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Journal of Strategy and Politics, Issue 2 (Autumn 2015) By Institute for the Study of Strategy and Politics
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Seventy years ago this summer, Japan surrendered after B-29s dropped two atomic bombs and the USSR declared war on Japan. These events, and the strategies and policies that produced them, have been... More > hotly debated ever since. The end of the Pacific War did not merely end World War II, but determined the power structure in Asia for subsequent decades. It is imperative to understand 1945, whose legacies affect the peace and stability of the region to this day – for example, in the disputes over the Senkaku Islands, the division of Korea, and the status of Taiwan. This full day event will include presentations from Richard B. Frank, author of Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire; prolific naval analyst Norman Friedman; D. M. Giangreco, author of Hell to Pay; David Glantz, author of The Soviet Strategic Offensive in Manchuria, 1945; John T. Kuehn, author of A Military History of Japan; and Richard C. Thornton, author of China: A Political History.< Less
Strategy Study Guide By
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Strategy Study Guide consists of approx. 52 pages of summaries and analysis on Strategy by B. H. Liddell Hart.
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In the new economy winning will spring from organizational capabilities such as speed, responsiveness, agility, learning capacity and employee competence. Successful organizations will be those that... More > are able to quickly turn strategy into action, to manage processes intelligently and efficiently, to maximize employee contribution and commitment and to create the conditions for seamless change. The need to develop those capabilities brings us back to mandate for HR (Daveul Rich, 1998).< Less
Study Strategies - Key Tactics To Study Fast And Smart! By Francisco Bujan
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Exams! School! College! Tests! These experiences in life can be super stressful and generate tons of anxiety in your system! - After helping dozens of my clients with studying strategies, I decided... More > to summarize the core tactics we unveiled in these coaching sessions - These are approaches I developed both with teenagers and adults - Effective study strategies are SIMPLE! - The challenge is to IMPLEMENT these tactics when you study - I see many students making core mistakes when they want to integrate a topic - They might over study, miss the global vision of what they try to get in their minds or easily lose focus or get distracted - It's time to get it! These tactics will work wonders for you! - I know by experience that when you study smart, you can cut your effort by half and easily double your results! - No more overwhelm! - Dissolve stress! - It's time to win and pass these tests!< Less
Schools for Strategy: Teaching Strategy for 21st Century Conflict [Enlarged Edition] By Colin S. Gray & Strategic Studies Institute
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All would-be strategies would benefit by some formal education. However, for education in strategy to be well-directed, it needs to rest upon sound assumptions concerning the eternal nature yet ever... More > shifting character, meaning, and function of strategy, as well as the range of behaviors required for effective strategic performance. The author emphasizes the necessity for strategic education to help develop the strategic approach, the way of thinking that can solve or illuminate strategic problems. He advises that such education should not strive for a spurious relevance by presenting a military variant of current affairs. He believes that the strategist will perform better in today's world if he has mastered and can employ strategy’s general theory.< Less
An Introduction To Theater Strategy And Regional Security By Clarence J. Bouchat & Strategic Studies Institute
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Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Bouchat conceived this paper while teaching theater strategy on the Distance Education faculty at the U.S. Army War College. As an adjunct member of the resident course... More > teaching team, he also observed resident students wrestle with the subject. While the Strategic Studies Institute does not normally publish curricular materials, this is the second time a subject has been deemed of sufficient importance and utility that it is now offered to our wider audience. Theater strategy and theater security cooperation (TSC) are two of the most important tools available in attaining national security. They offer an effective means for geographic Combatant Commanders to engage other countries, deter aggression, or resolve crises. Despite their importance, however, little current, concise, and comprehensive guidance is available on how they are planned and implemented.< Less
Strategy, National Interests, And Means To An End By Stephen D. Sklenka & Strategic Studies Institute
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This paper focuses on the interrelationship among national interests, stated ends, means to achieve those ends, and the strategies required to tie all of them together into a cohesive and effective... More > vision for the commitment of U.S. forces. The introduction addresses the current U.S. debate regarding proposed actions in the Iraq War and postulates that the lack of true strategic discussion, particularly by our national leadership who instead prefer to focus on far less appropriate discussions such as tactics and techniques, inhibits the development of a comprehensive and effective overarching vision and ultimately is to blame for the setbacks that the U.S.-led coalition has experienced in Iraq. This lack of strategic foresight, however, is not surprising and has become endemic to American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. The fact that so much of U.S. post-Cold War foreign policy involves interventions merely exacerbates the difficulties a lack of strategic foresight engenders.< Less
Toward a Risk Management Defense Strategy [Enlarged Edition] By Nathan Freier & Strategic Studies Institute
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This monograph offers key considerations for DoD as it works through the on-going defense review. The author outlines eight principles for a risk management defense strategy. He argues that these... More > principles provide “measures of merit” for evaluating the new administration’s defense choices. This monograph builds on two previous works—Known Unknowns: Unconventional “Strategic Shocks” in Defense Strategy Development and The New Balance: Limited Armed Stabilization and the Future of U.S. Landpower. Combined, these three works offer key insights on the most appropriate DoD responses to increasingly “unconventional” defense and national security conditions. This work in particular provides DoD leaders food for thought, as they balance mounting defense demands and declining defense resources.< Less
Cultural Dimensions of Strategy and Policy [Enlarged Edition] By Jiyul Kim & Strategic Studies Institute
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There has been a growing recognition in the post-Cold War era that culture has increasingly become a factor in determining the course of today’s complex and interconnected world. The U.S.... More > experience in Afghanistan and Iraq extended this trend to national security and military operations. There is also a growing recognition by the national security community that culture is an important factor at the policy and strategy levels. Cultural proficiency at the policy and strategic levels means the ability to consider history, values, ideology, politics, religion, and other cultural dimensions and assess their potential effect on policy and strategy. The Analytical Cultural Framework for Strategy and Policy (ACFSP) is one systematic and analytical approach to the vital task of viewing the world through many lenses. The ACFSP identifies basic cultural dimensions that seem to be of fundamental importance in determining such behavior and thus are of importance in policy and strategy formulation and outcomes.< Less
American Grand Strategy For Latin America In The Age Of Resentment By Gabriel Marcella & Strategic Studies Institute
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President George W. Bush’s trip to Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico in early 2007 underscored the critical value of a healthy Latin America to the United States as a global power. Latin... More > America today is besieged by a powerful force of resentment engendered by a combination of weak states, social exclusion, criminal violence, and corruption. One consequence is the attack by radical populism against democratic values. In this context, the United States needs a new grand strategy that addresses the causes rather than the symptoms of the malaise. Dr. Gabriel Marcella argues that such a strategy must strengthen the effectiveness of the democratic state in providing security, justice, and governance, as well as effectively engender a linkage of the 40 percent of the population presently excluded from the social and economic benefit< Less

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