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The Smell of Kerosene: A Test Pilot's Odyssey By National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Donald L. Mallick, Peter W. Merlin
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The Smell of Kerosene tells the dramatic story of a NASA research pilot who logged over 11,000 flight hours in more than 125 types of aircraft. Donald Mallick gives the reader fascinating firsthand... More > descriptions of his early naval flight training, carrier operations, and his research flying career with NASA and its predecessor agency, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). Mallick joined the NACA as a research pilot at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory at Hampton, Virginia, where he flew modified helicopters and jets, and witnessed the NACA’s evolution into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. After transferring to the NASA Flight Research Center (now NASA Dryden Flight Research Center) at Edwards, California, he became involved with projects that further pushed the boundaries of aerospace technology. These included the giant delta-winged XB-70 supersonic research airplane, the wingless M2-F1 lifting body vehicle, and the triple-sonic YF-12 Blackbird...< Less
Private Pilot Practical Test Answered By John Lynch
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A quick study guide of the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards
Pilot and the Peapod By Erin M. Moore
Paperback: $10.00
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Ten-year old Pilot is about to discover that growing up in Maine is different than growing up in the city. When his family moves from Philadelphia to Maine at the beginning of the summer, his only... More > friends are his zany cousin Casey and "Rainbow", her black lab. As Pilot and Casey explore his new neighborhood and venture into the forest, they find that things aren't always as they seem, and being curious can sometimes lead to trouble. When Pilot is asked to help an old salt restore a New England Peapod, he discovers that friends can come in all forms, and peapods don't always grow in gardens. Pilot's new fishing rod and his integrity are put to the test when he serendipitously embarks on an adventure to catch "Freedom the Fish", a 40-pound striped bass.< Less
Test Pilot Neville Duke By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $3.60
Whilst Sqdn Ldr Neville Duke is generally remembered for his record FIA air speed record flight whilst flying for Hawker Aircraft Company Surrey as their chief test pilot what is not so well... More > documented is his frontline fighter pilot both with Fighter Command in the south of England and as part of the Desert Wing in the Middle East and when as CO of his own unit during encounters with the enem,y over Italy. Duke was certainly a highly accomplished fighter pilot and this ebook tells the story.< Less
Tales of Pirx the Pilot By Stanislaw Lem
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„Tales of Pirx the Pilot,”one of the most favored books by Lem, is a series of adventures of a lovable Pilot-Astronaut. These stories of Pirx are an odd amalgamation of interesting... More > science fiction, humour and action-adventure, done in a very readable and convincing way. Without revealing too much, I found that Lem's testing of the cadets to be a rather obvious requirement for any real deep-space or extended isolation mission even though he does it in a highly imaginative and unorthodox way. Great stuff. The character of Pirx is appealing, too. He's an everyman training to become a leader, with all of the doubts and foibles that ordinary men have. Despite the space background these stories are ultimately about the character and his development in each of the tales.< Less
Business English for Pilots 1 By Fevzi Karsili
eBook (ePub): $9.99
1000 business English tests for pilot and aviation students with free online class. Some topics are: The Cybernation Economy, Micromanagement, The Southeastern European Economies, Internet... More > Securities Trading, Mortgage Law, Basic Microeconomics, Trade Regulation, A Quick History of Advertising, Hedge Funds, The Victorian Apprentice (1), The Victorian Apprentice (2), Current Liabilities, Global Capital Management, Price-based or Target Costing, Transfer Pricing, Internal Controls, Internal Control Activities, Business Software Competitors, Electronic Tax Records, Accounting Information Systems, Global Protocol Advertisement, The Global Financial Environment (1), The Global Financial Environment (2), Dividends, Tort Law, Products Liability Law, Detecting Competition, Globalization in Aviation, Interpersonal Skills, Electronic Commerce (1), Reverse Marketing< Less
Business English for Pilots 3 By Fevzi Karsili, Oxford Help
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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1000 business English tests for pilots and aviation students with dynamic online class. Some topics are: Performance Appraisal, Bond Issues, Odd-lot Orders, Options Strategy Corporate Credit Cards,... More > Shared Service Centres, Financial Supply Chain Management, Analysts and Pundit, Repos, Cash Management in Pakistan, Banking in China, Singapore Banking, Islamic Finance, System Development Life Cycle, Database Management Systems, TRANs, Fire Insurance, Asset Ownership, Option Contracts, Erosion and Decay, Bonds, Trading Authorization, Current Assets, The Growth of Business in Asia, Electronic Commerce (2) Shareholder Liability, Data Mining, Ukraine Banks, Prepaid Cards, Optimal Hedging, Oil Curves, Financial Records, The UAE, Supply Chain, Turkish Banking, Hedge Fund Operational Risk, Traffic Estimation and Prediction Systems, Risk in the FX Market, IFRS Adoption< Less
Business English for Pilots 2 By Fevzi Karsili
eBook (ePub): $9.99
1000 business English tests for pilots, and aviation students with free dynamic online class. Some topics are: Worst investments, Penny stock, Stale inventory, 2007 market decline, Lost horizons,... More > Platinum blonde, Odd auction, Taking delivery, Listed for destruction, The best valuator, Science and marketing (1), Science and marketing (2), Science and marketing (3), Group influences on the consumer, Fixed annuities, The street goes nuts, Unethical investment, Phone rules, Compensation, Last increment bidding, Statistical modeling for decision-making, A very brief history of management theories, Contemporary theories in management, The entrepreneurial life cycle (1), The 'Book', A Rounding Bottom, Largest Vendor, Currency Trading, Price Fixing, Asset Allocation, Asset Backed Securities< Less
Canadian Helicopter Pilot Exam Questions By Ryan Lindsay
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Get the inside edge on written pilot exams! It’s easy to get bogged down in “information overload”, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Lighten your study load now by putting... More > the experience of successful pilots who’ve “been there, done that” on your side for the most beneficial, targeted studying possible. In this no-nonsense, user-friendly Q & A study guide, you’ll quickly learn what to expect and become efficiently better prepared for written tests. Don’t waste another minute of time on test stress. Instead, minimize test anxiety and maximize test results with this practical, highly effective test-prep guide. Consider it your personal jump start to successful written exams!< Less
An Everyday Hero: The Memoirs of a WWII Pilot By Flying Officer Kenneth Cockram
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Ken Cockram was a fighter/bomber pilot in the famous 112 ‘Shark’ Squadron RAF during WWII. After signing-up in 1941 he was posted to Rhodesia for his pilot training and he went on to see... More > action in Sicily, Italy (at Monte Cassino) & Yugoslavia followed by air co-operation duties with No 20 AACU Unit in Egypt and the Middle East. On his return to Britain, before being demobbed, he was indirectly involved with the testing and development of what was then the still secret RADAR technology. These are his words recalling his childhood and the years leading up to the end of the 2nd World War.< Less