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30 Writing Tips For eBook Author By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $7.33
Introducing....30 Writing Tips For eBook Author ..... This ebook will show you the 30 writing tips how to write and compile an ebook.
Success By Lord Beaverbrook
eBook (PDF): $2.05
Success by Lord Beaverbrook. Published in 1921. The contents of this ebook originally appeared as weekly articles in the Sunday Express, but as they aroused so much interest, Lord Beaverbrook decided... More > to publish them all in a book. Most people are able to become successful with the correct knowledge and guidance and the author hoped to encourage the young men of his day, to tread a path which lead them upward to success, warning them of a few perils they could meet on the way. Covers the three secrets to happiness; education; arrogance; courage; panic; depression; failure etc.< Less
Income Without a Job (ebook) By Michael J Anthony (author 1), Barbara J Taylor (author 1)
eBook (PDF): $9.99
(1 Ratings)
"Income Without a Job" goes beyond money, for wealth is beyond money, and "Income Without a Job" offers you a way to see your life options in a totally different way. If you... More > choose to read this book, you can learn: => The 24/365 Dollar Developer System => How to identify your own personal Working Style => How to build long-lasting personal options => How to see opportunities that others miss => How to understand money and learn where to get it => How to turn your own dreams into reality => Where to get the resources to a steady income => How rich people overcame poverty. ... and a host of insider secret methods that assures you can live well without a paycheck. This is NOT a get rich quick program. And, you can get rich using these techniques. Income Without a Job is designed for those people who want to be free to live their lives — now! About starting down the success road and having the option to decide when and where you want to go!< Less
Streaming Profits Authority By BookLover
eBook (ePub): $6.99
How To Leverage On Live Video Streaming Platforms To Reach Thousands of Viewers And Build An Epic Brand! In This Course, You'll Discover The Steps, Methods And Techniques To Setting Yourself Up For... More > Success On Periscope, Blab And Meerkat! Here’s what you’ll learn over the course of this eBook: *** The benefits and challenges of live video streaming *** The most prominent apps and platforms for getting set up *** Lesser known options for video streaming *** How to ensure you get lots of viewers *** Tons of ideas for video content *** How video streaming compares to regular video marketing – advantages and disadvantages *** How to create a synergistic campaign using other marketing activities *** How to create high quality videos without spending thousands of dollars on equipment *** How to monetize your streaming activities for maximum returns *** Where video streaming is going and what opportunities to look out for in future And much more…< Less
Kindling Success By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Discover How To Publish Your Very Own eBook On Amazon Kindle And Become An Instant Author... Even If You're Just A Beginner! More specifically, you'll discover: + How to harness and tap into millions... More > of readers from Amazon's Kindle store. + How to research a hot topic for your Kindle eBook so you can determine whether to approach it. + How to properly format and put your eBook together your eBook so it'll get accepted in Amazon's Kindle store. + How much should you price your eBook? Consider these factors. + How to promote your Kindle eBook once it's published in Amazon. + How to track the sales of your eBook. + Top tools and resources to help you format and publish your eBook to the Amazon Kindle store. + ...and much, much more!< Less
The Essential Guide to Social Media By Ebooks Collection
eBook (PDF): $11.00
Learn How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Traffic and Increase Your Success.You'll learn, •Importance of using social media •How to establish and maintain authority on three of the... More > biggest social networks - Twitter, Facebook and Google+ •The key Twitter mistakes which you need to avoid and much more!< Less
Advanced Attraction - Utilizing The Laws of Attraction By eBook Corner
eBook (PDF): $7.92
Inside this inspirational e-book you'll find incredible wisdom distilled from numerous people who understand the principles of inside-out creation ? metaphysical authors, life coaches and spiritual... More > mentors who have a thing or two to share about tapping into the greater (unseen and, sometimes, undiscovered) Laws of the Universe. This book will show you how the world's wealthy people have gained their wealth by using the Law Of Attraction (whether knowing or unknowingly) or indeed how the world's most unsuccessful people have blighted their success by utilizing the Law Of Attraction. You see just knowing about the existence of the Law of Attraction is not your ticket to everything in life you can ever imagine, however understanding, allowing and using it is. Understanding, Allowing and Using The Law of Attraction is your ticket to everything in life you can ever imagine.< Less
Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins
eBook (PDF): $2.05
Certain Success by Norval A. Hawkins. Published in 1920. This ebook is ideal for those people who want to be more successful in life. The author feels that there are certain characteristics and... More > things that a person can do to ensure failure. This ebook is all about changing those characteristics to help you be successful. Chapters include, The universal need for sales knowledge; skill in selling your best self; your prospects; preparing to make your success certain; getting yourself wanted; the goal of success etc.< Less
Successful Blogging By Amila Wickramarachchi
eBook (PDF): $9.50
(1 Ratings)
‘Successful Blogging’ is an ebook for beginner and intermediate level bloggers. This book contains information on how to make an authority blog with more traffic, social media interaction... More > and engagement. Once you established a successful blog, you will then be able to receive lot of opportunities, hence; able to generate a good income stream. My aim through this book is to guide you to the path of a successful established blog. Topics include, -Selecting domains -creating quality content for the blog -Traffic generation -SEO tips -How to reduce bounce rate -How to handle social media -How to monetize the blog and many more. Also this book comes with Blog planners which help you to monitor the blog growth and also to organize it in a better way.< Less
Ebook Guide By Corrie Lamprecht
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Writing and publish your eBook more successful – and how to get a bigger royalty share of your hard work. For the Buyer background information and where to buy books. There are details on... More > writing, how to do formatting, publishing and marketing your work. Probably the most valuable section is the Financial Chapter. If you are outside the USA and other major centres, this book will solve many problems and help you with issues like saving 30% withholding tax, various GST and VAT savings and many ideas on how to successfully market your eBooks. The author is showing how to create, sell and market your eBook mostly FREE. Although the main target is those people outside of the USA, the information presented here will also be of great assistance to writers within the USA.< Less