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This magazine is created for the Saint Xavier University Computer Graphics Class. By Ya boy Eric West
Cloud Coffee By Elena Russo
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This is a book made for my computer graphics class. It is full of pictures that were made in Adobe Illustrator. The pictures were made during class.
Arts and Crafts By Cassidy Sponsler
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This is a compilation of artworks that were created during the Fall 2013 Computer Graphics class, taught by Nathan Peck. These images were created using tools such as: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe... More > InDesign.< Less
Sky's the Limit By Taylor Insalaco
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This magazine was created for my Fall 2013 Computer Graphics class at Saint Xavier University. It is composed of my own artwork as well as artwork from my classmates with their permission. It is a... More > collection of sky, or nature, artwork.< Less
Tea Mag By Amanda Podkulski
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This magazine is a collection of illustrations made on Adobe Illustrator. It is a collection of teapot and teacup drawings made in a Computer Graphics class. The collection includes different... More > artists' work including collaborations. The images created all use different techniques and tools off Adobe Illustrator, including the pen tool, brush tool, rectangle tool and the gradient tool.< Less
Transitions By Vince Canino
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This magazine that follows an in-depth look at my work that involves what I learned while in a course called Computer Graphics. The magazine includes work involving pieces of value, color, and... More > formatting with use of In Design, as well as my own personal work.< Less
Journey Of An Art Student By Robert Furlan
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This magazine will be showing you a lot of the art that I and my classmates have created through out the class of Computer Graphics. During the class we used the tools within the programs of Adobe... More > Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop which you will see where my art and the other in the class were completed< Less
Simply Crazy By Karina Ramirez
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Visual images that have been created during my first two years in Saint Xavier University from different classes. This magazine has been made in my Computer Graphics class taught by Nathan Peck. The... More > world of art and photography is not limited to just pencil and paper, but a whole creative world awaits to be explored.< Less
The Artist Closeup By Tania Gutierrez
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This is a magazine that was made in my computer graphics class and art portfolio class. This magazine is a portfolio of my work during the Fall of 2013. Most of my work is on there and also includes... More > some pieces from high school while I attended Evergreen Park Community High School. This magazine might end up one of many of my work here at Saint Xavier University.< Less
Global Geographic By Pedro Santos
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A look into a future scenario in which our world is thrown many natural disasters and catastrophes.

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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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Giving Back Giving Back By James Jones & Jody Fuson
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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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