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Succubus By A.A. V.V.
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Succubus a cura di Klaus Paolini. Klaus Paolini è un cuoco di professione ma è anche un cuciniere di racconti horror estremamente duri. Klaus questa volta, non si presenta da solo, ma... More > si circonda di autrici esperte e appassionate della narrazione a tinte fosche, per imbastire un’antologia di racconti prevalentemente noir e sconvolgenti. Quindici racconti e quindici nere protagoniste che sembrano regalare emozioni e brividi ai loro interlocutori, amanti o soccorritori, ma che con sé recano solo morte e disperazione. Essendo appassionato e tecnico della buona cucina, inoltre, Paolini si diverte a intercalare i racconti con gustose ricette a base di carne umana, da applicare in caso non sappiate come disfarvi del cadavere di un vostro antipatico condomino. Comunque doverosamente ci avverte: Don’t try this at home! Insieme a Paolini troviamo le torbide autrici: Valeria Bellenda, Michela Benedetti, Elena Bertani, Anna Marani, Linda Montebugnoli, Mirna Monti, Chiara Panzuti, Elisabetta Tadiello.< Less
Succubus By Daria Eremina
Paperback: $28.00
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Дарья Еремина СУККУБ О книге. ... More > Кто они - суккубы? Из века в век тянутся ниточки преданий о демонах, возбуждающих желания и несущих смерть. Часть эпоса они или герои реальной истории мира? Что, если они живут среди нас? Главная героиня приоткрывает двери в неформальный мир, о котором молчат таблоиды. Знакомство с подобными ей происходит в разгар противостояния идей о фатале и судьбе внутри тайной организации. Будучи втянутой в спор о вечном, оказавшись пешкой в борьбе глав администраций, она вынуждена бороться за собственную жизнь и выбирать между своими принципами и жизнями близких людей.< Less
The Succubus Ring By Diana Astor
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Through the magic of a secret signet ring, Alex unknowingly summons Shala, an ancient and alluring Succubus. The Succubus Ring is an erotic tale of the sexual coupling between a human and spirit,... More > that transcends ordinary love affairs. Written in graphic detail, this is a must read for lovers of adult rated fantasy fiction. Includes fellatio, cunnilingus and sex scenes.< Less
American Succubus By George Skipworth
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A coven of heroic women struggles to protect the men of Earth from a sinister female society that views them as food. How are these loons going to win a cage match with the meanest women in the... More > universe? Now, listen up, men! It doesn't matter if you're a fighter, a fighter pilot, a cellist or a ballet dancer. If you've been stalked by one, lived with one, married one or heaven forbid picked a fight with one - well, you're not going to need us to tell you the kind of trouble you're in.< Less
Son of a Succubus By Scott Dorsey
Hardcover: $29.95
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Virgo Furs is an agent of the Council of the United Underworld Coalition. He finds himself on a hitlist and must race against being murdered by assassins or executed by the Council for a murder he... More > did not commit. Ultimately, he battles his way through Hell, Eden and must endure being assaulted with the truth in Heaven to find the answers he needs to save everyone on Earth. Join Virgo on an epic adventure to save his life, his soul, and his very future as he battles to save mankind from extinction.< Less
Incubus Succubus By L. A. Nantz
Paperback: $12.44
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Not knowing what would happen, Selena did the one thing she should never have done. She stole the blood of the monster that saved her. But, because of how she fed for the first time, her new un-life... More > was unlike anything she had expected. Now she runs not only from the man she robbed, but the law, as well as an order whose sole purpose is to destroy all vampires. Then there is the problem of what to do with Liz... you will soon be able to purchase the first 5 chapters to see if this is a book you want to read, and if you like it, will then be able to purchase the final chapters as a second book. or if you like purchase the entire book as a whole.< Less
Strawberry Succubus By Marc Tucker
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Meet Kenta. Kenta has the unfortunate reputation for being the biggest loser in his entire school. He is bullied by the popular kids at school and he is tortured by his evil younger sister Yumi at... More > home. Everything changes when Kenta receives a strange chain letter in his email. Inside the chain letter is instructions for summoning a succubus! Kenta, against his better judgment, follows the directions on the letter and accidentally summons a succubus from the underworld! It's going to be one hell of a ride for Kenta as an angel, and later a fox demon invade his life. Can this once proud loser keep his manhood intact with these three fighting over him?< Less
Incubus and Succubus By Peter McArthur
eBook (PDF): $0.00
FREE DOWNLOAD. Rarely spoken about, but often experienced, this publication gives practical help for those who have sexual visitations from night demons. Incubus is a male demon who attacks women,... More > and Succubus the female version who tempts and seduces men. Based on practical experience this is not simply a study - it shows the power in Jesus' name to overcome these unsavoury powers.< Less
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