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The Photographic Exploration of a Teenage Girl By Emily Edwards
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The Photographic Exploration of a Teenage Girl is a collection of nature and outdoor photography that explains Emily's passion for photography and Christ. It includes many captions that identify a... More > deeper meaning of the pictures and then connect them to Bible verses. This use of captions with pictures creates a rich experience when "reading" the photo book. The photos are of flowers, plants, and other objects that can be found outdoors, so the reader will be able to connect when they go into the outdoors. The pictures are mostly close-ups, and the majority of them are of flowers. This is truly a photo book that people of all alges will enjoy!< Less
Katy Perry - The Teenage Dream By C. Duthel
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Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson)is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Katy Perry Fast Facts: Raised in a strict religious household by Christian-evangelist parents. Released a... More > self-titled gospel album at age 16 under the name Katy Hudson. Adopted the stage name Katy Perry (using her mother's maiden name) to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson. Names Queen as one of her top musical influences. She discovered their music at a slumber party, as rock music was banned in her home. Featured her parents in her wedding-themed video for "Hot N Cold." Katy Perry Relationships: Russell Brand - Husband (separated), Travis McCoy - Ex-significant Other, Keith Hudson - Father, Mary Hudson - Mother, Angela - Sister, David Hudson - Brother, Frank Perry - Uncle.< Less
Seal's Promise : A Christian Way of Transitioning from Childhood to Teenage Life By Anusha Manne
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As a Christian, you will encounter certain situations, that will freeze your lifestyle. They suffocate the inner you, and with the lack of wisdom to fight, you grow weaker. You look to God for... More > strength, and he’s trying hard to tell you that he has already given you the power to overcome everything. But you didn’t know because you never tried to seek wisdom from God. Hosea 4:6 says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. This book acts as a perfect guide for young teenage Christians as they transition from childhood to teenage life. With ten short chapters on significant life lessons, this book puts together those Bible verses that will give you enough wisdom, and prepare you to face the world. In this fiction novel, you will notice a young girl named, April who meets a tiny magical creature called Seal. Read on, as April discovers and learns valuable life-changing lessons when she faces the world for the first time as a teenager.< Less
The Young Girl By Kailah Knight
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is for young girls and teenagers who find it hard to make it through middle school and high school, especially as a christian girl. This book provides insight, knowledge and meaning of... More > friends, sex, beauty and more. These girls need to know the truth and know they are not alone.< Less
Christian Stories That Make You Think By Daniel Zimmermann
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This book contains stories about the reconciliation of two teenage enemies, the trial of St. Paul before Nero, the discovery of the tree of life, the fall of Eblis the Great, the suppression of true... More > religion after the universal flood, a pious girl who resists the devil’s temptations, a father whose wisdom helps his daughter in a crisis, and the posthumous life of Adolf Hitler. In addition, there is a love story and stories featuring a star sapphire and a marvelous diamond.< Less
So You Think You Know Christianity? By Anonymous
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This is the result of two teenage girls tired of not knowing how to respond to questions about their faith. God did all of the hard work.
You Believe Me, My Dear: The Stories of Two Ukrainian Girls By Marla McCrorie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Grandmom spits in the house, doesn't understand shampoo, calls potatoes pig food, wants Julia married at 15, and is an embarrassing nuisance. Teenage Julia has issues enough as a pastor's daughter... More > without having to share a bedroom with a senile grandmother from peasant Ukraine. Born in 1896, Mariya Blashuk had an arranged marriage, was a German POW, and endured the chaos of "the Borderland." Ukraine was targeted for genocide by starvation, the Holodomor, in which up to 10 million civilians perished. Mariya's eccentric behaviours and senile antics speak the unspeakable.< Less
Girls to Pearls: A Young Woman's Guide to Living Life Freely, Loving God Naturally, and Surviving Puberty Successfully By Jacqueline Sullivan
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“Why me?” is the question you’ve probably asked yourself if you’re a girl on the verge of adulthood. More rules, more responsibilities, and more changes. Puberty really... More > doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem! From beauty, to boys, and even the Bible, Girls to Pearls shows you how to make the most out of this special time in your life. Filled with quizzes, real questions from real girls, and a journal, Girls to Pearls is your guide to growing up! (Geared toward girls ages 11-15.) INSIDE •Get answers to embarrassing questions you want to know, but don’t want to ask. •Fashion Police: Find out how to send a clear message about the type of person you are through the way you dress. •Discover what’s going on in your body right NOW, and why you have no reason to be ashamed of these God-given gifts. •Get the scoop on the "Top 5 Dating DOs and DON’Ts," and much, much more!< Less
Honey Sweetheart By Lacy Enderson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Imagine a Christian teenager, who attends church, summer camp, & has grandparents who preach, but just doesn’t get it. Think about that same girl who hears over again what is morally... More > acceptable, yet wants to do the exact opposite. She knows she is wrong and ultimately feels defeated. In walks Brett. He is charming, handsome, and loves Jesus in a way that Honey has never seen before. She loves God. But she has never known God like Brett does. Trevor believes in God too, but with the same understanding as Honey. And even though something is missing in their relationship, she settles for the familiar, rather than Brett and the unknown. As we read through Honey’s story we watch God unfold a glorious revelation of Himself to her & we rejoice with her as she discovers more about God through His revelation. It's a story of life and love the way a simple teenage girl tells it. We applaud God as He helps Honey through each struggle, and rejoice with her through each personal victory.< Less
Broken Possibilities By Bethany Collins
Paperback: $7.50
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I always wondered how or why that smart girl fell for that guy who seemed to be bad news . . . . I found the answer when it happened to me. Falling in love with someone’s potential, what they... More > could be, instead of who they really are.This is tough stuff, and hard to break.You cannot protect someone from the choices they make.< Less