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Taiji Fencing Principles, Vol. 1 By Chongyi Xia
Paperback: $24.95
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Taiji Fencing Principles, Volume 1 is the introductory handbook for foundational fencing ability in tai chi sword practices. This book offers practitioners of internal sword styles the necessary core... More > principles for applying their skills in fencing and combat, and provides an excellent starting point for swordsmen of other styles and newcomers alike. This 200+ page manual includes the 9 foundational principles, with 15 fencing drills, and over 30 illustrations. Tai Chi Sword is a classical Chinese martial art which is defined by its elegance and grace. But in true-to-life combat, it can be difficult to apply these deeper skills, as most resort to hacking and slashing while under pressure. In this handbook, the reader will learn how to train their thoughts and reactions to utilize the postures found in their Taiji / Tai Chi sword forms, and develop a sense of competence in the engagement with an opponent.< Less
Taiji quan et symbolisme animal By Thierry Lambert
Paperback: $9.49
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Que recèlent les images contenues dans les désignations des mouvements du taiji quan ? Tout un bestiaire ! Dragon, tigre, grue, moineau, serpent, cheval, coq d'or, singe sont... More > présents dans le grand enchaînement du style Yangjia michuan taiji quan.< Less
Taiji, Xingyi, Baguaquan Throwing By Way of Our Modern Masters By Mark Small
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This is a Chinese martial arts primer on using taiji, xingyi and baguaquan principles for throwing an opponent. It represents over 40 years of experience on the author's part, and it is packed with... More > useful knowledge. There are lineage charts, an extensive bibliograhy, index and glossary. The last chapter has descriptions of 37 applications detailed in over 100 photos of throwing techniques. Master Chen Yun-ching of Taiwan has written the forward. One chapter compares and contrasts Yang Family and Chen Pan-ling taijiquan forms; another sets out leverage-to-resistance principles; another shows how to use the Ba Men or Eight Gates; another explains the use of Silk Reeling Qigong for martial purposes; another explains the pre- and post-heaven bagua patterns as overlaid by the Lo River Map; another deals with san shou free fighting strategies; another sets out a series of exercises to use in training.< Less
Précis de Taiji Quan Vol.1 By Jessy Debarbieux
Paperback: $10.28
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Les Précis de Taiji Quan sont une série d'ouvrages reprenant chacun des principes du Taiji Quan qui apparaissent dans les textes anciens. Destinés à des pratiquants de... More > tous niveaux, ils visent à synthétiser les concepts fondateurs de notre discipline. Vous y trouverez des explications simples et des exercices pratiques pour progresser dans votre apprentissage. Les Précis vous présentent enfin les apports de cette discipline dans votre vie quotidienne avec des exemples concrets et des applications faciles à mettre en œuvre.< Less
Tai Chi By Andrey Shvets
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Original techniques of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a deadly weapon that is always with you.
Simplifying T'ai Chi By Trevor Reynaert
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Based on 30+ years of practising & teaching, a compilation of information for beginners to dispell misconceptions & give guidance on style to learn, class & teacher. Basic posture &... More > safe movement are introduced with information on simpler TC terminology & concepts to answer many of the questions you may ask (or wish you’d asked). Using 16 years experience teaching traditional & modified health TC, & of working with experienced teachers world-wide, Trevor explains basic principles so all ages & abilities can learn safely & experience the health-giving benefits that TC brings. Intended to supplement, not replace a teacher, simplified content gives reassurance & help for non-martial novices. Descriptions of basic posture & adaptations for health are given, but teaching of specific form or style is left to the teacher. A few QiGong, Yang & Sun style movement sequences are included for simple practice, reference or comparison taster, but not as a teacher substitute. The 2017 edition now introduces Zhan Zhuang.< Less
In Search of Authenticity By Raymond Towers
Paperback: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Raymond Towers has dedicated is adult life to the study of martial arts under the tutelage of some of the most renowned teachers in the world today. He dedicates this book to all his teachers and... More > students who have for the last forty five years taught him so much about martial arts and himself. As the title suggests this small book is a meditation, a product of deep thought and reflection. True authenticity, the true self; yielding is complete, the ego is quieted, the monkey mind still, the order and wisdom of nature is a given. One stands humbly upon the path, feeling if only for an instant the peace of not seeking and the gentle embrace of health and wholeness.< Less
Exercising the Soul By David-Dorian Ross
Paperback: $5.68
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David-Dorian Ross - America's Chi-vangelist - opens the door into the world of an ancient Chinese discipline known as Taijiquan - "The Art of Harmony." Widely known as a form of martial... More > arts, Taiji is also a method of self-development, a step-by-step process for returning to the authentic self, that part of you that some call "the soul."< Less
To the Edge of The Cyclone By Conrad Robinson
Paperback: $11.14
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A training manual for students of Hand of the Wind Taijiquan. Covers the complete Short Form (up to move number fifty, the end of the sequence: The Edge of The Cyclone) and the Feishou Form up to... More > movement number thirty. Hand of the Wind Taijiquan teaches the Lee Family Internal arts of Taiji and Qigong as taught by Professor Chee Soo. This manual also covers basic training principles and common stances used within the Forms.< Less
The Taijiquan Classics By Yun Zhang
Hardcover: $98.95
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Taijiquan is one of the most widely practiced and least understood martial arts in the world. Many people no longer practice Taijiquan as a martial art. Of those who do, few outside of China have had... More > the opportunity to read and understand the Classics of Taijiquan as the canon of the art. If there were scriptures pertaining to Taijiquan, the Classics would be those. The Taijiquan Classics serve as a fundamental reference for all serious students of Taijiquan. For non-Mandarin speakers, this book is the first complete compilation of the Classics in English, including clear and precise explanations of the essential concepts of Taijiquan. The Classics provide deep insight into Chinese culture generally, with descriptions of the teachings of Daoism that have guided a people over millennia. We hope that readers of this material will appreciate the depth of its content and the effort that was required to bring it to the level of clarity provided within.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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