Less
Inner Hero Magick By S Rob
Paperback: $12.41
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Learn to use your Inner gateway to summon your Inner Hero. Commmunicate directly with your Inner Hero, world potent magick with it. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Magick for protection and... More > strength Chapter 2 Magick to overcome Chapter 3 Power, victory and success Chapter 4 Love Magick Chapter 5 Fitness Chapter 6 Business Chapter 7 Fight Magick Chapter 8 Strategy and planning< Less
We Are Not Ignorant Of His Devices By Miriam Kinai
Paperback: $19.99
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We Are Not Ignorant of His Devices 2nd Edition (2 Corinthians 2:11) uses examples from the Bible to teach you 20 strategies that the devil uses to attack God’s people. This Christian spiritual... More > warfare book also shows you how to deal with each of those devices so that you can live a more victorious Christian life.< Less

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