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The Lovers By Zara Borthwick & Nicholas Arnold
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The Lovers is a delightful tale full of insight and a light that guides. The mystery of the Tarot card reveals and tells its own unique story that culminates in the past, present and future of... More > everyday life. If anyone has ever had an interest in the mystical, reading The Lovers, a Tale of the Tarot will truly be a wonderful story that explores the meaning of each Tarot card as the card comes to life and the image, animated. This story helps make us realise how fulfilling and realising our individual potential is a truth in the progression of human experience and relationships, and how we must never loose our innocence in the belief that faerietales do come true! Z&N Publishing< Less
Dew Drop By Damon White
Paperback: $12.99
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Dew is a Drop of Rain. He enjoys being Rain. Until he meets him. HIM...a different Drop from all the rest. He claims he can fly, and worse, claims Dew can as well. So begins the adventure of Dew... More > and the mysterious colorful Drop named Bowe. The pair forge a new path in our hearts and minds, whereby they show that a life of success, riches and fame, is not a life well lived without Significance. Damon White is a Fortune Teller. Instead of reading your future by examining the creases and callouses of your palms, interpreting images and numbers on Tarot Cards, or gazing deeply into the starry murk of a crystal ball, he tells a story which finds a certain fortune within you. Dew Drop's fortune is Significance.< Less
The Art Of Throwing Bones By Yvonne Glasgow
Paperback: $6.99
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Throwing Bones is a form of divination – like reading tarot cards. Unlike reading tarot cards, the bones are more personal to the individual diviner. You may have the same items in your kit as... More > another person and have each item mean something completely different than what they've attached to their trinkets and bones. "The Art Of Throwing Bones" is an introduction to a unique form of divination. This booklet will get you started on reading bones and putting together your own unique set.< Less
The Secret Keeper By Anya Miller Hall
Paperback: $10.49
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The occult has invaded the church! Contrary to popular opinion it is not through Ouija boards, tarot cards or crystal balls but through another more insidious means that is more deadly than them... More > all. Find out how this has happened and more importantly find out the identity of the secret keeper.< Less
eBook (ePub): $3.00
The vision of Ezekiel as given in the old testament is an answer to a question Ezekiel may have asked God. The question Ezekiel may have asked is : GOD, WHO ARE YOU? OR WHO AM I? The answer to both... More > of these questions are the same; for to know the answer as to WHO WE ARE, is the same as GOD, WHO ARE YOU? For the ultimate “I” within every living being is the I AM associated with KETHER the first sphere of the tree of life. In Genesis chapter one the first word is BERESHITH, which means the BEGINNING, FIRST. It is also the number one, or BETH of the Hebrew Alphabets. Out of Kether came Beth, who is the MAGICIAN, on the tarot. The vision of Ezekiel is similar to the tarot card the Magician with the four tools on his table.< Less
Butter on Table 7 By don the waiter
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Impressionistic sketches of a young waiter's reaction to life in the late 1970s - musings on existence, politics, and the restaurant business. Handwritten while high on 'shrooms and naked for all the... More > world to see. An attempt to find meaning in a culture dominated by celebrities and materialism. Seen thru' the prism of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Tarot Cards, the Bible and the Bistro, the European restaurant at which he worked. Some of the themes; Work is good, Become yourself, Face the Void, Align with the Divine by listening to the Little Voice< Less
Free Flow - Mind Flow - Colouring In By jody fraser
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This is a mystical book of lines which create organic images and inter-flowing shapes for you to colour ... freeing your creative mind flow as you follow their expressive forms. Some are like the... More > tracings of irregular ripples that oscillate out-wards, gradually searching for and finding form. Others are like tattoo holograms frozen in a moment of intense meaning ... much like the symbolic characters in a pack of tarot cards. And yet others have the ephemeral delicacy of a beautiful mandala. They reach into the soul to evoke the entire emotional repertoire of light and dark that co-exist within us all. The book contains 70 artworks drawn by Jody; some complete works, as well as sections from other pieces, which have been enhanced to assist you in developing your creative expression of colour. Colour using pencils or felt tips, but remember to place a sheet of card behind the page you are working on to protect the picture below.< Less
Fortune Telling With Tea Leaves - A Beginner's Guide By Sophia Buckland
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This introductory guide to tasseography - reading tea leaves - is perfect for you to begin telling fortunes. The ancient practice of divining fortunes with tea is one which is frequently overlooked... More > by those having heard of Tarot as a method richest in authenticity. Those truly informed however can confirm that simple tea leaves, when read correctly, can more than satisfy divination requirements. Within this guidebook are listed a huge number of tasseographic terms. The meaning of symbols as they appear in the bottom of your cup are discussed – both a long alphabetical glossary and twenty illustrated examples aid in your interpretations of the results. Author Sophia Buckland is a fortune teller and diviner of more than twenty years experience, having told thousands of fortunes through the use of tea leaves, playing cards and palms.< Less

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