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The Crescent Moon By Rabindranath Tagore
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I PACED alone on the road across the field while the sunset was hiding its last gold like a miser. The daylight sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, and the widowed land, whose harvest had... More > been reaped, lay silent. Suddenly a boy's shrill voice rose into the sky. He traversed the dark unseen, leaving the track of his song across the hush of the evening. His village home lay there at the end of the waste land, beyond the sugar-cane field, hidden among the shadows of the banana and the slender areca palm, the cocoa-nut and the dark green jack-fruit trees. I stopped for a moment in my lonely way under the starlight, and saw spread before me the darkened earth surrounding with her arms countless homes furnished with cradles and beds, mothers' hearts and evening lamps, and young lives glad with a gladness that knows nothing of its value for the world.< Less
On Wings of Silver Light By Ina Goodling
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It is this moment, sunset, the hour when silence is most golden, that I pen this poem. Above and all around me the trees are whispering, confiding in the autumn air a secret long lost to humanity. It... More > is something otherworldly, unattainable by mortal means, something still sought after by those very few who dare to bear the weight of transcendence on their already starving hearts. They, who know that sacred truth is there, may feel its rapture without ever being able to comprehend its intricacies, are the chosen, the dreamers, the beautiful and the damned. Still I am returning faithfully to that threshold, to hope to glimpse through that door the final truth, the one that will unlock the secrets guarded from us by Nature, as if we human beings would always be too ignorant to understand, or even care. Pure poetry.< Less
No Shortcuts to Glory By Ken Johnson
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NO SHORT CUTS TO GLORY is a new book by Ken Johnson that begins with the story of one of the great teams in the history of the American Quarter Horse. It is the story of the legendary Poco Bueno and... More > his trainer Pine Johnson. Pine Johnson on Poco Bueno set the standard early on for power and athletic ability in the modern cutting horse. They were the team nobody wanted to see at a show--they were the team they had to beat and that was hard to do. Pine Johnson and Poco Bueno have ridden off into the sunset and now we see the descendants of Poco Bueno that carry on the legacy of this great team. The legacy of Poco Bueno as a sire is intertwined with the life of Pine Johnson and the role Pine played in helping that legacy in the beginning. As we look back on the life of Pine Johnson we have to wonder what was it like for this man and his horse to come together to ride to prominence in the industry.< Less
Sunprize By Daniel Brooks-Laurent
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The poetry of the landscape, of hinterland, through the eyes and frame of disability. "Sunprize" (Sunrise and sunset being the words that make up the 'prize' of this book's completion), is... More > a humble appreciation of nature's power to perceive and receive the heart of life, from someone who has returned to live in his childhood homeland after years abroad. The mid-Norfolk countryside, and the Wensum valley specifically have proved the source of recovery during the almost impossible recuperation from a broken spine. The impression of Mother Nature against the constant strain of physical pain, and the genuine love of the Earth, Her Seasons, and the life of arts flowing through Her. Almost daily writings have helped fill these pages, with acknowledgements to nature's subtle changes, as well as a few travels to the near continent.< Less
Death Peace By Dominic J Clark
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His debut published work ‘Death Peace’ is a book of poems from out of the creeping mist of a Megalith crowned Cornish Moor and on into the shadow clothed alleyways, bleeding sunsets and... More > humid easy summer nights of Adelaide. Death Peace sweeps in deliberately assembled contrasts from melting paradise landscapes to narrative city street gothic gloom and closer down into pure split-second moments, treasured in expanded time. It is an anthology of deconstructions borne of melancholy, kicks and overdrive thought that yield delving visions, lysergic romance and blank nothing-ism coexisting in the same space. An understated dynamic exhibition, the marks, dots and imperfections of the blank canvas have been worked, joined and built on as foundation, the hidden structure splashed with colour and drawn out.< Less
The Acolyte's Relic, Part II: The Guardian By J. L. Koester
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Continuing where The Acolyte's Relic, Part One left off, Part Two finds the Acolyte in the hands of Darkness after his ill-fated attempt to secure an ancient relic for the side of the Light. His... More > faith in the Maker and loyalty to the Fortress of Sunset are put to the test as he seeks to protect both Lady Nansill and his own sanity in the midst of mayhem and chaos. Meanwhile Wizard Dakk has gone into exile at a place of the pirate captain's choosing. How will his duty to the Maker conflict with his obligation to remain in slavery for the sake of saving lives? Back at the Fortress, the Grand Wizard remains poised on the brink between life and death. The sole remaining Acolyte must walk a thin line between duty to the Fortress and his passion for action as he negotiates the tricky maze of Fortress politics. The tale of Wizards, magic, pirates, and more continues in The Acolyte's Relic, Part Two: The Guardian.< Less
Who Would Have Thought By Dimitrios Rekas
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Snapshots from the life of Dimitrios Rekas. This is the story of the life of a man who was kind to everyone, even though life was not as kind to him. Dimitrios Rekas was born in Agiorgitika... More > (Arcadia), a pretty mountainous village in mainland Greece and this is his story, as recalled by him. His tale reflects a somewhat cheeky childhood which was also full of sorrows during the tumultuous years of World War II and his decision to emigrate to Sydney, Australia. His story includes his early days in Australia amongst strangers and his experiences after leaving Bonegilla, a military-stile camp for migrants, towards an uncertain future. Written during his sunset years, Dimitrios reflects on the sorrowful moments of his life, but also celebrates the pleasures that life has granted him along the way, including his wife, children and grandchildren. In Dimitrio's words: "We made it! Who would have thought?"< Less
The Dash By Preller Geldenhuys
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The DASH between Life and Death is my account of a heart attack experienced mid-March 2017. This is my personal account of a near death experience in my 74th year on God’s earth. By the grace... More > of God, modern technology and current practices have extended my “DASH” well beyond my anticipated ‘sell-by-date’ – thanks to family, friends and Elim Church goers. The account covers the 40-days hospitalization at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton – probably the best Cardiac Care facility in the whole of New Zealand. The actual open heart surgical procedure was called off four times, adding much anxiety and frustration for family and friends alike. However, all turned out well as each step in the process reached its correct conclusion. Thank you, Lord, for permitting me to now experience many more sunsets and sunrises on your creation. Prop Geldenhuys, Paeroa, 3 November 2017.< Less
The Maya Mantle By Jennee Lamb
Paperback: $11.99
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Poetry has always been an expressive form of writing that has over the years set honorable authors apart from all others. Such as the highly esteemed Maya Angelou for all of her popular collections... More > of poetry along with her many other publications. After the passing of Maya Angelou on May 28th of 2014, this inspired ideal came to mind. The ideal is to state as a royal dove has flown into the sunset with her passing,... The baton has been passed along and her mantle left for others to receive and I intend to walk therein. In this book you'll find remixed versions of popular poems such as "The Phenomenal Woman",... "Still I Rise",... "I Know why The Caged Bird Sings" and many more,... A portion of all of the proceeds from all book sales will be donated to the various charities under the Caged Bird Legacy Corporation in honor of taking up the Maya Mantle and Carrying on her work!< Less
A Photographic Journey Through Landscapes By Mike M Burke
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Take a photographic journey through stunning landscapes in this fantastic fine arts photography book. There are over 200 gorgeous images that focuses in on the summer months. Within these pages you... More > won't find stories, descriptions, tutorials, or opinions. Instead, you will get beautiful, colorful photographs of breathtaking sunsets, amazing marsh fields, rivers, colorful plant life, and an occasional critter. Each photo complements each other along the pages. This book designed for those who love fine art photography, landscape photography, seascapes, and nature. The landscape photography featured, were taken in the north eastern parts of the United States including Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The photos were captures with a 35mm camera and digital SLR.< Less

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