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Integral and Transpersonal Sexology By Editor: Tara Long
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The Connection yearbook is an anthology with essays on various integral and transpersonal (sexological) subjects written by leading academics, expert practitioners and therapists in the integral and... More > transpersonal sexological domain. This anthology offers revolutionary ideas on human sexuality and intimate relationships. Most articles in this book are written in clear and accessible language, and therefore readable for a wide audiance. Subjects like holistic sexuality, tantric orgasm, sexual drive versus sexual mindfulness, tantric yoga, tantric massage therapy, sex surrogacy, polyamory, sacred prostitution, and sexual shamanism are discussed and explored.< Less
The Vedic Sexual Code By Swami Ram Charran
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In this book, Swami Ram Charran introduces knowledge of the Vedic Codes on a very controversial subject that affects all human beings. The Vedic Science of Sexual Knowledge is what each person needs... More > to have in order to enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfactory love life or married life. With the methods presented, each person will know their partner's sexual needs and fantasies. They will also know how to solve any sexual problems that occur between them. This book also contains unique methods of understanding sexuality that have never been presented before...< Less
Space Sugar By Max West
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"A guy's got to use what's available." Overdosed and overamped, freewheeling sensation addicts, violence junkies, artists and Proctologists on a high gain loop to something or another. More... More > or less autobiographical novel about the life/work/shenanigans and hallucinations etc. of the Abstract Artist Max West and friends killing and painting in San Francisco during the punk rock 80's.< Less
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A Warrior's Guide to Red Tantra By michelle wood, phd
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THIS IS the definitive foundational text for RED TANTRA!. Be it for the student or tantric master; this book lays out the basic fundamentals around Red Tantric Practice. Included in this test is... More > male and female anatomy, sexual positions, oral sex, anal sex, STD’s, and the rare and seldom taught Taoist exercises for male and female sexual pleasure. This book is ideal for the tantric teacher and his/her students to set the building block for all other teachings to follow. For every warrior of all traditions who believe in the concept of Sacred Sexuality.< Less
Simone By D'Anna Duquesne
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Simone St. John, a contemporary feminist is not merely comfortable with her sexuality, she uses it to play men at their own game, wielding its power when its least expected. An Adept at sensual... More > seduction, Simone meets her match in studio head Leland Bale, a man’s-man, who to her disdain has both men and women catering to his every whim as if he’s a god. In spite of the fact that both are in long-term marriages to other people, in this age old battle of genders, man versus woman, they engage in an evocative and sensual game of sex-play designed to establish superior one-upmanship. Their ratcheting sexual escapades build and intensify into deep emotions, ultimately, forcing them to alter their long-held stereotypes and generalized opinions of the opposite sex. The game is on! Book One - The Enlightened Erotica Series< Less
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Chinese Kama Sutra By Eric Serejski
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The Chinese Kama Sutra is a compendium of Chinese classics on lovemaking. These texts are among the earliest treatises on the topic known to humanity, and are the only ones known to address the... More > fundamental role of sexuality in promoting health and healing. Deeply rooted in the Chinese perception of the universe, they complement and supplement the treatises on acupuncture, Oriental medicine and Taoism and are at the pristine origin of what will become Taoist sexuality. The Chinese Kama Sutra invites the reader in a journey towards health promotion. At the same time, it invites scholars such as cross-cultural specialists, and Oriental medicine practitioners to engage in further dialogs and research in their respective fields. Introducing the energetic concepts of prelude and of health and healing through 55 positions and 20 prescriptions, the Chinese Kama Sutra represents an indispensable adjunct in the world literature on sexuality and health promotion.< Less
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Love & Marriage are the foundation of the Universe. If there is no love, there is no marriage. If there is no marriage, there are no children and if there are no children, there is no world. If... More > there is no world then, there is no God. Marriage keeps the world in a continuous cycle of birth and rebirth. Because marriage has such a great influence on our very existence, the sages and masters of the Vedic Code of Science declared that no marriage should take place without the advice of a wise master. With this book you will learn to make the calculations necessary to find out what is the Code that determines the type of love relationship you have with your past, present of future partner. This is a powerful tool that allows you to understand your relationship and as a result of that understanding you can improve it.< Less

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