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Lessons With Master Liang: T'ai-Chi, Philosophy, and Life By Ray Hayward
Paperback: $29.95
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In 1964, Master T.T. Liang traveled to the United States with his teacher, Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing. The purpose of their visit: To demonstrate and teach Tai-Chi at the United Nations and introduce... More > this art to America. Master Liang remained here for the rest of his life to share this "whole world's exercise" with Americans. He taught Tai-Chi to thousands of students, and published a definitive English translation of the Tai-Chi Classics. Ray Hayward's Lessons With Master Liang contains notes from the author's private lessons with Master Liang, as well as articles about Liang and many rare photos from his life. This book is an essential resource for any Tai-Chi student seeking to deepen their knowledge of this art.< Less
Tai Chi For Your Health Benefits By Ruby Wellington
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This no-nonsense Tai Chi E-book gives you all that you know to know about the Benefits of using Tai Chi to improve your health, your well- being and every aspect of your Life. Use The Techniques of... More > Tai Chi, Tai Martial Arts and Kung Tai to Master The Art of Tai Chi And Enjoy The Health Benefits That All These Forms Of Tai Chi Have To Offer To You Each And Everyday!< Less
Turning Returning, Here to Here Spirituality By Anonymous
Paperback: $5.24
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This book is one beginner's ideas on how spirituality, while allowing us to journey, ought to bring us back to our bodies, earth, relationships, and Life... Turn, turn, turn, ... Returning... Here to... More > Here< Less
The Origin of the Yin Yang Symbol By George J Barratt
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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The Yin Yang or Tai Chi symbol is recognised throughout the world as an icon represented in a number of belief systems and as a component of the national flag of South Korea. History does not record... More > when or where the Yin Yang symbol originated, though it first appeared in Chinese records over four thousand years ago. It seems reasonable, therefore, to suggest that it originated in China. The symbol was developed by ancient thinkers, (today we would probably call them cosmologists), who were attempting to understand the universe. They were obviously thorough in their work for, in proper scientific fashion, they closely observed, measured and recorded their subject ― the universe ― or, more precisely, the heavens. The shape of the Yin Yang symbol is based on their observations.< Less
Ways of Learning: A Handbook For Teachers And Students Of The Martial Arts By Paul Read
Paperback: $16.57
Prints in 3-5 business days
Most books on Tai Chi and the Martial Arts focus on exercises. Ways of Learning takes a different approach by asking a simple question: How is any of this going to help me learn what I need to learn,... More > teach what I need to teach? The answers reveal themselves throughout the 18 chapters in this book. * How to Find your own Learning Path * How to rediscover the Warrior Spirit * The Art of Yielding, listening and Speaking * Technology and Taoism * Popular Teaching Illusions * Standard Clichés to Avoid * Going Beyond the limits of Copying * Training Checklists for Students and Teachers * Getting your Students to Teach Forget diagrams and photos of postures. You can get those in class. Here are the ways to bring a new and fresh approach to both learning and teaching.< Less
The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing: Tai Chi and the Noble Art of Leaving Things Undone By Paul Read
Paperback: $18.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing is a book that introduces us to a new perspective on Tai Chi and 21st Century Living. Step by Slow Step, this manual shows: * How to reach out and grasp life with more... More > energy, with more passion and with more wisdom. * How to absorb the simple lessons of Taoism and Tai Chi into your daily activities with no sweat and no stress. * How to learn to get out of our own way, so that life can pursue its natural course * How to remain tranquil and calm under the stress of daily life and yet stay intensively connected to the world around. If you are a beginner to Tai Chi and Taoism, and new to these ancient disciplines or an Intermediate student looking for a new approach to your practise, The Manual of Bean curd Boxing will aid you in this ancient yet contemporary art of doing, without doing.< Less
Combat & Healing Volume 63 December 2011 By Nasser Butt
Paperback: $21.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
The complete guide to the Internal Fighting & Healing Arts. Copyright©Nasser Butt
The Official Constitution of the Universal Martial Arts Federation By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $6.86
Prints in 3-5 business days
A way forward for many independently minded martial artists; this is the Official Booklet of the Universal Martial Arts Federation (UMAF), a worldwide organisation set up to register practitioners,... More > styles (new & old), schools, clubs and dojo that believe in non-aggressive martial arts as a method of achieving health, longevity, self-defence and a means of giving to society, without the emphasis on taking life. The booklet gives examples of grading systems, guidelines on expected conduct, as well as listing the officers of the UMAF and how to contact them for registration and advice. New styles are encouraged to develop, alongside established systems, while non-damaging forms of self-defence, along with martial-art-based methods of repairing bodies and minds (such as anma, shiatsu, dynamic bodywork & katsu)that have been affected by previous improper and damaging training, are also encouraged.< Less
Qigong - Unlimited Personal Power and Energy By Paul Mracek
Paperback: $5.02
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This book is a introduction into the world of Qigong and the health benefits that the practitioner can achieve through its regular practice of reducing stress, increasing energy,balancing emotions... More > and calming the spirit. Qigong is a potent system of use and maintenance of energy used widely in China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate life energy (qi). Qigong practice leads to improved health and vitality and a tranquil frame of mind. In the past, qigong was likewise called nei gong (inner work) and dao yin (guiding energy). Because qigong lets in both dynamic and gentle methods that may be practiced from standing, seated, or supine postures, it's suitable for young and old. The soft qi gong style of this art form can be adopted for use by almost any age group. The idea is to increase the Qi levels, circulate it well through the body of the individual for the cleansing and energising effect.< Less
Qi Cultivation for Beginners Workbook By Benjamin Feeley
Paperback: $19.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Qi Cultivation for Beginners is your guide to harnessing your own body's natural healing ability. The author explains exactly how to start your practice, what to do, when to do it, and what to look... More > for. Written by an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, this book is one of its kind, allowing you insights into the most important part of any energetic exercise routine - the basics of how to really cultivate your own healing power. It is a perfect text for not only beginners, but advanced practitioners looking to review the founding principles of self-cultivation.< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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