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An Exceptional Hound: Book II of the Ryland Creek Saga By Joseph Gary Crance
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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“So you want to be a coon hunter?” Nathan asked gruffly. “Y-y-yes, sir, I do!” Jason stuttered. Nathan nodded. “Be at my house tomorrow night around sunset. Your parents... More > know where I live. Wear some good boots and a warm coat—Painted Post won’t care how cold you get.” Thus begins twelve-year-old Jason Canton’s tutelage under the guidance of Nathan Ernst, with his legendary coonhound Seth and somewhat eccentric Uncle Arthur. Jason and his close friends, Bobby and Tara, soon learn the ways of the woods and life, following the call of the hounds in the darkened forests. But something powerful and not entirely of this world has brought malice to the woods of the rural Upstate New York town of Painted Post. This cunning menace will test the skills and courage of Nathan, Jason, and his friends. They must rely on one another to face this threat. They will need the strength of the bond between hunter and dog. They will require an exceptional hound.< Less
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Video Cash By Marina Smiley
eBook (PDF): $7.27
These days we've seen explosive growth in online video. Researchers predict that for the next five years the online video market will grow about ten times. No doubt that home videos such as catching... More > a moment of a beautiful beach sunset or just funny animal behavior could bring a lot of joy and fun into our lives. Besides that, short video creations can bring a lot of cash to their owners as well. Just a few years ago, the only way to make money with a home video was to participate in TV programs where hundreds if not thousands of people competed for a limited number of prizes. Times have changed and the Internet has now begun to offer many possibilities to cash in on home video clips. Some Internet users are pulling in over $20,000 a month just by simply sharing their own video content and/ or other people’s videos with their friends. In this report you will find the most popular ways to monetize your video content.< Less
Bubbles of Happiness By Ozge Karabiyik
Paperback: $49.50
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Özge Karabiyik was born in Turkey on 19 May 1977. Her name means Unique and Big Black Moustache respectively. Her middle name could easily have been fun, creative, joyous, generous, quirky,... More > charming, caring, beautiful or sweet. She loved to make others happy and had special recipes for doing so. She also had many quirky ways of feeling good in her own skin, puzzling and delighting others in equal measure. She would share her musings at This book is a collection of her recipes for happiness and thought bubbles, as she would call them, alongside her photography. Keeping bubbles inside a book is no easy task. As they float up while you flick through the pages, they will hopefully give you an idea, a smile or a fond memory. Özge passed away at the age of 34. Her bubbles now float at a higher altitude, and can be seen at sunset when you let your gaze go soft and your heart open wide. All profits from this book go to Macmillan Cancer Support, her favourite charity.< Less
Corsica 2019 - French By Jon Ingall
Calendar: $20.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
Calendrier photographique de la Corse méditerranéenne par Jon Ingall
Clouds By Giulio Gonella
Hardcover: $86.28
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fine-art polaroid clouds
El Niño Costero By Nicole Herling
Paperback: $6.00
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A hot and sunny day that makes for a perfect day in the small beach town of Peru, is nothing but normal. Families stroll in and out of the beach front shops, and picnic on the white sand beaches,... More > only to return home at sunset, with not a single care in the world. Pedro’s family indulges in these simple joys as well. Until one night Pedro wakes up to his room suddenly flooded and furniture floating about his room. He wades out into the living room of his house, and finds the same true for the entire house. Pedro and his family, including his little dog Ben, must find their way, and survive El Niño Costero.< Less
My Paperback Book By Paul Murphy
Paperback: $19.00
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Kunta Kinte 2014 book tells about a man named Kunta Kinte, and his journey from West Africa Gambia to America in 2014. His journey, however, is quite different as his great great grandfater,1700s... More > Kunta Kinte had. Kunta Kinte support himself as a street musician in The Gambia. He is singing and playing the African drum in the foreground of hotels and their terraces in the vicinity of the sea. One evening, when he is back playing, he sees a man a American tourist who sits alone, watching the sunset and admiring the waves of the Atlantic. The man has table full of empty whiskey glasses, and he looks sad. Kunta Kinte meet the man, and from this moment Kuntas Life been changes for ever. His journey will be complex and it will change her life completely.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.35
FAN FICTION V.M.14 ANNI LOS ANGELES, 22 Dicembre 2012. Un'epidemia minaccia il mondo intero. La storia, sofferta come un diario personale, documentata come un reality show, è narrata in... More > prima persona dalla protagonista, KISSY, professione GROUPIE. Una rock band in declino cerca di sopravvivere rinchiusa in un vecchio magazzino sul Sunset Strip. Unico antidoto: SESSO, DROGA E ROCK N'ROLL ATTENZIONE: SCENE ESPLICITE DI SESSO, DROGA, VIOLENZA E AUTO-MUTILAZIONE. Per le situazioni che presenta, questo libro può disturbare alcuni lettori. Sconsigliato ad EDUCANDE DEL SACRO CUORE e PORTATORI DI PACE MAKER.< Less
Rock to Die - Cena con delito By Claudio Valerio Gaetani
eBook (ePub): $9.99
¡¡Jed Manhattan ha sido asesinado brutalmente!! Millones de corazones han sido quebrantados en el mundo el día de hoy, Jed Manhattan, estrella de las más románticas... More > películas del Hollywood, fue asesinado en su Mansión en Beverly Hills. Personajes: Naivel Setter: Jefe de seguridad de Jed Manhattan; Azante: El médium más famoso de Sunset Boulevard; Hilda Sinclair: Ama de llaves de Jed Manhattan; Ivy Bane: Conductora televisiva, famosa por su Talk Show “La gente de Ivi”; DJ Moairé: Conductor del programa de gossip más famoso de Radio FM Hollywood; Zoeda Fididopolus: La olvidada madre de Janis (Jed) Manhattan; Shabby Basebirn: Famoso y galardonado director de cine; Gidney: Quizá la más famosa mujer en el mundo de la música; Lady Anabeth Walsworth: La ex novia de Jed Manhattan; Dannara Divine: Famosa estrella de soap operas; Jenice O’Grace: Opinionísta de profesión, ex participante en la casa del BigB (Grande Hermano).< Less

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