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Lotito's Visual History of Pequannock - Vol. 1 By Christopher Lotito
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A 26 plate visual tour of the history of Pequannock Township, New Jersey, including Pompton Plains, Butler, and other associated demesnes. List of Plates: Pompton Plains R.R. Station (col.... More > 1900's)(cover) East and West Jersey (Worlidge, 1800's) Pequannock, Montville, Boonton (1800's) Butler Genealogical (1800's) Pequannock Genealogical (1800's) Pompton Plains R.R. Station #1-#4 (2004, unrestored) Pompton Plains R.R. Station #1,2 (2012, restored) Guardbank South of Spillway (1920's) Culvert, Pequannoc (1920's) Pequannoc Spillway (1920's) Pompton Dam, Pompton Plains (2012) Pequannoc Spillway, Pompton Plains (2012) Railroad North from Jefferson St. (2012) The Pequannock River (col. postcard 1900's) Swimming Pool, Camp Madison (postcard 1900's) Welcome Wagon / Country Furniture Shop (1950's) First Reformed Church Postcard #1 First Reformed Church Postcard #2 First Reformed Church Burnt #1 FRC Burnt #2 Pequannock, 1950's Aerial w/ Church Pequannock, 1950's Aerial w/ Village< Less
Disquiet - the Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran By Paul Tapp
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1991-In the foothills of Tasmania’s Mount Wellington a Vietnam veteran, Joe Gilewicz is shot dead by a special police group. Their version is simple: he shot at us, we shot back. A ballistics... More > cop enters the killing zone and plants evidence to shore up the official police line…but he can’t go on with it. He confesses and expects prison.The dead man is a comrade in arms. Born in a Nazi concentration camp, Stan Hanuszewicz is a two-tour Vietnam Vet. The dead soldier’s parents, holocaust survivors too. They met behind the wire in a death camp.'I cannot watch when they pull my fingernails out,' she tells the author.'Swim from Gestapo' her friend calls as they make a bid for freedom in icy waters near the camp. ‘Disquiet’ is an unedited compilation of formal court statements and recorded family anecdote. Today Joe’s death is recorded as ‘justifiable homicide’. Disquiet is self-published on Lulu for the record.< Less
Commando By Deneys Reitz
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(Revised in May 2009) Deneys Reitz was 17 when the Boer War broke out in 1899. Reitz describes that he had no hatred of the British people, but "as a South African, one had to fight for one's... More > country." Reitz had learned to ride, shoot and swim almost as soon as he could walk, and the skills and endurance he had acquired during those years were to be made full use of during the war. He fought with different Boer Commandos, where each Commando consisted mainly of farmers on horseback, using their own horses and guns. Commando describes the tumult through the eyes of a warrior in the saddle. Reitz was fortunate to be present at nearly every one of the major battles of the war. Commando is a straightforward narrative that describes an extraordinary adventure and brings us a vivid, unforgettable picture of mobile guerrilla warfare, especially later in the war as General Smuts and men like Reitz fought on, braving heat, cold, rain, tiring horses, and lack of food, clothing, and boots.< Less
The Wire Tappers By Arthur Stringer
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Arthur Stringer (February 26, 1874 – September 13, 1950)... More > was a Canadian novelist, screenwriter, and poet who later moved to the United States.He published 45 works of fiction and 15 other books, in addition to writing numerous filmscripts and articles.Stringer was born in Chatham, Ontario, the son of Sarah Mary Delmage and Hugh Stringer. "He was a high spirited boy who spent his childhood days fishing, swimming, raiding orchards and manning a pirate ship." In 1884 the family moved to London, Ontario, where Charles attended London Collegiate Institute. At the Institute he founded and edited a school magazine called Chips. He then attended University College, University of Toronto from 1892 to 1894 and later studied at Oxford University. Excerpt from:< Less
A Sons Tale By Derek Sullivan
eBook (PDF): $7.31
Non-Fictional story of 2 Royal Navy minesweepers that the authors father joined in ww2, both ships being surrounded in controversy, one became the last RN ship to be torpedoed and sunk during WW2... More > with only one survivor, but did the UBOOT fly the black flag? The other being a BYMS, newly built in the USA, she was hit by a Glider bomb in the Aegean in November 1943, but managed to reach Leros only to be captured as she sailed for repair by a German commander who spoke good English and duped them into following him, some of the crew managed to swim ashore and then make it to Turkey so evading capture, one even escaped from capture, they never swept any mines, but did the Kriegsmarine capture the Confidential Books ? . The CinC Levant wrote "The direction of these operations was seriously hampered by the capture of BYMS 72 at Kalymnos on the night of 11th/12th November which resulted in all the codes carried by these small craft being compromised"< Less
Ready to Excel By William Alazawi & Laura Maria Vearncombe
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Life on the wards can be a real challenge. The hospital has a language and a process all of its own and it’s easy to be baffled by ‘the way things are done’. We all know what we... More > want to achieve personally and for our patients. Yet, despite knowing our stuff, it can be hard to make that ward round go swimmingly, to make the perfect referral or make that entry in the notes we all want to put our names to. Clear and concise, each chapter deals with a separate part of life in the hospital. By revealing the reasoning behind their advice, and by explaining the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of going about your working day and not simply telling you ‘what you need to do’, the team of doctors who wrote this book will give you the tools to make the best contribution to life on the wards. So whether you’re a medical student keen to understand how your firms are going to work, or whether you’ve qualified and want to know how to shine in your career, this book will unlock the secrets of clinical life.< Less
The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 27. Miscellaneous Medical Topics (Safety Consciousness, First - Aid, Emergency Survival, Medical Products for Sale, Sleep, Dreams, Sunshine Power) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
In an emergency, don't lose your head. Panic creates mistakes. There are all types of emergencies. Most people don't realize that if your car goes into the water, the water pressure outside the... More > car door makes it virtually impossible to open. Either keep a screwdriver, hammer or punch near the driver's seat so you can quickly break the window and swim out. If you don't have that, kick the windshield out. The only way I know that is that I watched a safety video and learned it. You might think it's boring but I took the time to educate myself about all the types of hypothetical dangerous situations I could be in and how to handle them. If it happens, you know exactly what to do. Knowing what to do can keep you calm and brave. Learn safety information with everyone in your household including children. Create an emergency plan for the entire family so that everyone knows what to do.< Less
Last Dance With Jim Crow - Houston 1951-1963 By James Elliott McCall
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What was Houston like 60 years ago? See Houston through the eyes of a white boy growing up from 1951 to 1963 in Jim Crow, segregated Houston as it faced government mandated integration. Fish for... More > crawdads on the bayou, ride horses in Hermann Park, swim at Crystal Pool and try your luck at the Playland Park shooting gallery with real .22 rifles. Attend Montrose Elementary School on West Main, long since torn down. Listen to the ghosts that still inhabit that piece of ground. Live through Hurricane Carla in '61. Duck and cover in panic as the air raid sirens wail during the Cuban Missile Crisis in '62. See the police dogs and fire hoses break up the chain-ins at Woolworths downtown, smell the unique fragrance of Foleys and go see a movie at the Trail Drive-In, replaced by the Astrodome, now also a distant memory. 500 pages of Houston's roots and the changes it underwent. A novel of indisputable truth and accuracy!< Less
Life Should Feel Good By Kelley Dos Santos Kremer
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This book asserts the importance to recognize and embrace your current situation. Whatever you're experiencing right now is precisely where you need to be in order to bring you to your next moment.... More > All you've got is this moment in time. Your life is characterized by patterns of stress, anxiety, excitement and ambition. In an easy-to-read format, this manuscript holds people accountable for their situations. It examines the perception that most people think they're successful only when they're working in perfect external conditions. They surround themselves with external rewards and blame their success as well as their failures on their outside circumstances. What they don't realize is where they are has much more to do with their internal happenings. As Warren Buffet teaches us,"You can never tell whose swimming naked until the tide goes down." Positive thought patterns create a life that feels good even with the changing tide.< Less
What to Do When You Really Need Money By Daniel Steinberg
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Trying to make money while you’re worrying about money is the equivalent of trying to swim a distance while wearing concrete shoes. You progress an inch or two and get so tired out from the... More > effort that you can’t continue, until you start sinking and gasping for air and the instinct to survive kicks in and you thrash about for another inch or two. Unless you’re really close to shore, the odds of your making it are generally not in your favor. That is the aim of this book: to offer the much-needed perspective someone in a state of financial crisis often lacks, and to serve as rescue boat of sorts, whose job is to drag a ship in a state of distress back home to safe harbors. This book is the result of my personal struggle with living paycheck to paycheck and being completely broke for years; it is my exit story and a record of the lessons I picked up along the way. I hope that you find value in it and share it with others who might find themselves in similar situations.< Less

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