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Cattle Brands By Andy Adams
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Cattle Brands is a collection of 14 entertaining short stories depicting not only the life of cowboys in the wild, wild West, but also the harrowing skirmishes with banditos, thrilling shoot-outs,... More > attempt at and the recapture of stolen chattel from fierce desperados, and much, much more exciting accounts. Excerpt: It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail. From Red River north and all along was herd after herd waterbound by high water in the rivers. Our outfit lay over nearly a week on the South Canadian, but we were not alone, for there were five other herds waiting for the river to go down. This river had tumbled over her banks for several days, and the driftwood that was coming down would have made it dangerous swimming for cattle. We were expected to arrive in Dodge early in June, but when we reached the North Fork of the Canadian, we were two weeks behind time. Andy Adams (May 3, 1859 – September 26, 1936) was an American writer of western fiction.< Less
Stones From The Road By J. Beresford Hines
Paperback: $17.00
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Stones from the road are short stories are a jambalaya of unique circumstances and spiritual thought. The masterpieces ride the reader from what it takes to love someone in marriage with challenges... More > outside of a couple’s control (Twenty-one names). Discover a one day excursion of a Job-like experience of a woman (Life in a day). Travel and decipher the mysteries in ( R.E.M.Waking hours, and Riddled) Journey up and down the valley and mountains of an nontraditional abortion decision(Ambushed). Transition from life to death in (Home-going). Sun in the deliciously hot short (Diablo). Swim the river of a son whose mom can’t live alone anymore (G.C.). Experience the moments in life of a centenarian duel with his land, his family and his trees (Uncle Teddy’s Place). Finally fly with the wings of a disabled bird and the humans who love him. Stones from the road are realities of which allow you to celebrate and come home full of edification, praise, and encouragement.< Less
The Man Beneath Lake Union By C. L. Vaughn
eBook (PDF): $2.95
When a rash of ecoterrorism strikes the Seattle waterfront, Owen Ruger and his trusted friend Rafael Sernansa are hired to investigate the crimes and protect the assets of a large fishing company.... More > But during the rescue of a beautiful woman they see what can only be described as a merman swimming away from the scene; soon they find themselves in the middle of a strange and unusual mystery. Driven by what they saw, Owen and Sernansa race to solve the mystery and stop the destruction before fear grips the city, but they soon learn that everything isn’t what it seems and the mystery swimmer may be just another victim. "The Man Beneath Lake Union is a sexy high-octane marine adventure awash in breakneck action, mystery and thrills…" Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands The Man Beneath Lake Union is much like the ’79 Pontiac Trans Am that the hero, Owen Ruger, drives in the novel: sleek, fast, and fun. J. E. Braun, Paranoia< Less
The Prairie Mother By Arthur Stringer
Paperback: List Price: $9.07 $4.54 | You Save: 50%
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Arthur Stringer (February 26, 1874 – September 13, 1950)... More > was a Canadian novelist, screenwriter, and poet who later moved to the United States.He published 45 works of fiction and 15 other books, in addition to writing numerous filmscripts and articles.Stringer was born in Chatham, Ontario, the son of Sarah Mary Delmage and Hugh Stringer. "He was a high spirited boy who spent his childhood days fishing, swimming, raiding orchards and manning a pirate ship." In 1884 the family moved to London, Ontario, where Charles attended London Collegiate Institute. At the Institute he founded and edited a school magazine called Chips. He then attended University College, University of Toronto from 1892 to 1894 and later studied at Oxford University. Excerpt from:< Less
Ruthie has a New Love By Anne Wilensky
Paperback: $7.26
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Ruthie and Anne met at a women's liberation meeting back in the '60s in NYC. They were young wild (pot smoking, boy crazy) hippie chicks, out for adventure. They stayed best friends, altho Anne left... More > the East Village (suddenly) in '92 (moved to Tucson AZ with her husband Bill and their dog). 8 years later Ruthie left NYC with her young son and moved to San Diego. (No one leaves NYC in middle of night to move across country unless their life collapses, Anne and Ruthie are part of a wave). Novel takes place during November 2008. Ruthie calls Anne up to say she met someone. It was the last thing she expected to happen, she had not been looking for a boyfriend and wasn't even sure she wanted one. Both girls tune into their Higher Self and Ruthie tells Anne everything her Higher Self says. Also Anne's life in Tucson. She swims at public pool, posts on news forum. It's an innocent happy carefree book because the light at the end of the tunnel is so much brighter.< Less
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Don't Tell Mom By Richard Baker
Paperback: $9.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Come on, take off your shoes and socks. Stick them in this hedge. No one will see them. Walk with me barefoot through that fresh plowed field and feel the soft warm moist soil cuddle your feet. Who... More > ever said that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place has never been down to the Allen's house. Meet Doug Don, his pigs, his horse and his old wooden garbage wagon. Walk through the woods, swim in the Cass River and move the outhouse back, but don't tell Mom. Catch the Fireflies. Watch them crank the Gas up to the top of the pump into that glass holder before it goes into the tank of that old square backed car. Pull Pea Vines off the truck on its way to Clark Canning Company. Nothing tastes as good as fresh raw Pea's, but don't tell Mom. Then after our trip is through, we will pull our shoes and socks out of the hedge and put them on before we go home, but don't tell Mom. And when she says, "I don't how you get your feet so dirty," don't tell Mom!< Less
Once Upon an Apple Martini By Kendal Taylor
Hardcover: List Price: $35.99 $21.59 | You Save: 40%
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There’s nothing like a strong drink after a day of hard work. Calyssa is at her favorite bar, drinking, because things aren’t going swimmingly. After landing a remunerative job at Shred... More > Unread, Calyssa was able to afford a one-bedroom apartment to prove to her mom she’s now an adult. However, there’s Babette who wants Calyssa fired. Mr. Grunt—the founder and CEO of Shred Unread—wants to see Calyssa first thing Monday morning. To get her fired, for sure. What would her mom think? Calyssa must keep her job. Whatever it takes. The only person who can protect Calyssa is her boss Adam, who’s in Hawaii. But, what if he declines to speak up for her? Calyssa decides to blackmail him, a task for which she’ll go to Hawaii, find him and get him drunk, and take some provocative photos of him naked. This is how Calyssa ends up in Honolulu with a stolen fish, a black cat, a liar, a stripper, and a gambler—searching for Adam—to only learn that Hawaii is indeed a land of creation, but also a land of destruction.< Less
The Doleful Passing of Lilies By Patricia Amaro
Hardcover: List Price: $27.04 $18.93 | You Save: 30%
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Hazen Jensen and Lily Cole used to be typical teenagers. The girls spent their days swimming at the lake, gossiping about the paper boy, and dreaming of venturing out into the real world. That is... More > until Lily is found dead. Now, it appears the whole town, including her longtime friend Ryan, blame her. As family secrets begin to surface Hazen finds friendship in the most unexpected people. Elva- a quirky family friend and mother of two that always has the right thing to say. And even more unexpected, Officer Mark, the Officer in charge of Lily's case. But even with their support, will she be able to move on? Lily watches people. Lily lives in a "blue beauty" on the outskirts of town. Lily follows him around. Lily is stuck in the middle. She's waiting And watching. Told from the point of view of two different, but oddly connected teenagers, The Doleful Passing of Lilies, reaches beyond the boundaries of life and death to explore the strong bonds of family and friendship in a small town< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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