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Ark By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Maria Fortelli is a Nursing Student at the Brookhaven Medical Center in Prescott Arizona; her brother, Asher, is a young traffic cop for the Prescott Police Department. Relaxing at home, they heard... More > movement outside, then suddenly they saw a man running across the yard. Asher went outside to find a stranger laying face down in the swimming pool. Asher dove into the water and pulled the man out. after the stranger was carried into the house and set on the sofa, Maria and Asher were taken aback by the man’s completely dry clothing. Maria was in awe at the man’s physical form and beauty; Asher was more concerned by the man’s modern-esque Roman-style clothing, the device he was earing on his left wrist, and the insignia that he was over his left breast. This story followed Officer Fortelli and Enforcement and Protection Sentinels, Torrin Pullo Cirlius and his partner Vir Delora as they, first, track down a dangerous fellon, and later, get humans from two worlds to realize that each other exits.< Less
The Wonders of the Jungle, Book 1 By Prince Ghosh
eBook (ePub): $1.99
I have just told you that, after drinking, the elephants jump into the water and have a bath and a swim. That is, all the grown-up elephants do that, while the little ones stay on the bank and play... More > about. But, you may ask, why does not the tiger try to grab one of the little ones then? Because even when the Mammas go into the water they keep their eyes on the babies, who play quite near by, so that the Mammas can come to them any minute. And the Mammas can smell a tiger a little before he gets there, so that they have enough time to climb out of the water. Besides, the babies themselves can smell the tiger when he is coming; then they call out to their Mammas by making a queer rumbling sound in their throats, and the Mammas come to them at once, before the tiger can get there. So all the grown-up elephants can go into the water, without any worry. And at first they have a regular shower bath. How do they do that? Why, each elephant fills his trunk with water;.....< Less
Seeing Is Believing By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Denver Belvori is P.E. Coach at Worthington High. Shelby Green, the girl’s Basketball Coach, is Denver’s fiancée who lives with him. One hot Friday afternoon, Denver sees Shelby... More > and her team off on their 76-mile road trip to Manover High on Saturday. The Principal reminds him that he has to help chaperone the Mixer the following evening. After school, Denver goes home to a hot and humid apartment. He changes into swimming trunks, grabs a blanket and heads for the beach. Soon, it begins to rain and Denver takes shelter in a cave. He hears a sound, walks towards the rear of the cave and is suddenly blinded by an intense red beam. Denver is found, taken to the hospital and discovers that he is permanently blind. He finds that his whole life has changed in an instant. Soon, he is given new sight, meets and befriends Korth and begins an adventure into alien technology, new abilities and Korth’s violation of an alien rule, mandated by the Assemblage 14 worlds regarding contact with the humans of Earth.< Less
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Innocent Eyes - On a New World By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
The Neltray Dov have been covertly excavating salt from sea water from Earth and other planets for over 2,000 years. Their lives closely matched those living in communist China, except the people of... More > Neltray Dov and aboard the galaxy-traveling Mother Ships experienced a life that was comfortable, their needs were met and freedom of choice. Or so one individual named Gan thought when his breather malfunctioned and he was forced to surface near a beach. He was surprise to see people that looked like him; swimming and playing freely on the sandy beach. He cautiously walked upon the beach where he found a blanket containing unusual looking items. He reached down, picked up an electronic device and ran with it; hiding it in his wetsuit. The Guardians rescued him and he was taken back to his Excavator. He wasn't aware that the device he stole was a miniature television, but through it, and some years later, he and his brother learned to speak English and learn that they were not as free as they thought.< Less
List of 13 By E.A. Comiskey
Paperback: List Price: $16.36 $13.09 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
If Jim C. Hines wrote about Gilmore Girls taking a journey through the underworld, it might be a little something like A LIST OF 13. Death sucks, but there’s good beer in Purgatory. Alice and... More > her adult daughter, Claire, created a “bucket list” of thirteen experiences they would seek out before Alice died from cancer. They never expected to die in a plane crash attempting to cross off number three. Now, mother and daughter are stuck in the underworld, unable to move on to their ultimate destiny until they finish the list, but finding an Irish Pub near the Fields of Asphodel, or swimming naked in the ocean while being pursued by bloodthirsty Aztecs and a smitten Egyptian god is as hard as it sounds. When everything they ever thought they knew is challenged, will faith be enough to carry them through? A LIST OF 13 moves between the time after Alice’s death and the time before, allowing the reader to explore the way her relationships evolve and intertwine throughout her life and beyond.< Less
Riley and the Roaring Twenties By James Anderson O’Neal
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Prohibition-era New York swims in a sea of illegal booze and the party looks like it’ll never end. Even so, dark deeds and bad men lurk behind the good life. Returning from Europe’s... More > conflicts, stoic Riley rushes back to the farm but smooth-talker Cornelius aspires to a new life. As a crime reporter amidst the Algonquin Round Table’s glitterati and the seedy underbelly where deals get done and so do people, he gets a deadly ringside seat as organized crime changes forever. Back in Missouri, Riley meets the daughter he’s never seen, though dark scars from the past loom. When Cornelius falls into the clutches of a criminal mastermind, Riley heads east to settle accounts. The city that never sleeps had better watch out. Riley and Cornelius stumble across the secrets behind three of history’s great unsolved mysteries. Dorothy Parker, Al Capone, Damon Runyon, Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein, J.P. Morgan, and a Marx brother or two — any of these might make the difference between life and death for our duo.< Less
My Iron Spine By Helen Rickerby
eBook (ePub): $6.92
The things that give us strength are often the same things that suffocate or cage us. Empress Elisabeth’s iron spine was her corset, tightly laced, constricting her but giving her backbone.... More > Reclusive poet Emily Dickinson found caged comfort in her room. Ada Byron’s mother tried corseting her with numbers, to counteract the madness she may have inherited from her father. Other characters in the poems of Helen Rickerby’s new collection My Iron Spine, including the poet herself, find ‘iron spines’ in family, love, society, isolation, religion, knowledge and radiation. The first section weaves an autobiographical narrative, while the second exquisitely brings to life the stories and voices of women from history. The two combine in the final section, where the poet sunbathes with Joan of Arc, goes swimming with Virginia Woolf and parties with Katherine Mansfield. The poems in this original and playful collection resonate and connect with each other, building a coherent whole greater than the sum of its parts.< Less
SUNSHINE IN MY SUITCASE: travels with a poet By Carolyn Caines
Paperback: List Price: $12.50 $11.88 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Who hasn’t once thought how lovely it would be to bring home the sunshine in your suitcase? In this volume of poetry you can share the feeling of standing near a volcano, riding a catamaran in... More > Hawaii, or eating reindeer stew in Finland. You may swim with turtles, go parasailing, or climb the Eiffel Tower. Even as travel photos evoke memories of places you have been, so do lines of poetry. They stir up the joy and laughter of another time and even cause one to contemplate new revelations or mysteries discovered along the way. I’ll take a patch of blue sky to sew into this gray morning, a warm breeze around my shoulders, a bit of sun-washed sand under my feet when I get up. Why can’t I bring home paradise? I’d let you feel it before it sinks back into the lining of my suitcase.< Less
Thoughts of a Teenager By Donald Thompson II
eBook (PDF): $6.63
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During the small steps I took through my last few years I have learned a couple lessons. #1 take it easy when things do not go your way because only patience can bring an end to a bad day. #2 only... More > worry about you until you are through because you cannot jump in to save them if you know you cannot swim. #3 and the most important one to me, is that the world is what we make it, whether we like or not and with a little hard work the earth could be our favorite spot. Now do not let me confuse you, these poems have little to do with teaching life lessons. As a matter of fact they were created for simple enjoyment whether you are in times of grief and pain, happiness, joy, love or sorrow. I am sure you will find a poem to read today that you will still like tomorrow. Again I do not intend to bore, teach or impose! These poems are just some thoughts of a teenager you may or may not know.< Less

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