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The Struggles Of Rhino By Struggle da Preacher
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This is a story about Rhino. A plush toy who finds himself living in a Carnival Booth at an amusement park in Atlanta. Most days are filled with fun and adventure, but there's a problem: it seems... More > like all of the other toys are being chosen by children and no one seems to even look at Rhino. Rhino starts to worry about what will happen to him in September when the Amusement park closes.< Less
The Struggle By Dennis M Stanfield
Paperback: $15.00
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This poetry book is dedicated to the struggler. Strugglers such as lovers, single parents, siblings raising siblings, college kids, the socially conscience, and those feeling life is against them.... More > This book is going to shed light on my personal struggles and the struggles I see around me. In doing so, I hope to show that the struggle is beautiful and should be embraced. Once embraced it is easier to stand up to the struggle and fight back. The feeling of making it through that personal struggle can’t be explained, only felt. This book is written to give hope to the struggler.< Less
No Struggle By Patrice Rolle
Paperback: $17.48
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In life one must triumph though the struggle to seek progress
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The Struggle By Ehrich Weisz
Paperback: $6.57
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This is the story of my struggle with homosexuality, cross-dressing and how it ultimately destroyed my marriage. WARNING: Explicit Language. There are about 12 pages of content, and the remaining... More > pages were intended for use as a journal.< Less
The Struggle By Olakunle Agboola
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The Struggle, metaphorically analyses the state of Nigeria and beckoned on the change needed to lure her into the class of developed nations. The uniqueness of the play lies in its suggestive power,... More > which pulls reader into a though-train motivating them to stand up for their fatherland; irrespective of their social status or background < Less
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When the handsome bad boy, Carlos, meets the beautiful good girl, Maria, they are like a match made in heaven and they fall for eachother straight away. Maria is desperate to change Carlos for the... More > better, but is this street obssessed reputation hungry and London's most feared man willing to cooperate the way he says he is? Follow the journey and lose yourselves in the minds of Carlos and Maria as they struggle to make ends meet in their story of whirlwinds of events. Can Maria cope with the violence, the guns, the knives, the drinking, the drugs and the killings? Can Carlos really make a turn over? Or will it all end badly for the two love-birds....?< Less
The Struggle By Farida Rezk
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Justin fell for Lisa's eyes the moment he saw her at the proactive commercial shoot prank he planned for his Beliebers. Lisa faces a hard time dealing with her family especially her repulsive father.... More > Lisa faces trouble finding someone who she could trust, but what happens when Lisa Tries to get through the struggle with Justin in between? Find out more about the life of Lisa with Justin coming along freeing her of what has been haunting her, her entire life.< Less
The Struggle By Evan Kuo
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This is a book about a guy who does some stuff and goes back to kill some people and then meets new people and its a fun story that everyone should read or else I will cry.
Struggles By Steve Wolinski
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better than rob's his is a lie do not read or pay for it

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