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Tale of Manaeth By Phillip Campbell
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Written in the epic style of such classics as the Silmarillion and the Iliad, the Tale of Manaeth tells the story of a young princess reluctantly thrust into a position of leadership among her people... More > and faced with a hostile and powerful foreign aggressor. Through much hardship and many savage battles she leads her people to triumph and becomes the foundress of a nation. As the youngest girl in a family of six, Manaeth is an unlikely candidate for the throne of the Kingdom of Asylia. But when her entire family is murdered by agents of a cruel foreign king, she becomes the heir to the throne and the unexpected source of unity for her scattered and persecuted people. Though desiring peace she is forced to become a sovereign of war, and through fortitude and the shedding of much blood she labors to free her people from foreign oppression. Please read the reviews below to see what people are saying about this book! Please be warned, the battle scenes are intense; the book is not for children under age 13.< Less
Paladologies By Phillip Campbell
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Paladologies, the long-awaited sequel to Tale of Manaeth, picks up two years after the departure of the great Queen of Asylia and traces the fortunes of Manissa's family through the drama of the... More > centuries. Despite inheriting a unified and powerful kingdom, the sons of Manissa find themselves increasingly the objects of scorn by an entrenched nobility that wants nothing to do with their house, or the mysterious powers that flow in their veins. Punctuated with episodes of glory, tragedy, romance and even comedy, Paladologies carries the reader through the dizzying and often violent series of events that bring the house of Manissa from disinheritance and despair to a final restoration and redemption. Those who loved Tale of Manaeth will find Paladologies both a satisfying sequel and an excellent book in its own right. This book is not for the faint at heart; do you have what it takes?< Less

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