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Love & Marriage are the foundation of the Universe. If there is no love, there is no marriage. If there is no marriage, there are no children and if there are no children, there is no world. If... More > there is no world then, there is no God. Marriage keeps the world in a continuous cycle of birth and rebirth. Because marriage has such a great influence on our very existence, the sages and masters of the Vedic Code of Science declared that no marriage should take place without the advice of a wise master. With this book you will learn to make the calculations necessary to find out what is the Code that determines the type of love relationship you have with your past, present of future partner. This is a powerful tool that allows you to understand your relationship and as a result of that understanding you can improve it.< Less
Hierodule By Shen-Tat HeruSet
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This is an essay on one of the two ruined paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Its former position is from Bina to Kesed. It is also one in a series of chapbooks, "The Tree of Life of Light:... More > Walking tantric paths", through which the author outlines a new approach to Pathworking.< Less
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90 Hot Tips for Singles and Couples: Unlock Your True Potential By Ashley Sins
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Your guide to a completely satisfiying love life, for singles and couples. This easy to read e-book will give you some useful tips to improve your self confidence and your communication, in order... More > attract the person you like. You will learn how to flirt successfully and how to put the spark into a boring relationship. Then you will discover how to introduce novelty in your daily routine, what are the reasons and the solutions for premature ejaculation, how to speak openly about your fetishes and fantasies, how to prolong the orgasm and put some spice in your sexual relationship.< Less
AMAZING ORGASMS By Jackson W. Spiel & Vivian Dalembert
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This e-book is the perfect resource for men and women to learn some tantric inspired sensual techniques that are proven to provide heightened, prolonged orgasmic states. This book is especially... More > important for men to help dispell many of the conditioned and prevailing attitudes towards conventional sexual intercourse. After learning and mastering the simple techniques outlined in this book, your sex life will flourish and your woman will become the ultimate insatiable, sensual goddess that she is meant to be.< Less
Deception Preview By Krystal Milton
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Kells Garrett is on trial for murdering his late wife Kyana Garrett. As the trial unfolds, he has to face not only the loss of his freedom, but the truth about his late wife as all her misdeeds come... More > to light, painting her the seductress, and he the murderous jealous husband. Will the truth set him free? Or will it be his ultimate demise. Pisces a major drug overlord has finally found his soul mate. Struggling with the epic turf wars, a crumbling empire and police at his every turn, he tries to convince his love to stay all the while grooming his younger brother Vito to take his place. With Kyana Garrett’s death a whole new world of trouble opens up and Pisces finds himself caught between family and his heart.< Less
Sexual Sorcery By Dr. Thor Templar
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This is by far the finest book on Sex Magic available on the market ever! This book covers practices other Sex Magic books won't!! The most secret, strange and unusual practices are detailed in this... More > book. Many for the first time. Complete and practical information on: Tantric Universe's -- Hidden Dimensions in Sex - History of Sexual Sorcery -- Self Initiation -- Phoenix Mystery - Psycho-Sexual Circuit -- Nature of the Kalas -- Sexual Alchemy -- Alphaism -- Betaism -- Gammaism - Epsilonism -- Tarot of Sex - Gnostic Traditions - Secret Marriages of God with Man -- De Art Magica -The Book of the Three Mothers -- The Elixir of Life - Only the Guild brings you this uncensored look at true Sexual Sorcery. A complete and practical uncensored manual. This is not for those that are easily offended.< Less
Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden Volume One By Tanishka no legal surname
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We are experiencing an evolutionary shift which is ushering in a new era in relationships. 'Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden’ is a user friendly map for this transition... More > & the much anticipated sequel by Tanishka, author of the highly acclaimed Tantric workbook, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’. Tanishka, a stand-up commedienne turned Tantrika (with over 17 years experience) demystifies the three paths of Tantra with such startling revelations, practical tips & candid humor that love, sex & relationships in the Western world will never be the same again! In Volume One you will learn to create a harmonious ‘inner marriage’ which will transform the dynamic of your external relationships, whether you’re male, female, gay, straight, bi or transgender! These profound yet simple teachings herald the return of The Magdalene & are destined to become the most sought after love manual in the 21st Century!< Less
Mood Making Massages for Bedroom Bliss By John Stand
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Which Massage Types Will Help Your Sex Life Our sites: - - Most of us have had some form of massage in our lifetime; be that with... More > varying levels of technique and varying levels of satisfaction. I use the term “some form of massage” deliberately because there seems to be a plethora of different techniques out there such as; Sports, Therapeutic, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy, Hydrotherapy, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, Lomilomi, Swedish, Relaxation, Sensual, Erotic, Tantric, Yoni and Lingam to name a few. We are not here to moralize but there are also the dodgy “rub and tug” sessions that are all well known on a quick overseas trip somewhere like Thailand. The reality is that any massage form involves touch and it is widely known that touch can have therapeutic benefits such as relaxation, and even reduction in pain and anxiety. Taking that further, massage itself has also shown a huge number of benefits including; improved circulation.< Less
The Heart of Intimacy By C. Myrick
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Change your sex life and deepen your intimacy immediately. The Couple’s Guide to Being Great Lovers is a conglomeration of months of workshops, trainings and seminars, as well as thousands of... More > dollars of information. It contains detailed insight, experience, tools, tips, expertise and exercises - in a format that is both simple and effective. In this Guide, you will discover: • The three core competencies necessary for any relationship to work, • The Tantric Technique that will help you communicate effectively every time, and • Tons of exercises to re-discover the play, spontaneity, and pleasure in your love making! Life is just too short to not have the kind of love you want to have in it. Make every moment count. This Guide will show you how. Christin Myrick is a Certified Slow Sex Coach, Writer and Soul Seer. With hundreds of hours of training and workshops in sexuality and communication, She believes in creating truly inspiring, wild and precious lives through radical intimacy.< Less

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