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5 Most Popular Technical Indicators - Technical Analysis Series By Qompazz Inc.
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What is Technical Analysis? Moving Average MACD ADX & ADXR Stochastic Oscillator Bollinger Bands
Understanding Tom DeMark's indicators on CQG By Trevor Neil
eBook (PDF): $23.42
A manual for users of Tom DeMark's indicators on the CQG platform
Technical Analysis Explained By IFC Markets
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Technical analysis attempts to understand the market psychology by studying the behavior of the market in the past. If one understands the essence, benefits and limitations of technical analysis, it... More > can give him new skills to become a better trader. The main objective of “Technical Analysis Explained” is to help you learn the most essential and fundamental points of technical analysis, understand why and how successful traders use it in their trade and develop your own trading strategy based on technical charts and indicators.< Less
Forex Gamer - Master the Technical Trading Knowledge to Win the Game of Forex By Clance
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Forex Gamer is the first ever Total Complete Forex book that you will get to learn about the Technical Trading Knowledge which is the same stuff taught by those expensive Forex courses in the... More > market without ever the need to burn a big hole in your wallet. In this book, you will find out about Technical Trading Knowledge such as: The Basic of Forex Trading, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Sentimental Analysis, Forex Indicators and Oscillators, Forex Chart Patterns, Forex Candlestick Patterns. You will also get to find out the most crucial elements that separates the Professional Traders and Amateur Traders in the success of Forex Trading such as: Mastering the Art of Risk Management, Mastering of Trading Psychology. By equipping yourself with the knowledge which consist in the book around 245 pages, you can perform the Accumulation of Trading Experience to transform yourself into a winning trader in the game of Forex and create massive wealth along your trading journey.< Less
WWII Japanese Balloons and Attached Devices: Technical Air Intelligence Center Report #41, May 1945 By U.S. Naval Intelligence
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Beginning in 1944, trade winds carried weaponized Japanese balloons to the North America. This technical report, issued to Allied forces, shows ballon types, their equipment and locates all... More > discovered landings across East Asia, the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It calculates lift power, loads, and inferred performance. Commonly remembered as incendiary, a wider variety of payloads were indicated: personnel, explosives, germs, radiosondes, and anti aircraft gear. Memos describe recovered balloons and the poor results from extensive radar detection testing. The report closes with modeling flights, times, loads, and distances. This is a high quality facsimile of the typescript 115-page report, including 28 photos and 3 drawings. It offers a fascinating look at unmanned aerial vehciles of WWII.< Less
Three Blind Mice By Armando Silvier
eBook (PDF): $32.17
This is not another 'witty and insightful' book about how to make money 'easily' trading shares or currencies. Rather, it is a book that will open your eyes to the schemes and scams used by... More > 'interbank brokers' to legally take your money from you. The book also introduces a previously unpublished indicator developed by the author over the last three years. The 'Lonsdale Cross' is a unique indicator that, when used together with at least one other indicator and a disciplined trading methodology, will improve your profitability and reduce your losses.< Less
Burning Markets on Candlesticks By Rajat Rai
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The purpose of the book is to understand application of Technical Analysis indicators such as Moving Average and Candlesticks. The book will give a brief understanding of candlesticks and moving... More > average and will give a practical application of both of them. This will be done by applying them on Nikkei 225 – The Japanese Stock Exchange, Yen – the Japanese Currency and various Indian companies. The indicators used are only Candlesticks and Moving Average. The analysis will be limited only to the last twenty years because we can see a complete cycle of Nikkei in these past twenty years. The Limitation of book is it is not meant to predict the future of the market. It is just restricted to the analysis and understanding the past of the market. The book will also look into different Indian companies and the application of Moving Average on them.< Less
Navy Interior Communications Electrician: Volume 2 - NAVEDTRA 14121 - (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Center
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COURSE OVERVIEW: In completing this nonresident training course, you will demonstrate a knowledge of the subject matter by correctly answering questions on the following subjects: manual... More > bus transfers, frequency regulators, and motor controllers; anemometer systems; the stabilized glide slope indicator (GSI) system; and technical administration.< Less
Learn How to Earn using the Stock Market's money By Mark Brown
eBook (ePub): $12.84
Learn How To Earn: using the stock market's money, is a self help motivational book packed with strategies and methods on how to trade the stock market for profitable gains. It uniquely brings... More > together wealth psychology, money management and standard trading techniques to capture and stimulate the reader's interest in the subject of stock market trading and investing. Learn How To Earn gives readers an opportunity to gain personal wealth using the stock market: if they are willing to assume the risks. This book should be of interest to various readers from all lifestyles and within all kinds of professions. Therefore, it will suit: unemployed, employed, those who are seeking an opportunity to supplement their income, anyone who is seeking financial freedom, those who are pursuing personal wealth along with current traders and investors.< Less
The SECRET – Why Moving Average, RSI & Trendline always fail to Predict Market Turns and the Trick of Correctly Applying them for Day & Intraday Stock Market Forex Bitcoin Ethereum Trading. “An Predictive Tool that tells How Market will Unfold” By Khit Wong
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Chapter I: Technical Indicators are not Working Chapter II: Understand Indicator's Limitation & Strength Chapter III: Key Concept in Implicit Rules of Trend Chapter IV: How I use Moving Average... More > to Trade with Great Profit Chapter V: Applying the Correct Way to Draw Trendline and Receive a 3rd Dimensional Confirmation on Market Reversal Chapter VI: Correct Way of Reading the Market Chapter VII: Khit Wong's Trading Theory More Details at< Less