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The Man Who Couldn't Sleep By Arthur Stringer
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Arthur Stringer (February 26, 1874 – September 13, 1950)... More > was a Canadian novelist, screenwriter, and poet who later moved to the United States.He published 45 works of fiction and 15 other books, in addition to writing numerous filmscripts and articles.Stringer was born in Chatham, Ontario, the son of Sarah Mary Delmage and Hugh Stringer. "He was a high spirited boy who spent his childhood days fishing, swimming, raiding orchards and manning a pirate ship." In 1884 the family moved to London, Ontario, where Charles attended London Collegiate Institute. At the Institute he founded and edited a school magazine called Chips. He then attended University College, University of Toronto from 1892 to 1894 and later studied at Oxford University. Excerpt from:< Less
The Little Lady of the Big House By Jack London
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The Little Lady of the Big House (1915) is a novel by American writer Jack London. Biographer Clarice Stasz states that it is "not autobiography," but speaks of his "frank borrowing... More > from his life with Charmian" and says it is "psychologically valid as a mirror of events during [the] winter [of 1912–13]. The story concerns a love triangle. The protagonist, Dick Forrest, is a rancher with a poetic streak (his "acorn song" recalls London's play, "The Acorn Planters."). His wife, Paula, is a vivacious, athletic, and sexually self-aware woman (in one scene, she rides a stallion into a "swimming tank," emerging in "a white silken slip of a bathing suit that molded to her form like a marble-carven veiling of drapery.") Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Memories of Juliana By Brianna Swopes & Samantha Salazar
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Aiden Carson, an average nineteen-year-old boy, has his license, his parents are still together, and he has the best younger sister he could ever ask for, twelve-year-old Juliana. He isn’t a... More > perfect kid with an ideal life, though. His parents constantly argue, his only friend abandons him, and he’s one of the worst competitors on the school’s swim team. Even then he still has Juliana in his life, and she is always able to make him smile on his darkest of days. Everything is going alright, that is, until just another rainy October night on the West Coast—but it turns out to be anything but normal. Withdrawing from everything that is constant in his life, his grades start to drop and he becomes isolated from everyone. No one can penetrate the dark wall that keeps him away from his peers. That’s when he meets Reuben, a geeky asthmatic who everyone avoids, and Zoey, the lonely photographer who's always smiling. As their friendships grow, Aiden’s dark wall starts to crumble and he slowly begins to live again.< Less
Cattle Brands: Classic American Western Novel By Andy Adams
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It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail. From Red River north and all along was herd after herd waterbound by high water in the rivers. Our outfit lay over nearly a week on the South... More > Canadian, but we were not alone, for there were five other herds waiting for the river to go down. This river had tumbled over her banks for several days, and the driftwood that was coming down would have made it dangerous swimming for cattle. We were expected to arrive in Dodge early in June, but when we reached the North Fork of the Canadian, we were two weeks behind time. While a reader searching for a good story might find Adams' books somewhat dull today, historians and writers looking for an accurate depiction of the cowboy life have found them invaluable. Beyond his five best-known books, Adams also wrote two popular novels for juveniles later in his career.< Less
Home Grown By K.R. Van Sant
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Diana Morgan leaves the pot-growing community in rural California where she was born and raised as soon as she finishes high school. Now a single mother in her late thirties employed by the DEA, she... More > paradoxically finds herself ensnared in that world again when, during the course of her duties as a Spanish language wiretap monitor, she becomes aware that Gregorio Luna, a marijuana grower with whom she has a deep and unresolved high school history, is the target of an investigation. The story is further complicated when she learns that her restless 10-year-old daughter Natalia, who spends summers with her grandparents, has befriended Gregorio’s daughter Camila, and that Gregorio once saved Natalia from drowning at the local swimming hole. The story culminates in the courtroom with a jury trial. In the process, Diana’s relationship with her daughter slips out of her hands. She struggles with moral decisions, which in the end seem to make themselves.< Less
Even More Stop the Headlines By Melvyn Dover
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This is the fourth book in the 'Headlines' series. It's as full of quirky news headlines as ever. All are taken from regional newspapers and news websites, with a national daily providing the... More > occasional offering. You'll find evidence of the peculiar behaviour found in the animal kingdom, including human beings; you'll laugh at the bizarre nature of criminals who should know better; you'll marvel at the nearly-made-it emergency items, and cringe at those who make incredible mistakes. As for some of the scientific research which goes on . . . Can you resist such gems as : Drunk fancy dress party-goer arrested for impersonating police officer ; Man floats down River Kelvin on inflatable swimming pool in Glasgow ; US police shoot at actor posing as a robber ; or the earth-shattering - I shall call it Fluffy! Cloud dog spotted over south Norfolk? Each of the twelve sections of Even More Stop the Headlines contains snippets to amuse and entertain.< Less
Your Dream Body By Oswin Dacosta
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Belly fat is a common problem both for men and for women. It is very visible and it makes you feel bad and lacking confidence in yourself. Everybody dreams about waking up one morning without any... More > belly fat. This is not possible, as eliminating fat requires some effort. Exercising is the most effective way to achieve this goal and there are some exercises that you can practice at home. They are not very complicated either. One of the easiest exercises are the stretching exercises, such as side bends or vertical scissors. Aerobics are also one of the most effective ways of burning belly fat. Practice cardio exercises daily for around half an hour and you'll be satisfied with the results. You can practice whatever you want: cycling, swimming, jogging or simply walking. If none of this is appealing to you, gather your friends together and play something in open air, like tennis or basketball. Buy yourself a fitness ball as it also helps. Yoga is very popular because it improves your overall heath condition.< Less
A Quick Guide to Shaving Your Head: Tips from a Bald Guy By Michael Cimicata
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Shaving your head is becoming more and more popular everyday; books, articles, and advertisements on how to shave your head can be seen everywhere! People may choose to do it for a large variety of... More > reasons from hiding baldness, to a fashion statement, and even as far as swimming faster. When I first began shaving my head I was doing it because my hair was starting to thin; I figured that if I shaved my head nobody would really notice the difference in thickness between the hair on the top of my head and the sides. After about a week of shaving it I began to receive compliments from almost everybody that I knew ranging from them telling me that I had a nicely shaped head, to telling me that the shaved look was my optimal look. I have written this ebook as a way for me to share my expertise with you. I will outline a wide variety of tips that I have come up with over the years.< Less
The Crystal of Dreams By Paul Greenspan
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THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD NICK BARRETT was startled to see a harbor seal swimming close to the Cape Cod shore. But when the seal suddenly vanished in a crashing wave and an oddly dressed boy named Ethan... More > Kemp washed up on the beach, Nick’s summer vacation changed in an instant. Why did Ethan seem so very different than Nick and his friends? What was his connection to the seal? And why did he have no memory of his past? Back in Nick’s hometown of Sudbury Massachusetts, Ethan and his new friends try to solve the mystery of his past. They soon find themselves drawn deeply into a centuries' old puzzle involving a blind hermit, encounters with Babe Ruth and Henry Ford, an evil puppeteer who seeks to control their thoughts, and a crystal pendant whose secret is so powerful that the only solution may be to return to the past to keep it hidden forever. The Crystal of Dreams is a story of time travel and friendship spanning colonial and modern times.< Less
Princess Underdrawers and the Dragon By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
What would you do if you found a great blue dragon in your pond? Princess Underdrawers knows exactly what to do. Once the Princess untangles the dragon from the weeds and reeds of the pond, they... More > become good friends and have wonderful days of adventure. This is the first in the Princess Underdrawers Books, inspired by a friend named Pat, swimming around on a noodle in the pool, and another friend who was building a deck one morning in her pink dress and tool belt. Princess Underdrawers is a strong, brave, independent girl who knows how to have fun and solve problems as well. Delight your young reader with this first in the series of Princess Underdrawers Books. Keep watching for more as Chris creates the illustrations for: A Dragon in Autumn, Night Lights, and Dragons and Sandcastles - the other 3 books the series. In the meantime, check out the many children’s books we have on,, and Search Chris Morningforest or Rebecca Raymond on all sites.< Less

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