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Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela! Cartoons by Mikhaela B. Reid By Mikhaela Reid, Ted Rall
Paperback: $14.92
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(4 Ratings)
"Mikhaela Reid's cartoons are right *$%@ing on." -ALISON BECHDEL, author of Fun Home "Mikhaela B. Reid is an insurgent cartoonist: smart, irrepressible and unpredictable." -TED... More > RALL "Mikhaela Reid rocks!" -KEITH KNIGHT "With America’s most treasured values under relentless assault, Mikhaela Reid's cartoons keep the barricades bearable." -HOWARD CRUSE, author of Stuck Rubber Baby Bushies are bum-rushing Cheney's secret bunker! Ex-gays are quaking in their closets! Abstinence educators are shivering in their purity rings! Greedy CEOs are heading for the hills and Minutemen are bolting for the border! Mikhaela Reid is on the rampage—and no hypocrite is safe! 150+ cartoon hits, intro by Ted Rall, rarities, behind-the-scenes commentary. Reid's cartoons have appeared in Metro Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Phoenix, In These Times, Ms., and Funny Times. Reid was featured in the 2006 exhibit "She Draws Comics: A Century of Women Cartoonists."< Less
Hope, Change, and All That Crap By Kevin Moore
Paperback: $15.00
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2008 packed a lot of history. Bush’s last days, the divisive Democratic primaries, the ridiculous Republican primaries, Sarah Palin, the waterboarding of civil liberties, endless war(s), an... More > economy built on hot air, Obama’s glib equivocations — these and other good times are treated the only way cartoonist Kevin Moore knows how: with contempt. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Moore publishes In Contempt, a comic strip devoted to satirizing politics with venom. New strips appear at< Less
Deep Doodle: Cartoons by Masheka Wood By Masheka Wood
Paperback: $10.20
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(2 Ratings)
“Masheka Wood has powers way beyond mortal cartoonists. Get on his bandwagon now before there’s no room left.”—KEITH KNIGHT, creator of the K Chronicles and... More > (th)ink “Masheka Wood is an amazing draftsman and humorist and he’s just getting started... More proof that life isn’t fair.” —TED RALL, creator of Search and Destroy, author of Silk Road to Ruin Masheka Wood takes you deep into the warped, candy-colored recesses of his brain as he tackles a variety of social, political and just plain grody targets. Here are Wood’s “Not Just Knee Deep” cartoons, assorted illustrations and a delicious dose of old-school comics. Prepare to lose your mind—or your lunch! Wood's work has appeared on MTV, The New Standard and Jackson State University’s art exhibit, “Other Heroes: African American comics creators, characters, and archetypes.” He is a 2007 Glyph Comics Award nominee for ‘Rising Star’.< Less
Big Fat Whale's Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums By Brian McFadden
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Big Fat Whale is half sketch comedy, half weekly comic strip, and 100% FUN STUFF! It appears in alt-weeklies across the country. This collection features 150 of its funniest cartoons from the past 4... More > years. "Brian McFadden's rollicking "Big Fat Whale" is one of cartooning's largely undiscovered treasures. Smart, loose and always on-the-mark hilarious, it's one of the dozen or so comics that I make a point to read every week." - Ted Rall "Brian McFadden's cartoons are quirky and hilarious. Cartooning may be a dying art, but McFadden is a very funny buggy whip maker." - Tom Tomorrow, (This Modern World) "Brian McFadden's "Big Fat Whale" provides even bigger, fatter laughs... A rarity in the realm of politically conscious cartoons. Make sure this book beaches itself in your bathroom A.S.A.P." - Keith Knight (the K Chronicles, (th)ink, the Knight Life)< Less

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