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LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN By Joseph Babinsky (Editor) & Anthony Borgia (Recorder)
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This book is a new edition of the classic written by Anthony Borgia in 1947, with the added bonus of selected writings of James E. Padgett. Anthony Borgia was a medium who transcribed the thoughts of... More > a deceased priest whom he had known on earth. James Padgett was a lawyer who discovered that he had mediumistic abilities after he successfully received communications from his deceased wife. His writings encompass the years 1914-1923, and include messages from over 200 different spirits, including Jesus and the apostles. The selections from Padgett's writings complement the work of Borgia.< Less
Het Geslacht Borgia II By Benjamin Van Tourhout
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This is the second part of the Borgia Trilogy in which author Benjamin Van Tourhout explores this family. A story of greed, hunger for power, sex filled with ambition and the belief in God.
Het Geslacht Borgia By Benjamin Van Tourhout
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The Borgia family is a play bases upon the rich Spanish clan, who lived in the Renaissance in the Vatican. Famous for there parties and horrible madness they soon became evertything the Catholic... More > Church wanted to avoid. A terror of partying until the hangover gets everyone.< Less
Lucrecia Borgia, un estudio histórico By Wenceslao Ramirez de Villaurrutia
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La tormentosa vida de Lucrecia Borgia, hija de Cesar Borgia el papa Alejandro VI, ha sido objeto de señalamientos de descomposicón moral, intrigas palaciegas, crimenes, adulterio,... More > estupro y depravaciones sexuales. Esta biografía describe la realidad del Vaticano en Europa y las vivencias que encaró la joven alrededor de las oscuras conveniencias de su padre, esposo y hermanos en aquella época.< Less
Preachers Speak from Heaven By Anthony Borgia (Recorder) et al.
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A common experience which many of us undergo when we pass to the spirit world is that of the necessity of readjusting, in varying degrees, our views upon many things in the light of newly gained... More > knowledge and altered position. Our very mode of living undergoes a drastic change. If we find this need for the readjustment of views after ‘death,’ how much more so must it be the case in one who was a priest or a preacher, and who on earth was compelled to regard all communications from the spirit world as ‘dealings with the devil’! PREACHERS SPEAK FROM HEAVEN is a book based on spirit communications. Within these pages we will see the attitude of the spirit world towards certain beliefs with reference to the Bible. We will change our views and beliefs, either now before we transition to the spirit world, or after we pass. This book is a gift from various religious leaders to help us who are preparing to enter a new life in the spirit world.< Less
I Borgia le trame del Mistero By Pietro Panetta
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Affresco su una delle casate rinascimentali più spietate nel quadro politico del momento, fra scandali , uccisioni, avvelenamenti , intrighi politici , una famiglia potente ed importante ....... More > I Borgia.....< Less
Volume 1018, Thaumaglossa pauliani --- The Borgias (2011) By Dutch Print Wikipedia
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Volume 1018, Thaumaglossa pauliani---The Borgias (2011) Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the inhuman... More > scale of big data. Michael Mandiberg wrote software transforms all of Wikipedia in thousands of print on print-on-demand volumes, drawing attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a poetic material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. This Dutch version encompasses 1165 volumes that were uploaded in November 2016. In november 2016 veranderde Michael Mandiberg de huidige versie van de Nederlandse versie van Wikipedia in een hele bibliotheek van kennis. Dit is er één van 1165 volumes.< Less
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, "Borgia, Lucrezia" to "Bradford, John" Volume 4, Slice 3 By Various
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Spectacula Lucretiana was made for the Marriage of Duke Alfonso d'Este to Lucrezia Borgia at Rieti, Italy about 1500. By Richard Estes
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Book #1515: Spectacula Lucretiana. It was made for the Marriage of Duke Alfonso d'Este to Lucrezia Borgia at Rieti, Italy about 1500. Valencian Library Nicolau Primitiu. It has 41 pages and you see... More > it all.< Less
Lucretia By David Krae
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Lucretia Borgia is the daughter of Pope Alexander VI and sister of the infamous Cesare Borgia. Immersed in the ultimate patriarchy of Renaissance Rome and the Vatican, Lucretia struggles to find her... More > independence from her family's corruption and ruthless schemes in this elegant historical romance. Lucretia is an historical novel. Lucretia (Lucrezia) Borgia - b. April 18, 1480 - d. June 24, 1519< Less

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