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Satsuma Bushido: Life Lessons by Shimazu Jisshinsai Tadayoshi By Joe Swift
Paperback: $5.00
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For centuries, the warriors of Satsuma were both feared and respected for both their ferociousness in battle as well as their ideals in life. For the first time in English, learn the ideals and... More > precepts that shaped the Bushi of Kagoshima, the same ideals and precepts that produced such legendary heroes as Saigo Takamori, one of the nobles who led the Meiji Restoration.< Less
Human Bullets A Soldier's Story of Port Arthur By Tadayoshi Sakurai
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Kokusai Tosogu Kai, 2005 International Convention and Exhibition Supplement By Richard George
Paperback: $56.57
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a supplement to "Kokusai Tosogu Kai, 2005 International Convention & Exhibition". It includes color photographs of over 60 items that were on display at the exhibition... More > but were not included in the original exhibition catalog. In addition, it also has several articles on Japanese sword fittings related topics.< Less
Swords from the Nihonto-Club Germany 2 By Markus Sesko
Paperback: $63.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
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After about two years we are proud to present the second catalogue of the Nihonto-Club Germany. Again, and with the support of our members, we have collected and catalogued altogether 31 blades... More > whereas this time tsuba and kodogu also appear in the catalogue. This publication not only introduces „well-known“ and „classical“ items but also fine blades by rare masters like Jitsu´a, Ko-Hoki Sadatsuna, or the 3rd generation Hizen-Tadayoshi for example. The order follows the usual way, i.e. Koto, Sue-Koto, Keicho-Shinto, Shinto, Shinshinto, and Gendaito.< Less
E Masters of Keicho Shinto By Markus Sesko
eBook (PDF): $19.90
E Masters of Keicho-Shinto. Featured swordsmiths: Umetada Myouju, Horikawa Kunihiro, Horikawa Kunitomo, Horikawa Kuniyasu, Horikawa Kunimasa, Awa no Kami Ariyoshi, Fujiwara Hirozane, Osumi no Jo... More > Masahiro, Dewa no Daijo Kunimichi, Horikawa Yoshikuni, Horikawa Hiroyuki, Etchu no Kami Masatoshi, Iga no Kami Kinmichi, Echigo no Kami Kinmichi, Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi, Noda Hankei, Nanki Shigekuni, Tegai Kanekuni, Echizen Yasutsugu, Higo no Daijo Sadakuni, Echizen Kanenori, Echizen Kanetane, Yamato no Daijo Masanori, Wakasa Fuyuhiro, Kashu Kanewaka, Sagami no Kami Masatsune, Hida no Kami Ujifusa, Hoki no Kami Nobutaka, Kaneie/Nobuie, Aki Teruhiru 1st, Aki Teruhiro 2nd, Hizen Tadayoshi, Hizen Munetsugu, Dotanuki Kiyokuni< Less
Schwerter des Nihonto-Club Deutschland 2 By Markus Sesko
Paperback: $63.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Nach etwas über zwei Jahren freuen wir uns, bereits den zweiten Katalog des Nihonto-Club Deutschland präsentieren zu können. Erneut haben wir mit Unterstützung unserer Mitglieder... More > Klingen gesammelt und katalogisiert, diesmal 31 an der Zahl, wobei auch tsuba und kodogu Einzug in den Katalog gefunden haben. Es sind dabei nicht nur „altbekannte“ und „klassische“, sondern auch sehr seltene anzutreffende Meister wie z.B. Jitsu´a, Ko-Hoki Sadatsuna oder die 3. Generation Hizen-Tadayoshi vertreten. Die Reihung erfolgt in gewohnter Manier, sprich Koto, Sue-Koto, Keicho-Shinto, Shinto, Shinshinto, und Gendaito.< Less

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