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Superfoods : A Complete Superfoods Diet Superfoods Diets Are The Most Effective Method Of Weight Loss By Anna Gracey
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Superfoods Diets Are The Most Effective Method Of Weight Loss Super foods are very rich in nutrients and are able to help in the fight against aging as well as a number of illnesses. They have a... More > large amount of flavonoids and micro and macronutrients. However, they still manage to be low in calories. They have the capability to boost the immune system and as such, it helps to so many different types of sicknesses. Some super foods include spinach which contains 100% of vitamins K and A and pumpkin that has all the nutrients that your body requires daily. Turkey is also another super food. This is a very good source of protein and it does not have as much saturated fat as red meat. Very importantly for many persons, it has in selenium.This is a trace mineral that greatly helps the body to fight against certain cancers and also helps to boost energy and brainpower. Other super foods include blueberries that are either frozen or fresh.< Less
Super Foods: The Ultimate Guide to Super Foods As Health Food or Super Foods for Health With Tips for the Super Foods List for Your Super Food Diet Which Are Best Foods for Weight Loss! By PAMELA STEVENS
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It has been said over time that “you are what you eat” …this has virtually become a refrain among diet conscious individuals or the weight watchers if you like! Well, I need not... More > tell you that every part of that statement is true. Yes, and you need to take it seriously! As a matter of fact, in recent times, research on diets has brought 14 diverse foods that are nutrient concentrated, which have over and over again been known to improve the human general well-being. Guess what… they are also referred to as “super foods”, because they are known to possess higher levels of minerals and vitamins, less calories, and besides that, they have many disease-combating antioxidants. Now, I will like you to take action... yes, take the step of getting a copy of the book today and start implementing the Super foods strategy to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding all the medical conditions or the numerous health challenges many are encumbered with today. Just don't forget, you are what you eat!< Less
Ronaldo’s Kitchen: The Superpower of Nutrition By Ronaldo Fulieri
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1. Easy, simple and quick recipes with high-energy foods like Acai an Chia seeds, raw cacau, maca and many other superfoods. 2. Nutrition and fitness tips and ideas to improve health and lose... More > weight. 3. 50 gluten free and dairy free recipes. Plus, 4. Acid and alkaline food list. 5. Healthy and simple lunch and dinner meal recipes. 6. Fresh food shopping advice and seasonal food list. 7. How to use fresh superfoods wisely and save money on your shopping.< Less
Cancer Uncensored By Christopher C. Evans
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85% of cancer is preventable. Learn how! Cancer Uncensored is your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival. Inside Cancer Uncensored, you will discover: 1)... More > Which foods or extracts inhibit or kill cancer cells grown in laboratory studies. 2) Which foods or extracts prevent, inhibit or shrink tumours in animal studies. 3) Which foods or extracts correlate with a reduction in cancer prevalence in human population studies. (Epidemiological studies). 4) Which foods or extracts have been seen to make a difference in human clinical trials. 5) The top things to do to reduce your risk. 6) The top things to avoid to reduce your risk. 7) How to use your psychology in a way shown to increase survival rate. Plus you can learn all about the most promising advances in alternative medicine. With Cancer Uncensored, you ALSO get the A-Z list of anti-cancer superfoods to add to your diet and the step-by-step cheat sheets to make it EASY!< Less