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Tales of Suspense By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.59
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Ten tales calculated to hold the reader in suspense. Stories include mystery, scifi, horror, thriller, fantasy, and mainstream, all held together by a common thread of suspense.
Innocent Guilt: A Suspense Thriller of a Different Kind! By George R. Stone
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A man released from prison. A strange young boy. A new lease of life.....and then.....
The Phoenix Bondsman Rapist Volume 3: A Suspense Thriller Horror Story By Elizabeth Meadows
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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“Listen, what I did do that was illegal was I was in the marines, and we were at war. I was in a Humvee, and suddenly the next thing I knew was I was on the ground. I was deaf for 3 weeks, and... More > partially blind in my left eye. The recovery team came out and a Lieutenant came to me and asked me what my name was. Everyone who knew who I was had just died. We were in a convoy, a group of trucks, and 4 of them got bombed. I have no idea how I made it out. I was thrown very far away though, and was injured. When I looked him in the eyes, instead of telling him Mark, like I should have, I told him Richard. Richard was my best friend. He was sitting right next to me, and I saw him get blown to pieces. I told them that’s who I was. I knew that he got to go home in a month. He told everyone. I still had a full year until I was finished. I couldn't do it Haillie, I just couldn't.” Haillie looked at him, she did have sympathy in her heart. “I wanted to come back for you mother.< Less
Tales of Suspense and Mystery By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Ten tales calculated to keep the reader in suspense. Tales include scifi, fantasy, horror, and thriller, all held together with the common thread of suspense.
An Aria for Nick (Christian Romantic Suspense) By Hallee Bridgeman
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The Only Man who can Save her Life Has been Dead for a Decade... Raised in a loving home, Aria Suarez dreamed of becoming a professional pianist happily married to her high school crush. After the... More > only boy who ever caught her eye dies a hero's death and her wrist is shattered along with her future plans, she turns her brilliant musical mind to nuclear engineering and solving mysteries of science. Abandoned to an abusive father at five, Nick Williams grew up dreaming of escape; of enlisting in the Army and leaving his wretched life behind; of proving himself worthy of the girl he loves. But the crucible of combat offers only the escape of death. A decade later, Aria uncovers a nuclear plot that threatens the heart of our very nation. Sinister forces surround and threaten her when, out of nowhere, the man who reportedly died so many years before returns as if from the grave — intent on protecting her. Has God finally joined them together? Or is Aria doomed to mourn Nick twice?< Less
A Melody for James (Christian Romantic Suspense) By Hallee Bridgeman
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Melody Mason and James Montgomery lead separate lives of discord until an unexpected meeting brings them to a sinister realization. Unbeknownst to them, dark forces have directed their lives from the... More > shadows, orchestrating movements that keep them in disharmony. Fire, loss, and bloodshed can't shake their faith in God to see them through as they face a percussive climax that will leave lives forever changed.< Less
Record of Wrongs: A Thriller By Bryan Gilmer
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It’s dark as Elliott Garrett heads home on a deserted, rural two-lane highway, thinking of his beautiful wife and infant daughter waiting for him in Raleigh, North Carolina. But Elliott... More > doesn’t know that behind the next set of oncoming headlights is an ugly chapter of his life he thought was safely in the past – and that this moment, it’s coming back over the horizon and heading straight for him. When Elliott never arrives home, his grieving wife brings in young legal investigator J. Davis Swaine III to find out what exactly happened to her husband on that shadowy highway and who is behind it.< Less
The Nostradamus Revelation: An Omega Sector Thriller By Vincent Pauletti
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When a mysterious artifact from an ancient relic once belonging to Alexander the Great is found on the illegal antiquities market and the race to save the world begins. Only Major Donovan Stone and... More > his elite team of Omega Sector operatives can prevent a catastrophe from occurring. However, this simple quest is only the first of the ten ancient relics which must brought to the Altar of Judgment, in Tikal, Guatemala. Once there an ancient puzzle needs to be solved, securing a sacred document lost to the world for nearly five-hundred years. Can Stone and his team find the ten relics before the prophesied deadline? Or, will they fall into enemy hands? Worse yet, if they do, what will become of the fate of the world? All these questions can be answered in The Nostradamus Revelation...< Less
Cross Wired: A murder mystery thriller By Lotus Books
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Author, "Butch Grant" offers an exciting murder mystery suspense thriller. A tale of gruesome murders which seem to have no connection, and the obsession of a detective who seeks to find... More > the answer.< Less
Music, Thrills, Mystery, Comedy & Suspense on Video & DVD By John Howard Reid
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Wonderful movies for every taste are now available on DVD. This book examines a rich selection from "As Good As It Gets" through "You'll Never Get Rich". Musicals include... More > "The Dolly Sisters" and "Wonder Bar", noir thrills take in "Out of the Past" and "T-Men", mysteries include "Crossfire" and "Song of the Thin Man", comedies explore classics such as "Another Fine Mess" and "Fun on a Weekend", suspense thrillers take us on a "Pursuit to Algiers" with a "Special Agent". Other genres are well represented too. In fact the only major category of movies not included in this book are westerns.< Less