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Book of Cypher By Derek J. Pinkham
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James assembled his horn and shed his overcoat. The audience turned to look as James stood up hunched over his horn. He was eight feet tall and his ears poked out from under his hat. His giant hands... More > gripped the horn. His sharp teeth clanked on the mouthpiece as he breathed and snorted and made giant strides toward the bandstand. There was barely enough room to find his way forward. As he wound his way through the audience, the groove of the music started into focus. James began a low growl...< Less
Natural Homemade Cures By Edgar Ortega M.
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Find natural remedies for Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Backache, Common Cold, Constipation, Eczema, Hair Loss, High Blood Pressure, Indigestion, Obesity, Sore Throat, Stress and more, all with an equal... More > or even higher efficiency than conventional medical treatments with drugs. During the course of the centuries has replaced the use of natural remedies and cures for new synthetic chemicals. If allopathic medicine has made ​​great strides and allowed to cure formerly incurable diseases. It has been forgotten that the molecules of thousands of plants have been the cure for diseases since time immemorial.< Less
Full-day walks from Kandersteg By Andrew Findlay & Jane Curry
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Stroll along the Gasterntal valley or stride energetically to a pass or a mountain hut: the 26 routes described in this book cover the full range. Each walk takes between 5 and 10 hours; descriptions... More > include actual timings, photographs, and maps overlaid on satellite images. Kandersteg is an excellent base for walkers. At 1200m you are already high in the Swiss Alps, and there are cable-lifts to take you rapidly to even higher starting-points. The village is well placed on the public transport network, with rapid services to the Lötschental and Rhone valleys in the south, and also north to Spiez and Interlaken. [This is the Internet edition of the book: it has a simpler binding than the bookshop edition, and is updated more frequently.]< Less
Kyrik Warlock Warrior By Gardner Francis Fox
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Kyrik the mighty-muscled warlock swordsman is a hero for this or any other age. From Mankind's darkest and most unremembered past he comes striding, the ever-unvanquished sword Blue Fang glittering... More > in his granite-like hand. Through the mists of Man's pre-history he comes a-questing for those who would enslave or destroy him for their evil gain. The greatest champion of all the known world, from the Endless Green Sea to the Red Desert, Kyrik dominated his world and his era.< Less
Our Entwined Lifelines By Teejay LeCapois
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Anneke "Kiki" Bergman is a six-foot-tall, sultry German-Canadian blonde beauty who visits her alma mater, the University of Ottawa, after a two-decade absence. Joshua Augustin is the tall,... More > handsome young Haitian scholar whom she meets while striding through the campus library. The two of them become friends, and eventually, lovers. Anneke Bergman's alter ego, Mistress Kiki the Dominatrix, comes out to play. Interracial relationships are hard enough, Kink and BDSM are sure to complicate things further for these two lovebirds. Can the handsome but naive Joshua handle what the bold and kinky Anneke throws his way ?< Less
The Swimming Savant By Lepota Luba Cosmo
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Cosmo's approach to the recorded and new swimming strokes, so to have record and literature on endeavor for swimmers as well as for researchers (great bibl index), and further use in citing and... More > trainee compo develop: Double Spanish stroke, Coupe Indienne, Turtoise, Long Trudgeon, Long backstoke, Free Colchian, Ohnukite, Screw-backstroke, Water Stride, Back Double Trudgen, Inverted Bat, Flicker, Ryowa-noshi, Dalton, Long Seaman’s Stroke. The Frenchman Melchisédech Thévenot wrote The Art of Swimming, describing a breaststroke very similar to the modern breaststroke. While the British raced using breaststroke, the Native Americans swam a variant of the front crawl.< Less
Teenage Chronicles Vol. I 'first kiss' By N. Gray Webb et al.
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Pharaoh and King, two teenage brothers raised in a single parent home are challenged to deal with the pressures of an absent father due to prison, peer pressures from friends in today’s... More > perceptional society and understanding their attraction to girls. Pharaoh, being the oldest, is forced to be the positive male role model to his younger brother King, who is taking life’s trials one issue at a time. With a strong mother and a few great friends, they journey through adolescence together in a stride all their own! Funny ~ Sincere ~ Riveting...Teenage Chronicles Vol I 'first kiss' is a book of art!< Less
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This political discourse is about the life of the MAN OF ACTION, His Excellency, the late Michael Chilufya Sata and the courageous life of a man who dared the wolves to protect his hero’s... More > vision and continue on his legacy, a Mr. Walk the talk, His Excellency, Edgar Chagwa Lungu. It ponders and meanders through the successes that the former attained and the successes that the Patriotic front has attained and the strides that it continues to make to drive the country to the desirable. It is born from a desire by a common man to show the non-commonality of a common man who went out of his way to initiate a party that has wrought good for a country of great ethnic diversity.< Less
an underlying permanence By Lewis Ellingham
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Lew Ellingham is in his sixth decade of poetic production (Jack Spicer hailed himself and Ellingham, back in the early 60s, as "twins at the same business") and you'd expect him to get... More > tired as he nears his 80th year, but no, just the opposite, he's picked up the pace, and our San Francisco spring has infected him with a glory of noticing. His new poems are the best he has ever written; they are fresher than youth, and stride forward without youth's self-consciousness, yet wet with its beauty. (Kevin Killian, novelist, poet, playwright, biographer, editor)< Less
Badland Trails By Richard Mousseau
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BADLAND TRAILS My pony’s bridle lays across a hay bail. A black saddle straddles a fence post rail. From blurry eyes a tear drop may fall. Ghostly apparitions of a memory to recall. In days... More > of youth mounting from fence rails, rider on pony would wander endless trails. My mount would forever faithfully guide, when crossing haunted badlands at a stride. Quotes; I am delighted by the romanticism of the poetry, making light of the hardships. I want to be a cowboy and live in the romantic era of open trails and endless plains. The cowboy life is humorous when looked at by Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft.< Less