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Managing Your Business Game By Megan Younkman
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MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS GAME The Art of Client Entertainment Managing Your Business Game is a manual designed to help managers and sales people use the game of golf as a strategic business tool. The... More > conference offered, which walks hand-in-hand with this publication, will show you how to make the day at the golf course work for you. The key to business is relationship management - building, maintaining and improving relationships with key business partners, suppliers and customers. Used properly, the golf course offers the perfect environment to establish rapport, develop trust and learn more about a client’s business needs. • Set clear objectives • Choose the right customers to entertain • Assure play is enjoyable and productive • Manage the day to a positive next step • Whether you are playing one-on-one with a client or sponsoring a corporate event, you will learn how to maximize the impact of your golf entertainment effort. 
 Look for a Conference Near You!< Less
The Secrets to E-commerce , How to Make 5000$-15000$ By Dropship Fanatics
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All the information and tools you will ever need about E-commerce in one Book. We will show you the Real ways how people are making 5000$-15000$+ monthly from Home. And the Best thing is that you can... More > start with as little as no money, Yes you heard me you can Start with Dropship Arbitrage where you can expect to to make 3/4 of your product in profit. Here are a few examples: You sell a product that costs 80$ and dropship it for 50$ and you just profited 30$, if you sell 1-2 products every day you can make 1200-1800$ monthly from your Chair. And this is just the first method that is in our Book. What if you can import some products from Asia for 20$ and Resell them for 100$. And better yet why not Manufacture them yourself and make your own Brand, You can have some products Manufactured for 10$ and resell them for 100$. In our Book we will teach you all the ways step by step and give you all the Suppliers, Manufacturers and Tools needed for you journey in building your Empire.< Less
Gas Retailers: IRS Audit Techniques Guide By Internal Revenue Service
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Virtually all gasoline stations fall into one of two broad categories: majors and independents. Gasoline stations that sell branded gasoline (those who operate under the major brand names, such as... More > Mobil, Shell, etc.), usually have signed agreements which restrict them from buying from anyone other than their respective major Oil Company. However, experience shows that some major retailers do buy additional gasoline or diesel fuel from independent distributors. The major Oil Company(ies) can operate branded locations. The dealer may own the property (—open dealer“) or may lease the station from the Oil Company(ies) (—dealer operated“). Sometimes diesel fuel can be purchased from independent suppliers; however, the pumps need to be clearly marked to indicate the diesel fuel product is not the major oil company‘s diesel fuel being sold. Independents are stations that go by any name other than those listed below. Independents are also referred to as "unbranded" stations.< Less
The Death of Propaganda By Michael Best et al.
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B2B buyer behavior has changed – now it's your turn. B2B buyers have changed the way they evaluate and purchase goods and services—yet most B2B suppliers still approach their markets... More > with hyped-up, propaganda-like messages. The challenge now is for such companies to move from spouting propaganda to establishing credibility. From the role of salesperson to that of a customer advocate. And from broadcasting self-recommendations toward a more powerful model where people recommend the company and its products to their peers. The Death of Propaganda presents Three Voices™ strategy, a step-by-step recipe for meeting this challenge via three distinct modes of stakeholder engagement: Voice of Company; Voice of Industry; and Voice of Customer. All three Voices need to be integrated into top-level business strategy, and incorporated into marketing and communication plans to fully address the needs of the new breed of B2B buyer.< Less
Shooting & Reloading the 303 British and the 303 Epps By Stephen Redgwell
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The biggest book EVER about both cartridges! Follow the history. Find the suppliers and manufacturers. Load data. Methods and terminology. How to Sight in and adjust your sights. Much more! --- Used... More > by hunters, shooters, government and police agencies all over the world, this is the definitive reference work. -- With 303 British load data (includes Range Notes) for 125 grain, 150 grain, 174/180 grain, 200 grain & 215 grain bullets. 174/180 grain match load data, 180 grain cast bullet load data. -- 303 Epps load data (includes Range Notes) for 150 grain, 174/180 grain, 200 grain & 215 grain bullets. -- Sighting in your Lee Enfield (How to sight in at 25 yd for a 100 yd zero), how to Make a front sight tool, dead on and 6 Clock Holds, 25 yard test, determining the blade height, replacing the front blade, much more!!< Less
Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide By $2 Publishing House
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Here Are Some Valuable Information On How To Plan The Most Breath-Taking Events Everything you need to know about event planning is included in this special report: • Key Ideas to Make your... More > Event Successful • What you Need to Know to Make your Event Entertaining and Memorable • How to Inexpensively Incorporate Entertainment • What to Look out for in Planning an Offsite Event • Event Logistics • Easy and Hassle Free Meeting Planning Tips I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned about successful event planning, I share with you. This is the most comprehensive report on event planning you will ever read! This comprehensive special report covers the following topics: • 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning your Next Event • How to Generate Fun Ideas • How to Attract the Right People to your Event • How to Work with Event Suppliers • How to Be an Excellent Event Planner • How to Market your Event • Organization Tips< Less
Quick Guide: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince By College Guide World
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Lord Voldemort has returned and his wrath has been felt in both the Muggle (non-magical) and Wizarding worlds. Severus Snape, a member of Dumbledore's anti-Voldemort Order of the Phoenix but formerly... More > one of Voldemort's Death Eaters, meets with Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Harry Potter's school rival Draco. Snape makes an Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa, promising to assist and protect Draco. Meanwhile, Dumbledore collects Harry from his aunt and uncle's house and takes him to the home of Horace Slughorn, former Potions teacher at Hogwarts. Dumbledore tries to persuade a reluctant Slughorn to return to teaching and finally succeeds. Later, when shopping for schoolbooks, Harry and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger follow Draco Malfoy to Dark Arts supplier Borgin and Burkes, where they overhear Draco insisting that the store-owner fix an unknown object. Harry is instantly suspicious of Draco, whom he believes to be a Death Eater like his father.< Less
In Pursuit Of Health And Happiness: The Phylosophical Perspective By Ivalio Boykov
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How would you like to finally stop your search to health and happiness. I have put together a simple phylosophical way of viewing both health and happiness down to the simplest form possible. The... More > main reason why we are in constant pursuit of health and happiness is because of time. We do not give ourselves the time we deserve so that we may be happy and healthy. My research is not based on the scientific way that will confuse you with terminology and hundreds of pages with information. It is simple and it is easy. As i use the same phrase in this book, I am simply your supplier. I will bring the brushes, the paints and the canvas but you are the artist. Now, you will have to paint the portrait of what you desire to achieve. Think it! Wish it! Achieve it! If you did not notice the "Y" instead of an "I" in "PhYlosophical" it only shows how much attention you pay to the things in your life. This is what the book concentrates on. Showing you a way to pay more attention to everything in your life.< Less
How to Start a Clothing Empire By Bruno Marino
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Do you want to enter the exciting world of Fashion? I will show you how!! Inside this book is your complete guide to starting or improving your Clothing Business. Learn step by step from A to Z what... More > only industry insiders know. I will share my personal success story along with my 15 years of experience. Learn How to Import, Wholesale and Retail like a professional. How to take your clothing line National within 1 week Effective Advertising and Marketing Techniques Employee Training Manual. (How to scout and maintain the perfect staff) eBay and Internet selling for Profits. (Enhance whatever you’re doing with ecommerce; it’s easier than you think) Creative Finance Techniques. Open your doors with little or no Money. PLUS my secret list of over 60 Off Price Suppliers offering Genuine Designer labels at up to 80% off regular prices. A must have for maximizing profits. Trade Show Directory includes all the major trade shows worldwide with schedule details< Less
The 21st Century Guide To Collecting Uniform Cap Badges By William C Southern & Robert T Howard
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The hobby of collecting The UK's Fire Brigade and Service Uniform Cap Badges is great fun and can be a real time consuming and educational activity, where our books come in to their own is the detail... More > with which the Badges are photographed, they are all in full colour which shows their full grandeur and there are some really stunning examples It has taken us over 15 years to build our collections, hours to collate all the information, photograph each of the Badges using a 10 mega pixel digital camera, then research the prices various suppliers, auction vendors and dealers are charging. Where possible we have also given the translation of any Latin motto. You will find information on the dates they were used and, we have also included information on Amalgamation. We know it is not easy finding quality information about Cap Badges but we have it in abundance. If you are sick of trawling the internet and looking for books no longer in print, then you can get the information you need here.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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